Friday, May 31, 2013

Daddy Love

Somebody here is in LOVE. Love, I tell ya, with MY MAN. 

A certain irresistible little girl adores "Dadadadadada" as she calls him. She gives him these goo goo eyes every time he comes in the door, just like this picture.  

 I guess I can share him, especially since I am getting "Mummmumm" and kisses from the sweet baby as well as hubby, of course. 

It's hard getting attached and not knowing her future with us, dad and I talked about it the other night. 

It's impossible not to love her but we look at this as a way to show love and whatever the outcome is, well that's in God's Hands. 

It's been a busy week, yep, another week gone by and it's catch up time again. Sorry (MOM) I can't believe how quickly the time flies by. 

In a week, we went on 2 picnics, one a family reunion. Both were COLD in temps, not that you would think that today-- with our high of 92 degrees and humidity to smother ya to boot. 

 I have to tell you what Phoebe asked me.  When it was super hot the first of last week then it got cold, Phoebe asked if I made it that way with the "box" on the wall. 

She thought because I made the house nice and cool on the hot days with the thermostat, I could control the OUTSIDE weather. Um, nope. Not even gonna let her think I control THAT!

Our first picnic was last Saturday and was a family reunion. The kids had a blast. I didn't get many pics, did I mention it was COLD and I was bundled under  a blanket?  The wind was terrible and it wasn't really great picture taking weather.

Second picnic was at the neighbors, it was a little warmer but the kids had fun no matter the temps.

 Of course they did, I mean, we ARE a party when we show up:)  They played baseball, made mountain pies, played in the fire.  All stuff they love to do. 

The girls did something really fun for them, they painted nails, they always do this when they go to our neighbor's-- one of her nieces is a nail tech and so Paisley, who has shown great interest in this for a career, got my nails to do.

We laughed when she had to redo my pointer finger and she made the streaks go the "wrong way"-- I told her that was totally ME and okay--  I liked it.

 She did a good job, huh? She did Kat's and Phoebe's too, Phoebe wanted nothing to do with PINK- hers are blue.

Believe it or not, I have never had my nails professionally done, painted once for a wedding but never painted fancy like she did them. 

And yes, they are my nails, I don't do fake nails. I'm just not a high maintenance kinda girl.  Usually my nails are clipped and that's that. Not even polished. But I enjoyed this pampering from my Paisley and she was very proud of her skills:)

Today me and Baby Girl went to school, yes, the girls had Writer's Workshop.  This means  they read books to us they had made about themselves.  

Then we had LAMPS, don't ask me what that stands for please---- it's the good ol' science fair, 3rd grade and up all required to make a poster. 

Now, (MOM) no comments on how "fancy" the girls board looks, yes, I "helped."  

And you could tell the boards of the parents that did "help" and the parents that didn't. That's all I'm gonna say about that. I wanted to keep the board and reuse but the kids informed me that's not allowed:( Bummer.  

We did lots of things Chinese/ American, mainly about the girls themselves, about being Chinese and American, about Phoebe being blondie and why-- education at it's best.

It did crack me up to hear one of the other girls reading their books they made and it was about her new classmate "Phoebe":)))  They are such great classmates, they are so good to her.  

We did have a typical bump in the road with Phoebe this week, she was complaining that Kat was telling her what to do and I told her she had to listen to Kat in school because Kat is trying to help her. Phoebe tends to be very immature and is loud, jumping around, etc. I saw it today.  

Her ESL (English Second Language) teacher had to tell her to sit, be quiet, more than once-- she's the nice lady in the picture, Phoebe really likes her.

But just like Mrs. Corbin,  Kat is trying to help Phoebe and Phoebe has to listen.  She  was mad and went to school, cried, and was holding up the class from leaving on a field trip OIY. WHY? Because I "yelled" at her.  Now understand (MOM READ BEFORE YOU CALL)

"Yelling" means "corrected" her.  It does not mean YELL. Although I do know how to do that too.  But in this case she had complained about Kat "telling her what to do" and I told her to "knock it off" (she knows what that means) and she was not happy with that response. We didn't have much time till the girls had to catch the bus and that's what she got.

So she tried out complaining at school. Of course she did. Her teacher called me, explained what Phoebe was saying, I explained to teacher what Phoebe meant (about the yelling vs. correction) and I assured the teacher we would indeed be parenting this treasure no matter if she wrongly calls it yelling, because she must learn. 

