Friday, May 31, 2013

Daddy Love

Somebody here is in LOVE. Love, I tell ya, with MY MAN. 

A certain irresistible little girl adores "Dadadadadada" as she calls him. She gives him these goo goo eyes every time he comes in the door, just like this picture.  

 I guess I can share him, especially since I am getting "Mummmumm" and kisses from the sweet baby as well as hubby, of course. 

It's hard getting attached and not knowing her future with us, dad and I talked about it the other night. 

It's impossible not to love her but we look at this as a way to show love and whatever the outcome is, well that's in God's Hands. 

It's been a busy week, yep, another week gone by and it's catch up time again. Sorry (MOM) I can't believe how quickly the time flies by. 

In a week, we went on 2 picnics, one a family reunion. Both were COLD in temps, not that you would think that today-- with our high of 92 degrees and humidity to smother ya to boot. 

 I have to tell you what Phoebe asked me.  When it was super hot the first of last week then it got cold, Phoebe asked if I made it that way with the "box" on the wall. 

She thought because I made the house nice and cool on the hot days with the thermostat, I could control the OUTSIDE weather. Um, nope. Not even gonna let her think I control THAT!

Our first picnic was last Saturday and was a family reunion. The kids had a blast. I didn't get many pics, did I mention it was COLD and I was bundled under  a blanket?  The wind was terrible and it wasn't really great picture taking weather.

Second picnic was at the neighbors, it was a little warmer but the kids had fun no matter the temps.

 Of course they did, I mean, we ARE a party when we show up:)  They played baseball, made mountain pies, played in the fire.  All stuff they love to do. 

The girls did something really fun for them, they painted nails, they always do this when they go to our neighbor's-- one of her nieces is a nail tech and so Paisley, who has shown great interest in this for a career, got my nails to do.

We laughed when she had to redo my pointer finger and she made the streaks go the "wrong way"-- I told her that was totally ME and okay--  I liked it.

 She did a good job, huh? She did Kat's and Phoebe's too, Phoebe wanted nothing to do with PINK- hers are blue.

Believe it or not, I have never had my nails professionally done, painted once for a wedding but never painted fancy like she did them. 

And yes, they are my nails, I don't do fake nails. I'm just not a high maintenance kinda girl.  Usually my nails are clipped and that's that. Not even polished. But I enjoyed this pampering from my Paisley and she was very proud of her skills:)

Today me and Baby Girl went to school, yes, the girls had Writer's Workshop.  This means  they read books to us they had made about themselves.  

Then we had LAMPS, don't ask me what that stands for please---- it's the good ol' science fair, 3rd grade and up all required to make a poster. 

Now, (MOM) no comments on how "fancy" the girls board looks, yes, I "helped."  

And you could tell the boards of the parents that did "help" and the parents that didn't. That's all I'm gonna say about that. I wanted to keep the board and reuse but the kids informed me that's not allowed:( Bummer.  

We did lots of things Chinese/ American, mainly about the girls themselves, about being Chinese and American, about Phoebe being blondie and why-- education at it's best.

It did crack me up to hear one of the other girls reading their books they made and it was about her new classmate "Phoebe":)))  They are such great classmates, they are so good to her.  

We did have a typical bump in the road with Phoebe this week, she was complaining that Kat was telling her what to do and I told her she had to listen to Kat in school because Kat is trying to help her. Phoebe tends to be very immature and is loud, jumping around, etc. I saw it today.  

Her ESL (English Second Language) teacher had to tell her to sit, be quiet, more than once-- she's the nice lady in the picture, Phoebe really likes her.

But just like Mrs. Corbin,  Kat is trying to help Phoebe and Phoebe has to listen.  She  was mad and went to school, cried, and was holding up the class from leaving on a field trip OIY. WHY? Because I "yelled" at her.  Now understand (MOM READ BEFORE YOU CALL)

"Yelling" means "corrected" her.  It does not mean YELL. Although I do know how to do that too.  But in this case she had complained about Kat "telling her what to do" and I told her to "knock it off" (she knows what that means) and she was not happy with that response. We didn't have much time till the girls had to catch the bus and that's what she got.

So she tried out complaining at school. Of course she did. Her teacher called me, explained what Phoebe was saying, I explained to teacher what Phoebe meant (about the yelling vs. correction) and I assured the teacher we would indeed be parenting this treasure no matter if she wrongly calls it yelling, because she must learn. 

And that she could be told to stop crying and get herself together to go on the field trip OR she could come home and go to bed.

Guess what she picked?  Yep, off to the field trip she went. To a science center and too funny-- the kids all learned her HAIR glows in the dark. 

 Yep, in a black light setting her hair GLOWS-- making her the MOST COOLEST KID ever.  
Not that WE didn't already know that:) And she had a great time, had no issue when she came home and she was told she can not go to school and complain when she is told she has to do something by us. She apologized.  

So  that's our week in review and now we have Baby girl in bed and all the making for s'mores, a fire in the pit started and off to the backyard we go:)

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