Friday, June 7, 2013

School's out

And what do I do? Drag them to the yard for a photo shoot. I sure did (MOM)

Because it's an overcast day, perfect picture weather for Phoebe.  Speaking of--- Phoebe.  The girl has the whitest, softest, never-touched-grass-or dirt feet I have ever seen. 

 Seriously. She walked in the grass as if she had never run barefoot in the fields and fussed like crazy. We'll fix that for her:)

I had to tell her to stop wearing socks and shoes every where, sandals are the shoe of the season. She couldn't believe we go without socks in shoes or in bed, or in the house, or outside or AT ALL.

 I can assure you I did not birth this child-- no way, I hate socks. Only wear them to church and work. And not always church because Jesus wore sandals too, ya know?

Anyways-- I made an interesting contact this week, an adoptive DAD that was struggling with the decision to adopt, what agency, what age of child.

Had been looking around for encouragement and got discouraged.

 But then God sent him to my blog.  And he felt his encouragement rise...... and I thought-- why not ask others to share?

Share in your comments, because I am bloggy-techno nerdy and have no clue how to link you all (sorry) but if you will leave a comment with YOUR adoption story? 

 I mean God has SOOO many hands in SOOO many adoptions WHY NOT give a fellow family uplifting love for our children?

We aren't the only ones who have amazing, wonderful stories of how we got our kids, or the neat, fantastic people they are becoming within a family. 

There's so many of you out there. And it doesn't matter age you adopted, when, or even country for that matter, adoption is adoption:)

And I know what this dad meant when he said "We have very little family support to adopt again" what he means.  It's sad. People think you are ----

4. obsessed
5.taking it too far?

I can tell you our most common comment------ glad it's YOU and not ME.  That makes me sooo sad.  Really? Glad it's not you who gets blessings from God? Who gets to SEE God's work right in front of you?

Who know that God honored us to fund the adoptions, spare the lives, give us the strength, get us through all the paperwork and we are HAPPY to have this family. 

Weird, crazy, and all, I can't imagine anything I want to be doing that's better than this? And just knowing that a child died today, yes, indeed, at least one child  DIED TODAY never having gotten the love of a family. 

 One died today that got a family and didn't make it HOME, they didn't get him fast enough to make it back to the States for the life saving medical care he needed.

I'm gonna say "Call me anything you want."  Because I care. I CAN and DO parent  6 children that were chosen and I will never stop caring because all 6 of mine have friends, children they lived with, children they called "brother or sister" STILL WAITING, STILL HOPING, STILL NEEDING to be chosen as well.

SO share PLEASE-- your adoption treasure with us, will you? 


Rebecca said...

Our adoption story is nothing short of miraculous and I agree that there is nothing more amazing than being given the awesome privilege of parenting these children. There is nothing in this entire life that I'd rather be doing.

Marie94 said...

2 bio. and 5 littles (ages 8 to 3)from China and one on the way. The GREASTEST blessing He could give me while we wait upon His return. This is what I want to do while I am here. Everything else seems to lack much meaning. And we get the same comments and my reply is - "If not us then who?"
He says it is pure and faultless religion to care for the orphan in their distress - lingering in an orphange or even in a foster home without a family of your own is definagtely distress. Count what He says - not ehat others say.

Donna said...
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julie said...

First of all, I think the girls look adorable in their matching dresses!! :-)

Our adoption story, too, is a miraculous one. I wanted to adopt for many years, but my husband wanted nothing to do with it. We had two bio daughters (now 24 and 16) and he felt that our family was complete. After years of showing him adoption blogs and many, many prayers...he came to me one day and said lets do it! We started the process in March 2010 and became parents again in August 2011. Our daughter, Mia, from the Province of Shaanxi was 9 years old at the time. She is such a blessing to our family! I can not imagine our lives without her. We so want to adopt again, at least one more time...just trying to get our finances in order so we can start the process again. I remember one thing that my husband told me when we started the adoption process with Mia...."We can only do this ONE time, so don't get any ideas of doing it again". He had no idea what an impact that tiny little girl would have on his life! It was him that suggested doing it again.

Vickie said...

Thanks everyone for leaving your encouraging messages.

Donna, I'm not sure if you are being sarcastic, funny? But I assure you Chloe, being only a year old than Paisley doesn't mind at all wearing dresses to match her sister for photos. She doesn't want to go places (other than church once in a while) in matching clothes, but matching clothes is fun to make them all feel like, well, SISTERS which is what they are. Chloe actually pointed these dresses out in the store, it's hard to find size 7/8 dresses and size 16 in the same pattern and we got these on clearance for $5 each. We call that a WIN/WIN.

Sherri said...

Our adoption story, well what can I say about it. This was our first and we began in Jan 2006 little did we know that 6 month wait we were told took more then 5.5 yrs. We have kept paper work up for over 6 yrs and were running out of money due to the economy. And have already planned on giving up in June of 2012 if we didn't' have a referral by then. This was very hard dealing with the wait. But little did we know, we finally received our referral 5 days before Christmas of 2011 and traveled 2 months later. And had the most beautiful baby girl at the age of 12 months placed in our arms. She's been home now 15 months and is just the smartest little thing. And we are truly blessed to be her parents. God moved mountains for us to get her, she lived where the tallest mountains were in China. Here is our blog link;

connie said...

I can see why this dad finds your blog encouraging! You are one rockin' mama! Our 8 adoption stories can be found on our blog at:
Blessings to you!

Randi said...

We just returned in early May with our two little princesses, age 6 and 7. I truly cannot imagine life without them! They are children #9 and #10, so yes, most people thought we were nuts. Add that to the fact that all but one of our other children are adults and we had it "made" with the easy retirement life ahead of us. (Um, boring!) Anyway, if you are feeling led in this direction GO FOR IT! If you'd like to know more about our story you can find it on our blog here