Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who is this?

We have been a little hugely busy--- we have a tiny visitor, you see. I am not sure how long she will be here.  I just know the kids are thrilled. A BABY--- yep, a little one is staying with us for now.

As cute as the dickens, she is entertaining, funny, busy, loves to pull hair (the doggies are less-than-thrilled-with-her for that.) See Teddy running from her in the pic?

But this has been a great insight to our own kiddos-- Chance doesn't have much patience with little ones. He ditches her on anyone as quick as he can. Although he watches out for her when asked.

Phoebe loves the baby's toys. Kat is pretty good with this little one, just a bit of a nervous Nellie about everything she does-- Chase  has asked to take care of her if she is still here when I work night shift again.

Chloe is great with her, very caring and patient with her. Camden likes to make her laugh. Paisley likes the baby, she just can't hold her well with her weakened wrists, not that she won't sit with her on the floor and play. 

It's different for us to have a little one, all the things she can do, get in to! The dog food, plants, she likes to pick up anything she sees on the floor and straight to her mouth it goes. 

Baby is learning she can't get away with ANYTHING-- nope, not with all these eyes watching her. We spoil her fun wayyyy too much.  

Don't worry though, she's having a blast, even a simple door brings squeals of joy, especially when Camden will go to the other side and make funny faces at her through the glass:)

  I don't recall (maybe it's been too long?) my babies pulling themselves up at a mere 8 months old either, adding to the paranoia that she will fall down. Wobbly but up, clinging to furniture, or windows, as you can see,  thinking she's ALL THAT.

As for the baby, things she likes-- books, the kids, fake coughing, clapping for her, belly kisses, her blankets at sleepy time. She's an easy going baby and we are enjoying her smiles and giggles. 

We are helping her mom, because she is a single teen mom who is struggling, so we have offered a safe place for the baby- which is what she needed. You see, I have been a teen mom and I have been a single mom (you all surprised?) 

I know, I have a ton of "history" and I've lived a LOT of life in these 40+ years o' mine. That's a WHOLE other story for another day----

But I do know how hard it can be.  Baby's momma was a former foster child, one of my "MOM's" (See where I get my big heart?) took in after she left  foster care and learned soon after she was expecting with no where to go.

 They have had some issues between them so we offered to help out. So here we are, enjoying this baby girl. She's gonna be spoiled for sure:) 

Not just spoiled either, think of all the things she can learn from all these kiddos--- 

Like how entertaining it can be to take a pair of brother's shoes (certainly not your own) and throw them in the trees.

Then see how many of them it takes to get them out?  Did I mention how much FUN we all are.  Cheap fun too, obviously.

And yes, Phoebe is wearing pink gloves with no hat or coat on. Has nothing to do with covering her skin, she's just as weird as the rest of us. Too hot for a coat but her hands were cold?  

Loving being outside, it's all I hear "Phoebe outside?  Can I go outside? Can I go out too????"  Yep, they are able to find things to do quite well.

It's been sunny and gorgeous here, we haven't done our family pics yet because it's too sunny, we need a cloudy day for Phoebe's sensitivity to the light.  But we are not complaining, no way--- because it's been wonderful to finally have it warm, not snowing, flowers coming up, saying it really is SPRING-- whooo hoooo.

So that's an update from our little corner of the world, how are all of you???

 I do have one request-- does anyone know where I can get one of those blankets with the silky tags all around it? Have one made or used, just needs to be inexpensive. Girlie love, love, loves her blankets and tags, such neat things they have come up with since I parented my babies:) Update--- Just wanted to thank Kim who offered to send sweet babe some taggie blankets. Bless you Kim, you are sooo appreciated!

Now I won't be whipping one up in my free time, Pheww, since I'm remembering I am lucky to get 5 minutes to shower with a baby in the house-- let alone accomplish sewing? OIY-- Wonder woman I am NOT-- yep, totally admitting it. (MOM)


mom2three said...

I love how your last post was about your "mega family" and your very next post is about taking in another child that needs a home. Your heart for children is enormous and very special.

mom2three said...

P.S. Also love the cooperation in trying to get the shoes out of the tree.

Rebecca said...

So sweet!!! You're amazing:)