And that she could be told to stop crying and get herself together to go on the field trip OR she could come home and go to bed.

Guess what she picked?  Yep, off to the field trip she went. To a science center and too funny-- the kids all learned her HAIR glows in the dark. 

 Yep, in a black light setting her hair GLOWS-- making her the MOST COOLEST KID ever.  
Not that WE didn't already know that:) And she had a great time, had no issue when she came home and she was told she can not go to school and complain when she is told she has to do something by us. She apologized.  

So  that's our week in review and now we have Baby girl in bed and all the making for s'mores, a fire in the pit started and off to the backyard we go:)

Friday, May 24, 2013

A red car

It's been quite the busy week for the girls, we had an eye doctor appointment for Phoebe this Tuesday. Her eyesight has improved by over half, with her glasses-- YEAH!!

Now don't get me wrong, her eyesight is still not great. Matter of fact she was struggling in school with trying to make friends outside of Kat, because she needs to have some independence from Kat but it was apparent that she can't tell the difference of the kids in her class until she is so close that she is in "their personal space."  

So the teacher and I came up with having the kids wear name tags around their necks for the rest of the year, big ones, with their name, picture, in a certain shape for each child so Phoebe can  learn names, shapes, and who is who.

I have asked to meet with the next year teacher to help with her understanding of Phoebe's needs before the new year starts as well.  It will be hard again next year since the kids will change in the class, some of them, not all though.

I explained to her present teacher that Phoebe has to use smell, size, hair length, voices, etc to figure out who is who and in a class of 16 it's harder than at home where she can place us differently by size, where we sit, boy/girl, etc.

It's funny because I worried before Phoebe came when another blondie's mom said her girl couldn't tell who she was from across a room. I thought it would bother me terribly with Phoebe. Yet, she is like this, and it doesn't. It's just a part of caring for her, she says "Mom." And I say "Right here", or "over here" till she finds me. I look out for her knowing she can't be sure if it's me when we go somewhere, like shopping and I see her turn away and another woman is near-- she gets a "Mom is here, Phoebe" before she can even try to look at the other woman.

I realize how having Paisley first prepared me well for Phoebe.  God is so great like that:) Because she was the first "health needy" child we adopted I learned quickly to look out for her, if there are a lot of steps, if we have to go in and out many stores, that she not be expected to carry heavy things.  So being aware for Phoebe is an extension of that and doesn't bother me at all.

Phoebe amazes me with her own resourcefulness, she will FIND a way if there is something she wants to do. 

 Unlike a certain Baby Girl who has decided when she is told "NO" she can not eat dog food, rip my plant apart, she will SCREAM at me--- I kid you not, she has a temper! But I don't back down so she gives in. Gotta teach her some self control.  

Another thing she screams at me for?  Handing her a sippy cup.  Ohhhh, the anger.  Bawling, spitting, yelling, dirty looks, cup throwing fits, I tell ya. Give-me-a -bottle-or-else look. OIY. She's gonna be fun to bottle break- yeah.

Two bottom teeth now, she bit me this week. Scared me (and hurt) and I screamed,  which scared her and she cried:(  She took a step here and there toward me this week and is standing without holding on for brief periods of time.

Growing up wayyyy too fast, like they all do.  A special thanks to Kim for the taggies blankets and caterpillar, it was too funny that Baby girl found the TAG on the caterpillar first and tore in to it with her new teeth:) Baby girl loves all the tags!!

But back to us in the car this morning--as I took  Kat and Phoebe to school  early for a special field trip, Phoebe said "When me bigger, me want red car." And I knew she meant she wanted to have and drive a red car:(  

Because unless some amazing technology comes out, she most likely will not be able to drive. Her vision is just not good enough. She missed out on some time that her brain could have been working with the right glasses or even surgery to help her vision improve as a younger child.

And I told her the truth. I said "Phoebe, your eyes are probably not good enough to drive a car."  I told her that she "might" be able to but as it looks right now she will not be able to.  And she said "What? Me no drive red car?-- Why? That not okay." And the kicker that had me laughing--- "Okay, I buy car, Kat drive me."

(See the look on baby girl's face? I don't think she approves of Kat's driving skill?)

But that Phoebe girl. She's got solutions for everything. I'm telling ya, nothing is going to hold her back. Kat chimed right in and said "Yes, Phoebe, I will drive and I will take you wherever you want to go."

