Monday, May 6, 2013


Well, lookie lookie. It's Monday and I'm posting. Making my momma happy and proud all at once- ha ha.

Let's just talk about the blog title. Oh dear. We woke up Sat and wasn't up long till we heard some annoying buzzing sound. When we ruled out all the baby toys, thinking one had dying batteries or had gone berserk-- we figured out it was the alarm to the septic  pump.  

Yep, sure was. We quickly realized it would have been much better if it had been a dying toy.  Because no one had showered, dishes were piling up, 9 people needed to pee, wash needed done. And we weren't even sure who to call. We started with our contractor, then a septic pumping place, then a pump guy. (I almost mis spelled this and put PIMP guy, good grief MOM would be calling in record time)

So after leaving numerous messages to numerous people, as it was a Saturday, after all, we started to get a few return calls. And the pump guy said he would come out at 2:30 pm.  And he was prompt, always good when you learn you're gonna pay extra for a Saturday call:(

Well, or should I say SEWER, we learned quickly that the pump that takes the yucky stuff and pumps it to the tank was dead. A goner. Toast. Burned up. So up it came and a new (pricey) pump went in. The children were all so interested, it was like a family outing, they all gathered round and watched this guy replace the pump, total fascination I tell ya. (Who needs Disney W*rld?) 

I thought one of them surely would say "WOW, that's cool, I want to do that when I grow up." Thus giving us hope we would never deal with this again with no clue who to call.  But no, all I heard was "gross, euuhhhhh, that stinks, poo poo Momma?"

I didn't even get a picture, I mean, who really wants to see that anyway?

But, now we are pumping clear, (that's pumping not pimping MOM) and the pump guy said that as long as the new pump had to run to "catch up" we were very lucky it did not back up in to the house. Phewwww, thank GOD for that one. Pump guy said most people ignore their pump warning when that alarm goes off?  Really? I mean, why would you risk THAT?

So, we now have a new pump that we are told should last 10 years. And we were looking at each other thinking-- how many more things that were "left over" from when we bought and basically rebuilt nearly ALL of this place are left? Not too many now:(  One good thing-- our contractor caught that there was no alarm on the pump, which was not cool or legal, and one was added when we built the house.

On to how the children are today?  Hummm, well, probably mad. Maybe a bit sorry, obviously steering clear of ME.  Because I cooked a nice, BIG ham today, then made potpie ('round here that's flour mixed with water, rolled out and cooked in the ham broth) which all the kids LOVE. But 5 of them got peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead. WHY? Well, a maid I am not, and when I was struggling to get the ham out of the oven, almost dropped it.

Called out for help, no one came. When I spilled the broth and burned myself twice, I called for "someone" to help. And no one came. When I forgot to get the rolling pin out before I was covered in flour and I called for help, no one came. 

So as the little girls were busy helping entertain the baby so I could roll out the potpie, I was stewing MAD by this time with the older bunch. And when they came to that sweet smelling supper, they got a rude shock. The ones who sat around waiting for their supper to be served got PB & J.  And the little girls who helped got the yummy ham and potpie.

It's pretty bad when Phoebe said "Me help mom, me good girl, mom happy because me good girl, good girls help mom."  Yep, their 9 year old new sister has it down, so this momma is pretty sure they got the HINT.   I'm pretty sure having now lived as Chicken Little that CL had red feathers and CL wasn't as nice about getting no help making bread as that book let on.

Hey, By the way---Did you notice anything?  It's little but BIG.  Phoebe. She's saying "ME" not Phoebe. Let me tell ya, it's cool. Because it was just getting weird to hear everything she was saying be in the third person "Phoebe eat? Phoebe go to bed, Phoebe go to school?"  We'll get to the "I" stuff, I'll take "me" for now:)

Baby girl got another new tooth.  The second tooth on the bottom has come on through. She is eating a few soft foods now, and happy about that. She was getting mad that we were eating stuff and she wasn't getting anything but baby food. A smart one, she is:)

Have I mentioned how much the baby dislikes socks? As in they don't last 2 minutes on her feet? And yes, they make just fine chew toys if needed.  Funny girl.

At least she made me smile today:)   Hopefully by the end of the week all the others will have straightened up, and I don't mean standing tall --Every time I say that Chance stands taller and says "I'm straight, is that what you mean?"  

OIY. That's all I'm gonna say for today.


Maria said...

I'm glad the "me" thing has started! Our daughter is the same age and came home the month after Phoebe and is still calling herself "Julia" and I am dying for that to stop! Weird the stuff that bugs me!

Rebecca said...

I love the updates! Phoebe looks amazing! I love the pictures of her and Kat together... So precious!!! I still have something I need to get in the mail to you... Sorry for my procrastination:(

mary said...

I love reading your blog! Have been following since you went to bring Chloe home. Love the pictures of Kat and Phoebe together. Just really enjoy reading about all the kids, and your posts with helpful information for others is wonderful.