Friday, April 5, 2013


Someone (MOM) is complaining there has been no real update on the kiddos. Goodness, I can't imagine what I do with all my free time? 

Chloe said I should write a book- that's been mentioned before, I told her I would have to talk about her, but she said I have"their" permission (notice how she talks for ALL of them??)  as long as the book is a hit? 

She wants money for us to return on a heritage trip to China and for HER to adopt-- not that she doesn't have a few years to go on that idea? 

I didn't ask what she would do to me if it flopped, I guess I was scared to know?

Nahh, now (MOM) don't call. Chloe LOVES me. Chloe has been more and more coming to me for real hugs, even kisses on my cheek (this could be called "sucking up" sometimes) such a neat kiddo she is, I'll take the love no matter the reason:)

She was telling me she was worried how she would pass her test for her "apartment" and I said "WHAT?"  Come to figure out she meant "permit" as in driving permit. Usual Chloe speak that we get to decipher what she means.  Such a goof, she is. (No- MOM she won't be driving in the near future just yet)

She had Paisley laughing because she was giving me a list of things she "Wants, NEEDS" and I asked her what happened to that girl in China ( in 2009) that threw 100 RMB I gave her back at me and refused to spend it. That she sure changed that tune fast. To which she blamed US, said "We did it."  

So I made a song about Chloe, that she is now Chloe I-WANT- Chloe-I- NEED and Paisley was laughing as Chloe said "Mooooooommmmmmmmm, really I want and I neeedddddd things."  (This child has everything she needs and some things she wants FOR SURE) but I was singing "her song" louder and louder. 

It's funny but it was also teaching, because Paisley is learning she can ask but she may hear NO. And it doesn't mean she is not loved. Paisley will still ask or say "I want that" to everything any of the other girls gets. Even if it  wouldn't fit her, be right for her, etc. So I've been pointing that out to her.  

As well, there's Phoebe, who we are working on "Worry about you." Because she has been here long enough now to understand and is bringing up more and more about others, "Camden is outside, why not her? Kat didn't make her bed, she did."  This is a typical adjustment issue, her concern is missing out on something, but it's not really her job to "police" everyone else's movements.

I did get to Phoebe's  IEP meeting last week and it went well, our vision lady I already knew from my work and she evaluated Phoebe, got her equipment and was working with her as quickly as possible:) She covered everything and more, future things Phoebe may need, as well as what she needs now for vision help. She is super and Phoebe just loves working with "Miz Mitt-shell aka Ms. Mitchell."

Speaking of school, the school nurse called and said they needed a note from Phoebe's doctor saying they could apply sunscreen on her to go out to recess-- uh, do they think they can overdose her on sunscreen?  I called and took care of it, even as weird as that request was.

Camden got his new glasses and is trying to adjust to them hurting his nose. Although he wears them because he needs them.  I think he looks more like Derrik with glasses-- I guess because Derrik got glasses at about the same age.

Chase has been doing better with taking instruction, learning how to handle things. Something about him being 18 now has clicked for him, he is feeling the need to learn basic things like check writing, how to fill out paperwork, etc. And knowing that we are still supporting him even though we don't have to seems to have given him the understanding that we must care and want to see him succeed or we wouldn't still be willing to support him.

It's strange it took being 18 for him to get that we are committed to helping him- I think he was surprised because he told someone he thought we would come up with reasons to get him out of the house which we have/had NO intention of doing. 

It's hard to realize he doesn't trust us any more than that when we have invested almost 3 years in to parenting this son but sometimes that's just how it is. Maybe him still being here and us still caring for him will finally give him insight to trust us?  

I don't get too frustrated with him because I know God patiently waited for ME to trust Him, it took me longer than 3 years for sure. So can I wait on a child of His to trust me? 

Yes, yes, I can. And knowing Chase believes and has been given God is enough for me, because God will not ever let him down. I, as a flawed human will:( Even if I try not to.

On to Paisley, she is making strides as well. She was brave enough to tell us she wanted to hug us at bedtime like Phoebe does, and this girl has taken it and run with it. EVERY night, she comes to US, me and DAD, and gets her hugs. I even put her in my lap and kiss her cheek. 

She desires the contact, we were respecting her teen age, letting her show us what she was comfortable with. She holds my hand going in to stores, walking anywhere, which is not to "keep her with me" she grabs my hand for stability walking.

 I realized this when we went to an appointment alone and she grabbed my hand that automatically goes out for a kid, I'm just so used to Kat and Phoebe needing a hand. So now I make sure she has a turn even when the others are with me too.

Last evening I saw her go to dad and watch what he was doing, he had gotten out "his" racetrack and the kids have had a ball racing the cars on it. But he had one he was working on alone--- and Paisley went over to watch him, got right next to him on her own. Something even 2 months ago, would not have happened. No way. She's seeing he is safe and she CAN get close to him with no issues.

Speaking of those little cars, besides tickling Phoebe to no end, Dad was working on getting HAIR out of the wheels, so the car could run again, he said "Where does all this long black hair come from?" I told him I was innocent, my hair is red. (Or as Chloe calls it GINGER)

Yep, we have an abundance of black hair here, Kat's hair is almost to her tush now, Camden complains her hair is in everything. He wants it cut, she doesn't and she will win this one.

 I promised her long ago I would never cut her hair unless she wanted it cut because of her buzz cut she had when she came to us. She was sooo upset about her hair being so short.

 Phoebe too, now wants long hair and her hair is growing well. I cut both their bangs so she now has bangs and longer hair, it has to be put up or over to keep it out of her face.

 She likes having hair bows and being pretty:)  Another girly, girl. Not like Chloe, who says she is a "Tommy Boy."  That would be tomboy to everyone else.