And so Phoebe, the planner of all, says, "We buy house Kat, live me and you and Grandma (Her foster mom) and Po Po ( Kat's foster mom), we live together.

Kat told Phoebe (thinking she meant in China), "No, I want to live here, not in China."  And Phoebe said "Yes, here, we go China get Po Po and grandma and they come here."

The girl's got it ALL figured out. Kat was totally on board with that--and the last thing said  (Phoebe) "Oh, lots and lots of money, phewwww. I don't know, where get money."

I'm telling you, it's really something to hear the plans of two 9 year old girls, and think of what the future can hold for them.  

2 girls who started out abandoned, in the streets of China, unwanted for reasons we can't begin to fathom.  And now to hear them plan to drive, buy a house together, to go for their "grandmas" and bring them here to live and care for them----- WOW. It's just the MOST amazing and beautiful thing.

They made my day, as they do many days, these 2 precious daughters o' mine.  To know they will not face day after day of orphanage care, being labeled unwanted, unlucky, taunted for being an outcast of their society. Nope, not these 2. 

These two girls, I am so blessed to call my daughters will be helping people. I have no doubt whatever they do in life it will be to help others. Phoebe because she knows what it's like to need help and not get it. Kat because she is who she is. Just a loving and wonderful child of God.

Such a super age, those nine year olds, I'm learning so much about them as people, what they like, their thoughts, personalities, dreams. 

I love the dreams especially for all my adoptive  kids because I know that before they HAD-NO-DREAMS. They wanted to survive. They did not look to "What will I do when I grow up." Because overwhelmingly they had to worry about "Will I survive today?"

And now for 6 beautiful children that God created, that ended up in orphanages or in orphanage care through no fault of their own-- these kids get to have it all. The sky is the limit for them. 

God brought them to us,  gave us great honor in letting us parent them and watch them go on each of their paths. Guiding them, loving them, sharing our lives with them.

I can't think of anything else in my life more rewarding than that- not even a little red sport car of Phoebe's:) Although, I bet she let's me borrow it.  

Won't I look funny, her grey haired momma flying down the road:) Watch out world, here we come----------------------------wave hi if you see us:)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

1 year

What happened one year ago today?? Anyone?

Paisley arrived:)  Yep, all smiles, late at night, we met our first daughter via a re homing situation, so it was a first for us.

We didn't know what to expect. I thought she would be taller, less happy, less friendly,  less willing to be open to us/our home.

Instead she came smiling, she came willing to give us a chance, just a tiny thing she is. 

In the year she has been here we have walked a different road with her as well. First health issues, getting them under control was first up. Because although she was our 5th special need adoption she was the first who wasn't completely healthy. 

Yes indeed, our others were all older or really non-issue special needs children, something many people don't realize these kids would even BE labeled "special needs" by anyone.

But back to our Paisley-- we got the health issues taken care of, another blessing that I am a nurse and able to use my know-how to get her stable and in the best place health wise that she has ever been in. Another reason God made a perfect match:)

We then started to have some adjustment issues. And we took care of those, typical things we have seen with all the kids. How to handle someone touching "her stuff."  How to ask for things politely, not grunt at mother. How to call mom and dad MOM AND DAD.  

Lately we have walked a tougher road with her. Peeling away the layers of pain, orphanage care, issues she has to work on to go forward.  At times it's been-------


She said this week---"I want another family with less kids."  And I knew why she said it. She gets away with nothing here, too many people "keeping an eye" on her.  And I told her I knew that's why she said it and she could "Forget it, she wasn't going anywhere AND we would not give up on her."

She sobbed. She needed reassured we are forever but couldn't/wouldn't ask for it. And I knew that. Even with the pain of her saying such a thing. It's not about getting caught up on the hurting words she said. It's about what was behind the words.

It was never a question once God showed us this child was ours, what would we do.  She was accepted and loved on just the same as all the others. 

She has been a blessing, even with adjustments-- we expected the adjustments so it's often a prayer goes up asking for help to handle them "right," the best way for her.  Because we are her forever. 

For her to get as far as she can with, to grow with, to hold on to, to learn to trust, to have FOREVER. It's just how it is.

