Friday, May 3, 2013


Humm. Seems to me I have said more than once "Stay out of the woods.  Don't be messin' with that wood. Get out of there." As well as-- "Do not pick at that, do not scratch that, go wash your hands."  Yep, I'm sure I did.

So I was a little less than thrilled when I got up Monday and Chance says immediately-- I think I need to go to the hospital. 

Now, this is not a good choice of words to me. I was too tired to think straight to know that he means the doctor. Not a hospital.  Because going to the  hospital to me is a world away from needing to see the doctor. 

ANYWAY-- I have now saved Chance's life. Seriously. That's what he says. Because SOMEBODY had another severe reaction to poison, I'm not allowed to discuss where on him (2+2=4) and the doctor said it was the worst case he had seen in all his 30 years. Yep, we do nothing small here.

He's was back in school in 2 days and the swelling of his face is greatly reduced, seeing how he could walk normally I guess it's gone down in other unmentionable places as well. He's done chores without being asked, he says he owes me his life. At least for now- ha ha.

Since this outdoor lovin' son is severely allergic to poison I think he's going to have to rethink some of his favorite activities, traipsing around in the woods is going to have to stop.We can't be doin' this all summer.

Tomorrow is the boys' Gotcha  Day Anniversary, 3 years they have been our sons. Doesn't time fly? Yep, in many ways they have made it quite well, yet in others they continue to choose to not work at things. I guess they are pretty typical teens if I think about it, sometimes doing things to spite themselves because they think  we know nothing, just as I thought when I was  17-18. Yep, just like their momma.

I do  know the miracle of them coming will never get old, will never diminish, God showed us clearly His work in bringing both the boys home and for that we are so thankful. No matter the tough path their adjustment has been at times. 

Because we knew from the time we learned Chloe HAD brothers sitting at the orphanage being left behind that this was not right. They needed to grow up together no matter what  that meant.

And God showed us the path, made the miracles happen to have that be our family. Both her brothers home with her. Growing up together, never lost to one another as  they would have been. 

Still gives me chills to know how close it came to them being lost to each other. Listed as single children, but none chosen till our Chloe was shown to us by God to be our daughter. And there was no mistake made there. 

So 3 years, lots of growth, some tears, lots of laughter, joy, fun. Much more English, of course. 

Pretty much anything they need they can communicate, although Chase's accent is still very heavy and he is hard to understand for most people.  

He has been seen and heard practicing reading to the baby, which does help his skills. It's cute to see her stare at him like "Who are you talking to?"  

Baby girl has been sleeping all night all this week. She's decided chasing the dogs, the dog water,  my plants, everything is more fun to play with than her baby toys. As well, she likes to be with someone- mainly ME, but the kids will do if I am busy-- she's getting very spoiled:) 

The girls  took a fall today, for some reason Phoebe asked Kat to carry her on her back from the bus, Phoebe who is bigger than Kat? 

But ever helpful Kat TRIED and down they went. Phoebe has a banged up knee, scraps on her face and GLASSES-- ahhhh. Kat has banged up elbows. I'm really surprised it wasn't worse. 

Of course I wanted to get some pictures this weekend, not sure we can do that now. Phoebe is limping, even though she only has scrapes.  I did get a picture of Phoebe's first pig tails, her hair was just barely long enough to get it in:) 

 She was so happy, although the ESL teacher must not have been because she took them out because Phoebe's  hat wouldn't go on her head with them in:(  Phoebe was really mad about that.

We had a visitor who got to meet our 4 newest kiddos, hubby's sister came from Florida to visit and it's been so long she hadn't met the boys, Paisley or Phoebe. 

Phoebe was amazed dad had a "big sister" and that she had grey hair like dad. She was talking Aunt Nancy's ear off, Kat was a wee bit jealous so Aunt Nancy had to be shared:) 

 I had to tell Grandma I was gonna call her "Chase" if she didn't smile for my picture of them--- that got her smilin'.

Good lookin' bunch aren't they?  

That's our week, I seem to be only managing a weekly update, maybe I'll get better now that the baby is settling in. But for now, that's what you get. (sorry MOM) 

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Jean said...

Lovin the update! but no I can't remember what you said in the beginning... oh ya! happy gotcha day to the boys!

Lovin that baby girl of yours? Will she be staying for awhile?

sorry your two cuties got hurt- ouch is right!