Paisley has grown her bangs out quite nicely, she is talking about cutting her hair this summer, it's almost as long as Kat's. I think part of it is that she gets mistaken for Kat, poor Phoebe can't tell between Kat and Paisley when they are more than a foot from her.

 I've heard "I'm not KAT!" More than once. But she also said it 's too hot in the summer. So we will see.

As for Miss Kat, she has taken the "help Phoebe" right to heart, the jealous of the past a distant nightmare memory, she helps her at school, when I picked up Phoebe for her dentist appointment Kat brought her out to me and Phoebe had to hug her 3 times and tell Kat she loved her before she would go with me:)  Feeling the love, feeling the love.

Yes, the dreaded dentist appointment-  the teeth are DONE. Wow. Was that awful for her. Not painful, they sedate the kids, but a total of 4 teeth pulled, 7 cavities filled, she now has 3 spacers, can't have anything chewy (candy, gum) but she finally has no pain in her mouth. 

She was starting to tell us how much her teeth hurt, realizing we care, and it was bad. Most of the rotted teeth were rotted to the nerves, so anything hot or cold was like a knife in her mouth, let alone to chew.

She thanked me over and over-  poor girl, for fixing her teeth. She will now get regular cleanings and all the teeth taken out/fixed were baby teeth so hopefully her big teeth will remain healthy. 

And she has learned going to the dentist is not a bad thing at all. They were very good with her, I took Chloe to translate at their request:)

We watched Jaxon one day last week and Phoebe went nutso over his "High Man Bowel, Bowel" (that's Sponge B*b Square Pants to you and I) pillow, so Jaxon's momma came to get him with a pillow just for her:) I was worried since she didn't put Jaxon's pillow down the ENTIRE day how we would get it from her.

 But she did say "Baby's high man bowel bowel, not Phoebe's, baby go home, high man bowel bowel, no stay Phoebe's home."  See how good her English is coming along? 

You totally understand that right?  Okay (MOM)-  She said "Baby's Sponge B*b, not Phoebe's, when baby goes home, Sponge B*b goes with baby, it's not Phoebe's, and doesn't stay here.

Who have I missed, oh that Chance-- well, he is doing pretty good, back to his usual self after he took a turn at being in trouble. He got in my sewing stuff the other day and I wondered what he was doing, he was going to "fix" some socks.

 I told him, "No, if your socks have holes throw them away."  Well, he said they could be fixed and was gonna show me when dad piped in and said "Hey those are my socks anyway!" 

Yep, Chance is a sock hoarder. Let me explain. It's virtually IMPOSSIBLE for me to tell who has what socks. I have tried buying different for each guy here (gold toe, writing on the toe, short for one, long for another) but it inevitably ends up there are socks that I do not know who they go to. 

Don't even suggest I initial them as Camden, Chase and Chance all start with a "C"  and they have the same middle initial as well. See the dilemma?

So Chance claims them. And he has DRAWERS of socks. He must think he will run out and will need a stash of socks? I don't know but if anyone is missing a sock, they know where to go. He probably has my socks?

As for the girls, Chloe wears short colored women's size, I wear only black socks and only when forced to, Kat and Phoebe share long girls socks, and Paisley who has the tiniest feet ( size 13 toddler shoes?) wears short colored ones or some of the new ones she got, to her knee and they look like shoes on her feet, funny socks:) So there's how we do socks, I know, you were all dying to know how we keep them straight. (MOM)

As for sock odor, well let me tell you this-- Camden has obviously gotten the gene of foot stink. WOW. He actually ASKED for an air freshener for his room. Yup, he did. 'Cause of the stink socks. 

He is just like his big brothers that I used to tell them if they could bottle that odor they could sell it for a weapon.

 I'm surprised the socks don't walk on their own in protest to my wash room. AND yes, (MOM) I bleach them to death every time I wash whites-- which is pretty much daily. Bleach is my friend. (see MOM I heard you)

I'm off to the store to load up on bleach groceries, onion bagels is the latest rage, all my children go everywhere smelling like onion bagels. YUCK. They even have Kat and Phoebe eating them now. OIY. I'm starting to wonder if people SMELL us coming, used to be you'd hear us?  

So there you have it, a nice long update about socks, foot odor, hugs, oh goodness.  MOM is probably sorry she asked.  

 Just keepin' it real, like it is 'round here:)


lalalorlor said...

Yay for a good TVI!!! They make all the difference in the success of a child's education. :)

thesleepyknitter said...

Wonderful update! Loved hearing how the kids are doing, hearing about the hugs. Encouraging words! :-)

Blessings to your wonderful family!

Dottie P said...

Thanks for such a lengthy update when you are so busy. They are always so enjoyable to read. The kids are all growing so much. Such nice news about Paisley, and she looks more and more like a teenager every picture. I love the Made in China T-shirt!
Thanks for all you do; I think it inspires all of us to do more wherever we are.

K said...

Hey, friend, it's been awhile since we talked on the phone. It's good to read your blog and catch up. There are some great foot powders to take care of that nasty sock odor. I might have girls, but one came with some nasty smelling feet. Teaching her to dry her feet, especially between the toes, as well as wash them well, which got all the dead peeling skin off, then the powder, gave her new improved non-stinking feet! I'm still waiting for LOA. I needed to send more money to China so my dossier could be translated, which held things up a week or two.

Mdivgirl said...

I love reading about all your kids. The "High Man Bowel, Bowel" in particular made me smile. Despite having only limited Chinese (even though I've lived in Taiwan for almost a decade), I actually know how to say his name in Mandarin (as a side-effect from teaching elementary kids). I'm glad she got her own pillow after all.