Because she is a teen treasure. Even as we had lunch out and the waitress brought her a baby cup-- then another regular cup when I told her she was 15 1/2 years old. Yep, it's hard to tell, but she is. With all the emotions and stubbornness, and attitudes of a teen.

She was very tickled to get a small cake with a candle to celebrate (at the restaurant) and a body pillow and some nail polish from us, gifts she likes, to show her this day has great meaning to us:)  She is very loved.

She is our first one to go the "other way or stay the same" with her measurements. The height remains 4 ft 5.  She lost weight, she is at 63-64 lbs which is actually good because her joints can't handle extra strain of higher weight and she is right where her rheumatologist wants her weight to be.  She grew out her hair, and bangs, then cut her hair, not the bangs.  She still wears size 13 toddler shoes, tiny, tiny feet.

Guess who was jealous of Paisley's big day?  Phoebe. She didn't understand why it wasn't Paisley's birthday and yet cake, presents? How dare we? 

 Trying to make her understand didn't quite do it. Hopefully by the  next Gotcha Day it will be Kat's  in October and  by then we can get her to understand.

Who else is Phoebe jealous of? That baby girl. That cute and sweet little baby.  Phoebe doesn't like her at all. She doesn't like the fact that the baby pulls hair when she gets close to any. Oops.

Now how could you not love this adorable girl?  Baby girl has her second tooth coming up, she started saying Dadadada, which certainly becomes embarrassing when a man stands behind you in the store check out line and she starts that--- that's what I found out this week. OIY.  

She's also grabbing walls, standing up and often letting go and just standing- till she realizes she has a hold on nothing.  She's gonna take off soon,that's for sure. She is 9 months old now:)

She keeps me hoppin' I can't seem to get back in my groove of 2 times a week posting, I'm trying hard though. (MOM)  We'll have to see how I do this week, huh?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

My Mother's Day was busy.  At church I got 2 flowers since Phoebe and Kat both HAD to bring me one. No one complained though, since I do have double (or is that triple) the "usual" amount of kiddos?  

I didn't get one of the bigger plants they gave as prizes for certain moms, I'm still waiting for the "most kids" win-- they did most recent haircut, most recent appliance bought, most letters in mom's name, and who came the longest distance to get to   church:)

Not sure what they got against the mom of the most- ha ha. 

After church it was off to work for me.Yep, had to work. Princess Phoebe was less than thrilled about this. No, actually, she was downright MAD.

She kept saying - "It's Mom's Day-- you no work! "  And I kept saying, "Yes, it's Mom's Day and I  have to work."  Baby has to go to school. (She understands I take a child to the Blind school)

And yes, it was yesterday and we had to go.

Now, here's the thing. A little over a year ago I found out I would be making this twice weekly trip and I was,well, less-than-thrilled. Every Sunday afternoon? Euwwwhhhh.

I was so worried about how crappy this type of schedule would be, yet had to do it. In the meantime someone else who I never met was also fretting these Sunday runs. 

Yes, indeed she was---- the bus driver. Because she didn't know me, she was worrying I would be offended that she played Christian music to try to settle one of the children on the bus. About spending hours upon hours with someone difficult.

It that funny or what? Did you think of God chuckling here? Because I do when I think of this. Because this dreaded Sunday "run" has become a favorite time of mine.

 I not only am NOT offended by the Christian music, I have found sooooo many things in common and ENJOY my time on the bus with my friend I now call "SISTER of my heart" because Anita and I, we hit it off. We both love, love LOVE our Lord.

We are just soooo much alike. We often share our faith, our lives, our joys, our fears, our concerns as women of faith. 

This time together has become a treasure to me. It's just amazing to me. I really needed her. And I am so thankful for her and for the time we have together. 

We have learned so much from each other, as well as about the kiddos riding the bus. I've learned that one child wants to be included, talked to, asked things. It settles him down.

  I've learned another one gets hungry about 20 minutes or so before we get there and we start "hearing" from her:) 

 Another one has taught me my name in sign language and I am pretty sure he thinks I am the mother of the child I take care of. Or at least that's what he signs:)

He also has the funniest laugh and will bang on the seat before we get to each turn we need to make:) as if Anita will "forget" week after week?  

Last night, in honor of our Mother's Day (Sis only has 2 kids, yep, I told her to "get on the ball, she's got lots of catchin' up to do")  we went to dinner (off the clock, of course) and had a lovely time. 

A great finish to Mother's Day 2013.

