Sunday, July 14, 2013

6 months

I have been severely lacking in posting how our last little treasure, Princess Phoebe is doing since we got her home in Jan. So sorry (MOM)

Communication is huge to her, she loves to ask questions and learn, she's like a sponge so she is doing very, very well in that way. Her vocabulary list is huge.

She's also gaining maturity-- a few times she has whined and cried like a baby and I can tell her to stop, without tears ensuing.  She's pushed that issue some, now don't forget she is a kid:)  So usually it's more than once I have to tell her and I remind her that she has been told this before, still without tears and drama.  

I think it's an odd difference  (for us)  since our other kids had to learn to BE dependent on us, that this sweet one has to learn some independence.  But we want her to be able to enjoy and have the pride that she can, indeed, do things for herself and she is learning some, picking out clothes to wear, cleaning up after herself. 

You'd have no idea her vision is as impaired as it is when you see her get around, do things. She was blessed to receive a donated CCTV which is a machine that will enlarge anything she can fit under the hood and it shows on a computer screen enlarged/ black and white, however it helps her best to see it. She really likes being able to use it anytime she needs it, it's on the desk in the girls' rooms for easy access. And she gets to keep it for as long as she needs it.

We are hearing some  more stories about life in China, of how she was picked on:(  She wanted to wear a beautiful white dress I bought the girls, and I told her, yes, she could wear that last Sunday.  

And she told me in China she wasn't allowed to wear white because the children would laugh at her and call her a "snowman." Shame on them, I was thinking more along the lines of an angel, a snow princess, white may not flatter her white coloring but she was gorgeous in that dress.  

She was very serious while talking to me when I did her hair this morning, it's really growing along with everything else.  I caught this picture of her, it's not often she isn't smiling, didn't have her glasses on yet, but her beauty once again was caught in my lens.

She takes my breath away, she has no clue how stunning she really is.  Add in her zest for life, she is just so incredibly happy with everything in her life.  She calls everything "AWESOME" now, it's not just "good" it's AWESOME. It's so hard to fathom that a tad over 6 months ago she held the title "Orphan." It seems like it's been 6 years she's been here, as well as she is adjusted. Seriously. This child was sooo very ready to be a DAUGHTER, to be CHOSEN. 

She makes the most of every single day, every single experience. It's really a lesson for us all, I think of the many, many days waiting to get her home and I would be thinking of  her, yearning for her, felt like life was "on hold" waiting.  And now here she is teaching ME to live life to the fullest, each and every day, no "waiting" for something to happen to feel fulfilled in life. To cherish what God has given us.

Don't miss the little things. Family, food, a cool/warm home, friends, a car to ride in, church to attend freely. Everything we tend to overlook, we take for granted.  

One thing that did puzzle our Phoebe-- Why does big brother NOT have any hair?  We chuckled when he visited and said it's too hot, he's gone to the "shaved off" look for the summer. Phoebe couldn't imagine anyone wanting their head shaved on purpose-- she said she "Didn't like that" when talking about her hair being shaved.

We have to mention Donovan because today is his birthday!  Happy Birthday Donovan!  And yes, I will too post pictures of you even if you do refuse to smile or look happy-- TOLD YA SO!
  A wonderful day for 6 months gotcha for Phoebe and a 19th birthday for Donovan:)  Two of our many treasures.

Now I want to know--- dear bloggy readers, how many of you read that she had been home 7 months and you didn't even catch my error. That's right, where did I learn to count? Now are you really READING this or are you all just too nice to tell me?  I'm wondering?????


Rebecca said...

She is stunningly beautiful and those pig tails are adorable:)

Joy said...

I'm reading.
Wow, where does the time go? It doesn't even seem that long ago we were in China getting Bailee, but it will be a year in less than two months.
I am so sad that your sweet girl was so mistreated. She is so beautiful.

Judy Deaton said...

Happy 6 months gotcha! Love her lessons on life:) So hard to hear they were not treated well:( She is a beauty:)