Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Rays of Sunshine

She radiates happiness, joy even in the smallest things. She's literally like a ray of sunshine. 

The school was doing standard testing this week so I went and  got Phoebe to go pick up her glasses.  I had no idea how much FUN we would have. I think this was the first time I took her anywhere alone since she started school.

Let me tell ya, we had a blast. Off we went to get the  new glasses- she put them on and was just thrilled. She tickled every one in the place with her (one volume on this girl) LOUD exclamation of delight. WOW.

She told me all kinds of things, most all I could understand, she wants to teach me Chinese, so I can be Chinese:) I don't think it quite works that way but bless her heart, she's so stinkin' sweet. Her English is coming along sooo fast. 

We went to eat, of course, we HAD to do Chinese, but the poor girl-- they were out of her favorite-green beans. Although the bean sprouts were a decent substitute after she tried them.

A waitress we knew from our Chinese New Year dinner out  came over and chatted with our girl, who by this time could hardly sit still she was sooooo excited about her new glasses, eating out, just being with ME, good ol' mom:)

It was nice to hear the waitress reassure me Phoebe was soooo happy, how much she loves me, dad, her sisters, her brothers, the dogs.  Then sad to hear  that she was treated so poorly in school in China and she hated it, people were so mean to her.  

Phoebe told her that here everyone loves her hair, everyone is kind to her. No one makes fun of her.  That she loves it here and never wants to go back there to live or go to school.  She loves her family.  I wasn't surprised to hear this, it's pretty evident when she tells me at least 10 times a day how happy she is-- the many "Yeah's!!"   we hear. 

 Everything she does is with enthusiasm. Nothing is boring- eating is YEAHHHH, school is YEAHHHHHH. Shower time is YEAHHHH. Church time is YEAHHHH. Playing is YEAHHHH.

She trusts us, she has gotten "FAMILY" faster than any child because of her low vision, she needs to feel safe and she knows she is safe with us. She adores Kat, she came home today with a new word "Sister"  as in --Kat is her sister. 

As we talked she wanted to know were Teddy and Tommy (the dogs) family? "Yep, sure are." So was grandmother (foster mom) family? "Yes, of course," was my answer which brought on another " OHH YEAHHHHHH mom, love you mom!"

She's had such love given to her from Grandma, yet the deepest desire we all have-- to have family, a mom, a dad, sisters and brothers who all love her just as she is---she was missing that until now. And this child is sooo full of love to give and take. She is overflowing with it. 

She draws people to her like a flies to honey, everywhere she goes. Because it's something to share this girl and her love for life. It shows in her smile, her enthusiasm for even the smallest of things. 

You can tell that she felt so unaccepted in her culture. It's just so sad to think of this flower trying to grow but being shrunken down, wilting under the rain of hurtful words, mean people, taunting her, calling her cursed, hurting her:(

She is like a blooming sunflower now, standing tall, her face in the sun -- a child who is wanted, loved, knows she is beautiful, knows she is cherished. As each and every child should feel, should know.

She was CHOSEN.  So worth almost 2 years to get her home. So worth every tear, every fear, every prayer sent up for her to come.

Parenting her is really a treat, as she gets more English we learn more about her. I say it's like fast forward parenting because all of our children were like babies, unable to communicate, new to us, a mystery in many ways.

  Then as they gain English, we learn about them, it's like they grow fast forwarded in time, to close to their number ages. 

She's such a wonderful addition to our family-- our concern was her being so close in age to our baby (Kat) in the family.  And it was tough in the beginning. But we knew God showed us this daughter for a reason.

Soon Phoebe worked her magic, telling Kat how much she loves her and telling her she is SOOO beautiful till even Kat couldn't resist the love this child had to give. We should take lessons on how this child loves, even someone who was jealous and NOT-SO-NICE , crying a lot and Phoebe knew it was about her being here.

Yet, she loved and loved till Kat was won over.