It's been a rainy last few days, thus dad has struggled to keep up with the mowing. But he did manage to finish one evening last week and I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot. 

A wicker chair off the porch and a few kids who were outside anyway and shoot away.

Lots of giggles, brother silliness, grumpy ones finally coming out of the house and momma got herself some nice pics. I had to pull Camden away from his basketball shooting. Chloe, Paisley, Kat and Phoebe from the orange lizard they were fascinated by.

I don't recall what Chance was up to, probably trying to find himself some poison- ha ha. Just joking. He's stayed out of danger so far.  

Chase had to be hauled coaxed out of the house. His smile almost looks painful, but that's him, so there you go. 

Little Miss Sunshine Baby girl was just happy to among the kids,  she finds anything they do exciting and fun and wants to be right in the middle of it all. 

Although she didn't much like the feel of the grass- she kept trying to lift her feet up while sitting which didn't work so well but she just didn't know what to make of that green tickling stuff.

I was able to get a great shot of her, she's soooo photogenic and that first little tooth is about halfway up which is just tooo cute. It shows when she smiles which is often around us. 

I ordered it up 5x7 and framed it for her mom for Mother's Day. She was really tickled with it.

The one thing I didn't do? Or should I say two things---

A picture of all the kids together (what was I thinking??) and one of just the boys--- couldn't get Chase to stay out long enough and it was getting too dark. Guess that will have to be a goal for another day?  

'Cause the kids love me taking pictures, don't ya know?  Or maybe not.

After we were done with the pictures and before it was totally dark, we sat on the porch swing and enjoyed being outside.  Phoebe, being the funny girl she is, told me this--- "Momma, you have one English foot and one Chinese foot."

 I asked her "Why?"  Well, it seems my tattoo adorned foot, with a flower for each child, as well as the Chinese names of all my adopted children on it is a "Chinese foot." And that plain ol' bare foot is English.

Bet ya never knew that did ya?  I've been told I must be Chinese inside because I don't look Chinese but I love me some Chinese babies and teens, that's for sure. But my Chinese foot, well, that's a new one to me:)

I can't help but just chuckle at that Phoebe girl, she's certainly entertaining. As she left downstairs snack time at church yesterday to go to her class with Kat she exclaimed--

"Happy Mother's Day EVERYBODY! And Goodbye."  Then off she went. Leaving quite a few smiles in her wake.

She insisted that the gigantic card she made with a magnifier at school be not just for me but for dad as well. She would-not-let-him out, even though she understood it was Mom's Day.  Guess I can figure Dad's day will be shared with me, that's just how it's gonna be. No one left out of the love:)

Phoebe did make me a bit sad, although she had no clue--- she called Grandma in China this past weekend. And it's begun.  She's mixing in English words. Meaning she's slowly losing her Shanganese.  Which makes me terribly sad. 

Because no one but HER speaks this Shanganese, it's a dialect of Shanghai she spoke with Grandma only. She also speaks Mandarin, as does all the teens. 

But we've had NO LUCK at all letting her speak Mandarin with the teens, as soon as they speak to her she will immediately bombard them with questions, annoy them, and worst of all, completely refuse to listen/respond to me or dad. 

So we banned Mandarin for a time, we have tried to add it back in a number of times, but until her English is strong enough we have to stay banned:((( I kinda miss the Chinese chatter.  Although it does, indeed make the English grow by leaps and bounds.

Speaking of English, I found out at least two of our angels, not naming any names here Chance or Paisley, think they are super smart. Here's why---- I kept saying "You need to listen to me and dad, we are trying to teach you."  And here's what I realized they were doing---

Okay, I listen to mom. Mom said "Don't do that." I HEARD her.  Then they would go do what they wanted. Yep. SMART.  As in SMART-Y-PANTS my cute children.  

I have now revised my words so there is NO WAY for them to play--- You must DO AS I SAY."

Always gotta be one step ahead of these jokers:)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Mothers

You gave birth.
I was called by God.

You had to give them up.
I was chosen for them.

You sent up a prayer for their lives to be spared.
I prayed to bring them to our family.

You gave them life.
I nurture their lives.

You made them strong to survive.
I teach them to stay strong in life.

You are lost to them forever.
I am theirs forever.

You wonder where they are.
I wonder where you are.

You are a distant memory.
I will not let them forget you.

You were their first mother.
I am their last mother.

