Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Mothers

You gave birth.
I was called by God.

You had to give them up.
I was chosen for them.

You sent up a prayer for their lives to be spared.
I prayed to bring them to our family.

You gave them life.
I nurture their lives.

You made them strong to survive.
I teach them to stay strong in life.

You are lost to them forever.
I am theirs forever.

You wonder where they are.
I wonder where you are.

You are a distant memory.
I will not let them forget you.

You were their first mother.
I am their last mother.

You would thank me if you met me.
I would thank you if I could meet you.

You gave me the ultimate gift of your child/ren.
I will cherish them forever.

Together, 5 mothers.

We  have 6 of the most beautiful and amazing children.


Rita and John said...

So touching, so beautiful. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

rachel garber said...

I like this! How true, how true. Happy Mother's Day!

Bryan Theis said...

Beautifully said! BTW We have got to try to figure out how to get our kids together...especially if we leave for Thailand in the next year..>Titus is worried he will never see your kids again