They now are the best of friends. When I took Phoebe to the store, saw a classmate of theirs and talked to her,  Kat was told the next day by  the classmate that "Phoebe tried to go home with her." Kat came to me and was upset. She told me what the girl said and added "I don't want to lose our Phoebe."  

 I was able to reassure Kat that Phoebe was only walking out the door of the store with us at the same time as this girl and her family-- Phoebe would never go home with anyone else, no way.

Now don't think there isn't a little bit of stubborn to the ray of sunshine we call our Phoebe, there sure is. As soon as it got warm, a whopping 70 degrees here this week, she wanted short sleeves on. 

Now, this is the girl who was cold in 50 degrees and wanted a 4th pair of pants on? But she insisted. Then she didn't want more sunblock at school applied for a second recess.   She doesn't understand how quickly she will sunburn here, she didn't have that with the smog issue and being kept indoors in China. 

As for the sunshine outfits of the girls--- I ordered these from someone 2 years ago!  Both girls have a dress and pants, they can be worn together or separate. Just seemed like the perfect outfit to show the warmth of both our girls, the brightness of them. Sisters who shine together:)  Aren't they just funny, the giggles- oh my. (Sorry it's sideways)

Such blessings, we are so thankful for these treasures. Enjoy the video, aren't they just FUN??? Once called orphans, now cherished daughters. We just love, love LOVE them.

Makes you want to care doesn't it?  Yep, I'm blown away, as I am sure Father is, with all the people who DO CARE about these precious children.  

Understand, we trusted HIM to bring this child home (and all of ours), in soooo many ways-- her needs, the time it took, the funding, issues all along the way-

Sometimes it a smooth adoption process but a tough kiddo you get. Sometimes it's a younger child that you think it will go easy and it doesn't for a long time. No adoption (or birth for that matter) comes with a guarantee-- except GOD's PROMISE that this child was meant for you if you trust Him to ask.

I want everyone to have their own rays of sunshine, for sure--- these children are GEMS!!  SO worth it ALL.  Each and every single one. 


Kiki said...

Oh my gosh this whole blog post is just so sweet. SO neat to see Phoebe "getting" it. (Well, I always love your blog posts, but this was especially poignant!)

And this from Kat: She told me what the girl said and added "I don't want to lose our Phoebe." SO, SO precious!

Anita Shields said...

Love it!!!

Jerry and Christy said...

What a sweet blessing. Loved seeing the video. Phoebe is so worth the hard two years it took to get her. It makes me cry just seeing how happy she is.

♥ Kayla ♥ said...
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♥ Kayla ♥ said...

I love this update. I also love the outfits. Do you have a website for me to purchase some? Let me know if you ever sell them cause I'm interested.

(I removed the previous post due to several misspellings. I am on my IPad and have fat fingers so have to really proof read before posting.)

connie said...

I love it! God has also given us a little ray of sunshine in Miss Khloie, and what a beautiful gift as we tie the bow on our family :)

Sherri said...

I was thinking as I was reading how long it took you to get through the process for Phoebe. All the roadblocks you encountered. I'm glad you've been rewarded for your willingness to follow Him! :)

Savi said...

I'm so happy to see Phoebe so happy and fitting in so well. :) She is just so beautiful and seems to blend so perfectly into your family. It's amazing. So God.

Sherri said...

Love it, what a wonderful little ray of sunshine you have there. And the video, i can't believe how fast Kat was spinning.

Holly said...

WONDERFUL!! I love that story. She sounds so much like my Sarah. So joyful and full of life. Such precius blessings. : )

Holly said...

WONDERFUL!! I love that story. She sounds so much like my Sarah. So joyful and full of life. Such precius blessings. : )

K said...

I LOVE the outfits!

Wright Family said...

I think aboout this post all the time. I want to be like Phoebe. I want to tell people with relationship problems about her. I want to write a book orbetter yet have you write a book about the miracle of unconditional love. I know it has already been done but inmean something a bit shorter than the Bible.