Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Facts

Friday already? WOW. Where did this week go?  

My Friday started out with surprise, a certain cute baby girl slept all night for the first time:)

Then no surprise here, Kat was "In a mood" this morning and it wasn't a HAPPY one:( That would be BAD mood which seems to come nearly every Friday. It's the typical result of the end of week, culminating lack of sleep, and general grumpiness over clothes, she didn't like the clothing choice for her for the day.

Even though I changed her outfit for an acceptable one, she went on the bus in tears, which I swear she knows makes me feel terrible. I have called the teacher before when this has happened she said she  had no idea a thing was wrong when she saw Miss Kat so obviously the show is for mom alone:(  

Now Phoebe, she was deeply concerned that Kat was not happy, she wouldn't want "Her Kat" to be sad, even when it's HER(Phoebe) that will not be quiet at night and let the girls go to sleep. She doesn't get that it makes Kat grumpy to not get enough sleep.

Other Friday facts--- teachers who tell my children that if they cook and bring in 2 Chinese dishes for over 100 kids, providing napkins, forks,plates for all and leaving me with a kitchen covered in 2 inches deep of grease for a lousy 20 extra credit points should have to come to MY HOME and clean the mess up. 

I vote they use that Home Ec room at school and cook there, teach them all how to cook, since I already know how. Then clean up the mess THERE. Even teach THAT. How's that for an idea. 

Then maybe when the kids go off themselves in the world they can cook 2 dishes and clean up after themselves. Novel idea, huh? What are they learning today-- How to eat?  Trust me when I say mine have that down pat. No help needed.

My aunt stopped by and said "Good grief, whatever you feed these kids when you get them home, they sure do grow!" 

 Yes, Phoebe has clearly gotten taller, she's growing out of some of her size 8 pants, already. 

I haven't measured her but I'll have to. Her hair is growing fast too. I cut her bangs and Kat's again last night. 

More Friday facts--well, I've learned Baby girl's schedule, she's the funniest little thing. She sticks her tongue out when she is hungry.

 She hates socks, I have never seen a baby who could use her toes to remove one sock from the other foot. 

I put socks to her knees on today and pants and said to her "There, you won't get those off." And with 1/2 hr they went missing!  She's GOOD:)

Baby Girl is growing like crazy, she stood alone on Wednesday for the first time, then she looked at me like "Yikes, I'm not holding on to anything." 

 Then this morning when having her cereal and fruit, I noticed her bottom tooth has come through. Her very first tooth. Ahhhh. 

My aunt and uncle stopped in with some things for her, she had been cared for by them while baby mom was in school-- she was wiggling with excitement, it was so sweet. She was incredibly happy to see them. 

Other Friday facts of my world--going anywhere in solid colors has now ended with a baby in tow.

 Solid colors (shirts) not only do not entertain baby when she doesn't want to be in the car seat one more second and must be held- it also does not hid snot, slobber, puke, poo.

 Yes, solid shirts are not my friend. So my days of solid clothing is reserved for home where no one cares what I am wearing.

I gave Chance a haircut last night and he HUGGED me, in thanks. That was to get out of paying me (Chloe's input there)
 but I'll take it.

 I cut Paisley's hair earlier, she wanted to go shorter so we did, I think it looks great on her. Whatcha think? (I got a hug of payment from her too:))

Well, everybody just piled in the door, and I surely don't want to miss any of what they all gotta tell me about their day--- 

---so enjoy your Friday! 


Jean said...

Well baby Girl is adorable as are the other girls... and boys!

Hope Ya'll have a great weekend!!

rachel garber said...

LOVE Paisley's hair! It looks so good on her!

Joy said...

I think Paisley looks so much older with her hair cut.

Dottie P said...

Oh my goodness, Vickie, you are so multi-talented. Paisley's haircut looks great! I can't believe how much older she looks! She must love it!

You certainly are taking in stride adding a baby to your life right after adding Phoebe. Adorable as baby girl is, I don't know another way to describe you other than SUPERMOM!

Love and hugs!


Rebecca said...

Oh my goodness... Paisley is stunning! Her new hairdo makes her look older and so so pretty. She has changed so much. It's amazing what getting her off those meds has done.
That baby is adorable!!!!

Jennifer said...

Paisley is growing too. What a beauty!

Savi said...

I love Paisley's hair short. She is a beautiful girl. :)