Friday, June 14, 2013


Yes, NOBODY is back. Living in my house, leaving food wrappers lying around, sneaking around and doing things that none of MY dear sweet children would do. For sure.

Nobody had better pack up and move because I'm sick of him/her/it. So "git
gone" NOBODY, you are making momma mad.

As  of today, we will, indeed, have survived the first week of summer vacation. Now, don't get me wrong, I love, love, LOVE my kids. But they go to school and it's just ME and the dogs, you see. So this "long summer break" does not come as the joyful event the children see it as for me until I have time to get used to it a bit. It's ADJUSTMENT at first. 

I like having them home and seeing them more, no doubt. I don't like them sitting around saying they have "Nothing to do."  I'm learning they can be quite entertaining but also annoying. Just regular ol' kiddos here.

As for entertaining-- Chance asked me "What was that "A" word you called me?"  Oh dear, did my brain go there (didn't yours?) oh yes, it did. 

A word. A** No not THAT!  A- word, A word, hummmm, oh yeah---- ASIAN--- teaching them that people will call them ASIAN. Because often Americans aren't sure where Asian people are from so instead of saying he is Chinese, they will  say "Are you Asian?" Which is what someone did that prompted this conversation.

 I thought "Phewwww that was close." Then I realized that him being my kid he most likely said that all day at school, "Mom called me A word, I can't think what it is?"  Oh yeah. I'm betting no one came up with ASIAN either.  OIY. At least school is out, so there is that.

We did some appointments this week, summer appointments I set up to make sure the kids do not miss one minute of their educational time-- see why they love me so much?

First was Phoebe and the dentist. Just a cleaning this time. And then 2 spacers removed because her molars are coming in already. She isn't happy she still has 4 spacers and can't chew gum, hard candy, etc.

But my worry was her lower front tooth, next to a huge gap where they pulled 2 teeth last time. She had told me the tooth was loose and she had "already lost" that tooth. So I thought they loosened a big tooth, yikes!

Uh, wrong answer. The tooth is a baby tooth and  just fine to be loose, so me telling her for a month not to touch and wiggle it amused the dentist and staff.   Like I know teeth? I'm just happy to know there won't be a huge gaping hole there forever and ever, okay?

Our next appointment was the rhemy doctor for Paisley. News was not so hot there. She's flaring, we are upping a med to try to stop but she mentioned the dreaded hip replacement words again this time. We know it's gotta happen, we just don't want it to any sooner than it has to. Her poor little ankle, her jaw, her  hips, knees, wrist, it affects so many parts of her body.

I took Kat, Phoebe and Paisley to both appointments. It's odd to realize sometimes that Paisley is almost 16, for instance when I take the 3 girls and people look at me like I am mean for leaving Paisley behind while the other 2 girls hold my hands.

I offered her my foot after I told her I was trying to squeeze out another arm and groaning and it wasn't working. Yes, totally embarrassing to go anywhere with ME.

But Paisley just laughs and said "No, she was good, no hand, foot or groaning needed." And she comes along as best she can. She's gotten noticeably stiffer when she walks:(

The kids have a youth sleepover tonight, Camden has finally joined the Youth so he is THRILLED he is now included in the fun.  He had to be a 7th grader to be in Youth.  He can hardly wait  to go tonight.

Nobody struck again, darn NOBODY, when I was bathing the dog (yes, another chore I do, bathe and groom dogs) and nobody could help by getting me a towel, so now I am waiting for NOBODY to make supper.  I wonder what we are having???

I'll have to let you know:) Don't call MOM everybody will get fed. NOBODY going hungry around here. Nope. 


Colleen said...

You crack me up!


Karen said...

I'm sympathizing with you...NOBODY's twin is living at my house!