Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was busy.  At church I got 2 flowers since Phoebe and Kat both HAD to bring me one. No one complained though, since I do have double (or is that triple) the "usual" amount of kiddos?  

I didn't get one of the bigger plants they gave as prizes for certain moms, I'm still waiting for the "most kids" win-- they did most recent haircut, most recent appliance bought, most letters in mom's name, and who came the longest distance to get to   church:)

Not sure what they got against the mom of the most- ha ha. 

After church it was off to work for me.Yep, had to work. Princess Phoebe was less than thrilled about this. No, actually, she was downright MAD.

She kept saying - "It's Mom's Day-- you no work! "  And I kept saying, "Yes, it's Mom's Day and I  have to work."  Baby has to go to school. (She understands I take a child to the Blind school)

And yes, it was yesterday and we had to go.

Now, here's the thing. A little over a year ago I found out I would be making this twice weekly trip and I was,well, less-than-thrilled. Every Sunday afternoon? Euwwwhhhh.

I was so worried about how crappy this type of schedule would be, yet had to do it. In the meantime someone else who I never met was also fretting these Sunday runs. 

Yes, indeed she was---- the bus driver. Because she didn't know me, she was worrying I would be offended that she played Christian music to try to settle one of the children on the bus. About spending hours upon hours with someone difficult.

It that funny or what? Did you think of God chuckling here? Because I do when I think of this. Because this dreaded Sunday "run" has become a favorite time of mine.

 I not only am NOT offended by the Christian music, I have found sooooo many things in common and ENJOY my time on the bus with my friend I now call "SISTER of my heart" because Anita and I, we hit it off. We both love, love LOVE our Lord.

We are just soooo much alike. We often share our faith, our lives, our joys, our fears, our concerns as women of faith. 

This time together has become a treasure to me. It's just amazing to me. I really needed her. And I am so thankful for her and for the time we have together. 

We have learned so much from each other, as well as about the kiddos riding the bus. I've learned that one child wants to be included, talked to, asked things. It settles him down.

  I've learned another one gets hungry about 20 minutes or so before we get there and we start "hearing" from her:) 

 Another one has taught me my name in sign language and I am pretty sure he thinks I am the mother of the child I take care of. Or at least that's what he signs:)

He also has the funniest laugh and will bang on the seat before we get to each turn we need to make:) as if Anita will "forget" week after week?  

Last night, in honor of our Mother's Day (Sis only has 2 kids, yep, I told her to "get on the ball, she's got lots of catchin' up to do")  we went to dinner (off the clock, of course) and had a lovely time. 

A great finish to Mother's Day 2013.

It's been a rainy last few days, thus dad has struggled to keep up with the mowing. But he did manage to finish one evening last week and I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot. 

A wicker chair off the porch and a few kids who were outside anyway and shoot away.

Lots of giggles, brother silliness, grumpy ones finally coming out of the house and momma got herself some nice pics. I had to pull Camden away from his basketball shooting. Chloe, Paisley, Kat and Phoebe from the orange lizard they were fascinated by.

I don't recall what Chance was up to, probably trying to find himself some poison- ha ha. Just joking. He's stayed out of danger so far.  

Chase had to be hauled coaxed out of the house. His smile almost looks painful, but that's him, so there you go. 

Little Miss Sunshine Baby girl was just happy to among the kids,  she finds anything they do exciting and fun and wants to be right in the middle of it all. 

Although she didn't much like the feel of the grass- she kept trying to lift her feet up while sitting which didn't work so well but she just didn't know what to make of that green tickling stuff.

I was able to get a great shot of her, she's soooo photogenic and that first little tooth is about halfway up which is just tooo cute. It shows when she smiles which is often around us. 

I ordered it up 5x7 and framed it for her mom for Mother's Day. She was really tickled with it.

The one thing I didn't do? Or should I say two things---

A picture of all the kids together (what was I thinking??) and one of just the boys--- couldn't get Chase to stay out long enough and it was getting too dark. Guess that will have to be a goal for another day?  

'Cause the kids love me taking pictures, don't ya know?  Or maybe not.

After we were done with the pictures and before it was totally dark, we sat on the porch swing and enjoyed being outside.  Phoebe, being the funny girl she is, told me this--- "Momma, you have one English foot and one Chinese foot."

 I asked her "Why?"  Well, it seems my tattoo adorned foot, with a flower for each child, as well as the Chinese names of all my adopted children on it is a "Chinese foot." And that plain ol' bare foot is English.

Bet ya never knew that did ya?  I've been told I must be Chinese inside because I don't look Chinese but I love me some Chinese babies and teens, that's for sure. But my Chinese foot, well, that's a new one to me:)

I can't help but just chuckle at that Phoebe girl, she's certainly entertaining. As she left downstairs snack time at church yesterday to go to her class with Kat she exclaimed--

"Happy Mother's Day EVERYBODY! And Goodbye."  Then off she went. Leaving quite a few smiles in her wake.

She insisted that the gigantic card she made with a magnifier at school be not just for me but for dad as well. She would-not-let-him out, even though she understood it was Mom's Day.  Guess I can figure Dad's day will be shared with me, that's just how it's gonna be. No one left out of the love:)

Phoebe did make me a bit sad, although she had no clue--- she called Grandma in China this past weekend. And it's begun.  She's mixing in English words. Meaning she's slowly losing her Shanganese.  Which makes me terribly sad. 

Because no one but HER speaks this Shanganese, it's a dialect of Shanghai she spoke with Grandma only. She also speaks Mandarin, as does all the teens. 

But we've had NO LUCK at all letting her speak Mandarin with the teens, as soon as they speak to her she will immediately bombard them with questions, annoy them, and worst of all, completely refuse to listen/respond to me or dad. 

So we banned Mandarin for a time, we have tried to add it back in a number of times, but until her English is strong enough we have to stay banned:((( I kinda miss the Chinese chatter.  Although it does, indeed make the English grow by leaps and bounds.

Speaking of English, I found out at least two of our angels, not naming any names here Chance or Paisley, think they are super smart. Here's why---- I kept saying "You need to listen to me and dad, we are trying to teach you."  And here's what I realized they were doing---

Okay, I listen to mom. Mom said "Don't do that." I HEARD her.  Then they would go do what they wanted. Yep. SMART.  As in SMART-Y-PANTS my cute children.  

I have now revised my words so there is NO WAY for them to play--- You must DO AS I SAY."

Always gotta be one step ahead of these jokers:)


Anita Shields said...

Make me cry....Love the pictures!!!

Anita Shields said...

Love You sis!!

Dottie P said...

Great story about Anita and you. It's always good to be reminded to trust God for everything!

Loved the hairdo on Paisley! She looks so beautiful! And so do all the rest! Not the Mother's Day I envisioned you having, but sounds like you made it special!

Great post as usual!