Sunday, May 19, 2013

1 year

What happened one year ago today?? Anyone?

Paisley arrived:)  Yep, all smiles, late at night, we met our first daughter via a re homing situation, so it was a first for us.

We didn't know what to expect. I thought she would be taller, less happy, less friendly,  less willing to be open to us/our home.

Instead she came smiling, she came willing to give us a chance, just a tiny thing she is. 

In the year she has been here we have walked a different road with her as well. First health issues, getting them under control was first up. Because although she was our 5th special need adoption she was the first who wasn't completely healthy. 

Yes indeed, our others were all older or really non-issue special needs children, something many people don't realize these kids would even BE labeled "special needs" by anyone.

But back to our Paisley-- we got the health issues taken care of, another blessing that I am a nurse and able to use my know-how to get her stable and in the best place health wise that she has ever been in. Another reason God made a perfect match:)

We then started to have some adjustment issues. And we took care of those, typical things we have seen with all the kids. How to handle someone touching "her stuff."  How to ask for things politely, not grunt at mother. How to call mom and dad MOM AND DAD.  

Lately we have walked a tougher road with her. Peeling away the layers of pain, orphanage care, issues she has to work on to go forward.  At times it's been-------


She said this week---"I want another family with less kids."  And I knew why she said it. She gets away with nothing here, too many people "keeping an eye" on her.  And I told her I knew that's why she said it and she could "Forget it, she wasn't going anywhere AND we would not give up on her."

She sobbed. She needed reassured we are forever but couldn't/wouldn't ask for it. And I knew that. Even with the pain of her saying such a thing. It's not about getting caught up on the hurting words she said. It's about what was behind the words.

It was never a question once God showed us this child was ours, what would we do.  She was accepted and loved on just the same as all the others. 

She has been a blessing, even with adjustments-- we expected the adjustments so it's often a prayer goes up asking for help to handle them "right," the best way for her.  Because we are her forever. 

For her to get as far as she can with, to grow with, to hold on to, to learn to trust, to have FOREVER. It's just how it is.

Because she is a teen treasure. Even as we had lunch out and the waitress brought her a baby cup-- then another regular cup when I told her she was 15 1/2 years old. Yep, it's hard to tell, but she is. With all the emotions and stubbornness, and attitudes of a teen.

She was very tickled to get a small cake with a candle to celebrate (at the restaurant) and a body pillow and some nail polish from us, gifts she likes, to show her this day has great meaning to us:)  She is very loved.

She is our first one to go the "other way or stay the same" with her measurements. The height remains 4 ft 5.  She lost weight, she is at 63-64 lbs which is actually good because her joints can't handle extra strain of higher weight and she is right where her rheumatologist wants her weight to be.  She grew out her hair, and bangs, then cut her hair, not the bangs.  She still wears size 13 toddler shoes, tiny, tiny feet.

Guess who was jealous of Paisley's big day?  Phoebe. She didn't understand why it wasn't Paisley's birthday and yet cake, presents? How dare we? 

 Trying to make her understand didn't quite do it. Hopefully by the  next Gotcha Day it will be Kat's  in October and  by then we can get her to understand.

Who else is Phoebe jealous of? That baby girl. That cute and sweet little baby.  Phoebe doesn't like her at all. She doesn't like the fact that the baby pulls hair when she gets close to any. Oops.

Now how could you not love this adorable girl?  Baby girl has her second tooth coming up, she started saying Dadadada, which certainly becomes embarrassing when a man stands behind you in the store check out line and she starts that--- that's what I found out this week. OIY.  

She's also grabbing walls, standing up and often letting go and just standing- till she realizes she has a hold on nothing.  She's gonna take off soon,that's for sure. She is 9 months old now:)

She keeps me hoppin' I can't seem to get back in my groove of 2 times a week posting, I'm trying hard though. (MOM)  We'll have to see how I do this week, huh?


thesleepyknitter said...

Beautiful post!

Rebecca said...

Great update! God is so good!