You would thank me if you met me.
I would thank you if I could meet you.

You gave me the ultimate gift of your child/ren.
I will cherish them forever.

Together, 5 mothers.

We  have 6 of the most beautiful and amazing children.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Well, lookie lookie. It's Monday and I'm posting. Making my momma happy and proud all at once- ha ha.

Let's just talk about the blog title. Oh dear. We woke up Sat and wasn't up long till we heard some annoying buzzing sound. When we ruled out all the baby toys, thinking one had dying batteries or had gone berserk-- we figured out it was the alarm to the septic  pump.  

Yep, sure was. We quickly realized it would have been much better if it had been a dying toy.  Because no one had showered, dishes were piling up, 9 people needed to pee, wash needed done. And we weren't even sure who to call. We started with our contractor, then a septic pumping place, then a pump guy. (I almost mis spelled this and put PIMP guy, good grief MOM would be calling in record time)

So after leaving numerous messages to numerous people, as it was a Saturday, after all, we started to get a few return calls. And the pump guy said he would come out at 2:30 pm.  And he was prompt, always good when you learn you're gonna pay extra for a Saturday call:(

Well, or should I say SEWER, we learned quickly that the pump that takes the yucky stuff and pumps it to the tank was dead. A goner. Toast. Burned up. So up it came and a new (pricey) pump went in. The children were all so interested, it was like a family outing, they all gathered round and watched this guy replace the pump, total fascination I tell ya. (Who needs Disney W*rld?) 

I thought one of them surely would say "WOW, that's cool, I want to do that when I grow up." Thus giving us hope we would never deal with this again with no clue who to call.  But no, all I heard was "gross, euuhhhhh, that stinks, poo poo Momma?"

I didn't even get a picture, I mean, who really wants to see that anyway?

But, now we are pumping clear, (that's pumping not pimping MOM) and the pump guy said that as long as the new pump had to run to "catch up" we were very lucky it did not back up in to the house. Phewwww, thank GOD for that one. Pump guy said most people ignore their pump warning when that alarm goes off?  Really? I mean, why would you risk THAT?

So, we now have a new pump that we are told should last 10 years. And we were looking at each other thinking-- how many more things that were "left over" from when we bought and basically rebuilt nearly ALL of this place are left? Not too many now:(  One good thing-- our contractor caught that there was no alarm on the pump, which was not cool or legal, and one was added when we built the house.

On to how the children are today?  Hummm, well, probably mad. Maybe a bit sorry, obviously steering clear of ME.  Because I cooked a nice, BIG ham today, then made potpie ('round here that's flour mixed with water, rolled out and cooked in the ham broth) which all the kids LOVE. But 5 of them got peanut butter and jelly sandwiches instead. WHY? Well, a maid I am not, and when I was struggling to get the ham out of the oven, almost dropped it.

Called out for help, no one came. When I spilled the broth and burned myself twice, I called for "someone" to help. And no one came. When I forgot to get the rolling pin out before I was covered in flour and I called for help, no one came. 

So as the little girls were busy helping entertain the baby so I could roll out the potpie, I was stewing MAD by this time with the older bunch. And when they came to that sweet smelling supper, they got a rude shock. The ones who sat around waiting for their supper to be served got PB & J.  And the little girls who helped got the yummy ham and potpie.

It's pretty bad when Phoebe said "Me help mom, me good girl, mom happy because me good girl, good girls help mom."  Yep, their 9 year old new sister has it down, so this momma is pretty sure they got the HINT.   I'm pretty sure having now lived as Chicken Little that CL had red feathers and CL wasn't as nice about getting no help making bread as that book let on.

Hey, By the way---Did you notice anything?  It's little but BIG.  Phoebe. She's saying "ME" not Phoebe. Let me tell ya, it's cool. Because it was just getting weird to hear everything she was saying be in the third person "Phoebe eat? Phoebe go to bed, Phoebe go to school?"  We'll get to the "I" stuff, I'll take "me" for now:)

Baby girl got another new tooth.  The second tooth on the bottom has come on through. She is eating a few soft foods now, and happy about that. She was getting mad that we were eating stuff and she wasn't getting anything but baby food. A smart one, she is:)

Have I mentioned how much the baby dislikes socks? As in they don't last 2 minutes on her feet? And yes, they make just fine chew toys if needed.  Funny girl.

