Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer fun

Happy Birthday today to Jay, our older son (#2) and whom I still call "one of the boys." 

Well what have we been up to around here? Besides roasting because it's stinkin' hot?
Well the quickest way to tolerate the heat is------

SWIMMING.  A first for Phoebe, and she took to it, well, like a duck to water.  It helped we went to a friend's pool where she could stand no matter where she was in the pool and not have her head go under.

She acted like she couldn't possibly put her legs in the water, at first, then she didn't want to get out:)  Such a faker.

She had assistance to try to teach her to float.  That's Hannah (Chloe's BFF) helping her and Camden.  But she was more interested in just hanging on the side, feeling the water buoying her up, she said she felt like she was "flying."

And to her that's super cool. Because she is totally infatuated with being a "Super Hero" no princess stuff for her, no way.

We took the opportunity to have our friend take some pictures of Chase for his senior year pictures, since they have a really old, neat barn, fields and a stream for some great shots.

We quickly learned that he wasn't going to smile for me in any way shape or form ( of course not, I'm his MOTHER) so I sent my camera off with her and him and guess who came back with a ton of really great pictures. 

I wonder if he REALLY thinks it would bother ME that he won't smile for me?  It's HIS pictures for HIS yearbook, for HIS senior year. Just gotta love those teenage attitudes, huh?  At least that's what I am told.

We ended up with these 2 shots being the final contenders, the head shot for the year book since it's required to be shoulders and up, and the other one for announcements, I guess.

It just amazes me the difference when he does smile, it's a shame he doesn't do it more often, for us that is.

So what else we doing?  Well, having friends over, we had a campfire and did S'mores one evening. Phoebe asked if they were "hamburgers" which cracked everyone up and then she proceeded to eat 4. I had to stop her at the request for #5.  The girl can EAT.  Which is good because we have another picnic planned for this evening.

Firebug Fred, aka Chance will not be able to build us a fire since he is off at Grandma's again, something he is sure to be sad he missed.

 He spent a week with Grandma doing general chores and yard work, came home with poison AGAIN-- and promptly declared he wanted his name changed because Grandma didn't call him the right name once all week. 

She called him CHASE.  Oh, my.

If she only knew how they do not get along, yes, I said it, for the world to read, these 2 boys DO NOT GET ALONG.

Matter of fact, they will go without speaking to one another for LONG periods of time. We stay out of it as long as they are decent to each other, because well, they gotta learn to cope with people/situations and we can't "fix" everything for them.

But for poor Chance to be called Chase is a huge insult to him. And sadly, one he gets often. So we offered him "Firebug Fred" for his new name. And I couldn't believe it.

But he said "No, thanks."  Hummm.  I thought it was perfect since he loves, loves, fire. (Not setting fires MOM, just building them in the fire pit-- don't call)

But he did not wish to be called Firebug Fred. Well then, I guess he is stuck with Chance. My poor Chance. I really like his name, it means the same thing as MY name "Victory."

Now before anyone thinks these pictures of cute little furry things means we have a new furry family member, no we do not. These kittens were on the farm where the pool was, and the kids just adore the new kittens each year.

But they are not finding their way (the kittens I mean) to our home. We have enough 2 legged and 4 legged critters:)

Someone NOT in our pictures or lives anymore-- Baby Girl.  Yep. Off she went to be with her mom and we are praying things go well for the 2 of them. We will miss her. 

It's been a fast adjustment back to not having a baby in the house.  One that honestly, we all love Baby Girl, but the kids struggled to really understand why baby mom couldn't take care of the baby and they had to "be quiet" for baby girl to nap, "hook the gate" so baby girl didn't fall down the steps, etc, etc. All the care a baby comes with.  We wish mom and Baby Girl well:)

A new summer past time-- our 4 wheeler. Yep, I caved. Totally caved.  Dad was able to offer our neighbor a very low sum for an older 4 wheeler he has had broken down sitting in his yard for years.  I thought-- ahh, nice "project" for him and the kids (who were beyond excited) to tinker on all summer. 

Well then.  A week later they have this 4 wheeler up and running.  OIY.  So add another layer of worry to my life, kids getting hurt on a 4 wheeler. 

Before you think "Are they nuts?" (And mom starts calling)
They are NOT allowed to run the 4 wheeler without dad's permission and he watches them the whole time. He rode on back with all of them who are allowed to drive FIRST.

And we think it could teach the older ones who are hinting (big time) about driving actual CARS how to drive a little bit?  Or we could be totally kidding ourselves. Who knows?

 I just know it's hot again today and we may just have to head out to the pool AGAIN.

  Stayin' cool.  That's us:)


Linette said...

Getting ready to say goodbye to five- and two-year-old foster kids over here. I will not miss the mess, the noise, the extra manic energy, the extra crying, the lack of time to get things done, or the lack of sleep. But I will sure miss the kids. Bittersweet!

Vickie said...

Oh yeah, totally know where you are coming from. It's something to love on and care for children then let them go---- but as our caseworker for fostering always said-- "We plant the seeds." And we do, the kids benefit from good care and things we teach them long after we are out of their lives. Rewarding- yes. Hard? YES.
Hugs to you Linette.