At least she made me smile today:)   Hopefully by the end of the week all the others will have straightened up, and I don't mean standing tall --Every time I say that Chance stands taller and says "I'm straight, is that what you mean?"  

OIY. That's all I'm gonna say for today.

Friday, May 3, 2013


Humm. Seems to me I have said more than once "Stay out of the woods.  Don't be messin' with that wood. Get out of there." As well as-- "Do not pick at that, do not scratch that, go wash your hands."  Yep, I'm sure I did.

So I was a little less than thrilled when I got up Monday and Chance says immediately-- I think I need to go to the hospital. 

Now, this is not a good choice of words to me. I was too tired to think straight to know that he means the doctor. Not a hospital.  Because going to the  hospital to me is a world away from needing to see the doctor. 

ANYWAY-- I have now saved Chance's life. Seriously. That's what he says. Because SOMEBODY had another severe reaction to poison, I'm not allowed to discuss where on him (2+2=4) and the doctor said it was the worst case he had seen in all his 30 years. Yep, we do nothing small here.

He's was back in school in 2 days and the swelling of his face is greatly reduced, seeing how he could walk normally I guess it's gone down in other unmentionable places as well. He's done chores without being asked, he says he owes me his life. At least for now- ha ha.

Since this outdoor lovin' son is severely allergic to poison I think he's going to have to rethink some of his favorite activities, traipsing around in the woods is going to have to stop.We can't be doin' this all summer.

Tomorrow is the boys' Gotcha  Day Anniversary, 3 years they have been our sons. Doesn't time fly? Yep, in many ways they have made it quite well, yet in others they continue to choose to not work at things. I guess they are pretty typical teens if I think about it, sometimes doing things to spite themselves because they think  we know nothing, just as I thought when I was  17-18. Yep, just like their momma.

I do  know the miracle of them coming will never get old, will never diminish, God showed us clearly His work in bringing both the boys home and for that we are so thankful. No matter the tough path their adjustment has been at times. 

Because we knew from the time we learned Chloe HAD brothers sitting at the orphanage being left behind that this was not right. They needed to grow up together no matter what  that meant.

And God showed us the path, made the miracles happen to have that be our family. Both her brothers home with her. Growing up together, never lost to one another as  they would have been. 

Still gives me chills to know how close it came to them being lost to each other. Listed as single children, but none chosen till our Chloe was shown to us by God to be our daughter. And there was no mistake made there. 

So 3 years, lots of growth, some tears, lots of laughter, joy, fun. Much more English, of course. 

Pretty much anything they need they can communicate, although Chase's accent is still very heavy and he is hard to understand for most people.  

He has been seen and heard practicing reading to the baby, which does help his skills. It's cute to see her stare at him like "Who are you talking to?"  

Baby girl has been sleeping all night all this week. She's decided chasing the dogs, the dog water,  my plants, everything is more fun to play with than her baby toys. As well, she likes to be with someone- mainly ME, but the kids will do if I am busy-- she's getting very spoiled:) 

The girls  took a fall today, for some reason Phoebe asked Kat to carry her on her back from the bus, Phoebe who is bigger than Kat? 

But ever helpful Kat TRIED and down they went. Phoebe has a banged up knee, scraps on her face and GLASSES-- ahhhh. Kat has banged up elbows. I'm really surprised it wasn't worse. 

Of course I wanted to get some pictures this weekend, not sure we can do that now. Phoebe is limping, even though she only has scrapes.  I did get a picture of Phoebe's first pig tails, her hair was just barely long enough to get it in:) 

 She was so happy, although the ESL teacher must not have been because she took them out because Phoebe's  hat wouldn't go on her head with them in:(  Phoebe was really mad about that.

We had a visitor who got to meet our 4 newest kiddos, hubby's sister came from Florida to visit and it's been so long she hadn't met the boys, Paisley or Phoebe. 

Phoebe was amazed dad had a "big sister" and that she had grey hair like dad. She was talking Aunt Nancy's ear off, Kat was a wee bit jealous so Aunt Nancy had to be shared:) 

 I had to tell Grandma I was gonna call her "Chase" if she didn't smile for my picture of them--- that got her smilin'.

Good lookin' bunch aren't they?  

That's our week, I seem to be only managing a weekly update, maybe I'll get better now that the baby is settling in. But for now, that's what you get. (sorry MOM)