Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Big Family Fun

It's not too often these days that you see what we call our "Mega family."  It just makes me sad, quite frankly.

I mean, I want everyone to enjoy the fun of a large crew. I often tell people it's  not that much more to do, and it's true, if you are getting one kiddo lunch it's just as easy to get 2 kiddos lunch. And so on. 

There's a bunch of positives to having this big bunch--

I have never uttered the words "I'm lonely"-------- EVER.

They entertain one another. And if someone makes you mad, go find another sibling to play with.

They learn to cope with different people/ personalities.  I mean, where you gonna get better lessons on how different people can be, how to tolerate them, because the world is FULL of people and most all of us will have to live/work with many people.  Our kids will be well prepared for life.

There's always someone to give you a hug, you have a bad day, there's huggers here. No doubt someone will ask if you are okay and offer a hug if you want one.

It's FUN--- we are like a constant party, wherever we go. I mean, there's enough  of us to make a party out of anything:)

All kinds of things to do-- boy toys, girl toys, there's no limitation of toys and no set "boys can't play barbies, girls can't play legos."  Whatever they find fun, they play.

If I ever run out of TP in the bathroom, there's always someone handy (usually in there with me) to get me more.  

Any types of jobs that need done, can you imagine how fast it takes  with 9 people compared to one? Yep, we can clean up (or if you live around here we call it RED UP) fast and we don't waste time-- meaning our home is clean in no time. 

No one person (not even ME MOM) is stuck cleaning all the time. We have assigned dish nights for all old enough to get the dishes clean so there is no argument, everyone knows their dish night.

Same with clothes, I wash, they help fold, sort and they come get their clothes and put them away if they want clean things to wear. I tell them to strip their bed when it's their bed linen wash turn.

Now since one of the big issues is funds for this big crew, I do coupon for the big expenses of groceries. And the kids cut coupons, sort and even help in the store or at home to unload the bounty. 

I cook big, there's rarely leftovers and there's hardly EVER a night that there isn't someone who is happy with what I made for supper.

Clothes are handed down, there's no waste here.

It's fun to make people think "outside their box" --- I've gotten the question many times "Oh you have lots of kids, don't you know what causes that?"  

And this is what I say "Yep--- ADOPTION:)"  I love being able to share that we PICKED having this big ol' family, that God entrusted us with these children to raise as  the precious individuals they are. With their different needs, personalities, etc. 

I will not go to my grave feeling "I really should have had more kids. I didn't have enough love in my life. My life wasn't meaningful." No, there will be none of that.  No, I feel honored to have been blessed with this life, my children, these special children of God's.

I've become a better person, these children have stretched me, they have grown me, they have brought me sooo much closer to God, in ways I NEEDED.  

The drawbacks-- there's aren't many. We don't eat out often- not that I miss it. 

We haven't been to Disney W*rld with all of them yet, flights, hotels are expensive for a  big family.

 Ummm, I can't think of any more.  Seriously. We have fun, joy, laughs, ride the rough times together, just as God brought us together for a reason--

 to be---    


Come join in the fun---- add on to your crew if God is calling, you will be blessed:)


Rebecca said...

Love it!!!

thesleepyknitter said...

Love this post!

We read every post, as always. :-) Your ministry is not only your family, but also what you write.

Sandra Bishop said...

So enjoy reading your blog. So many of your posts are upbeat (real life, but always looking at the positives). It just makes me smile. I'm stilling getting used to the idea that I'll soon be mom to 6. Big 3 are grown and out of the house. Teen 2 (soon to be 3) are keeping me young. People think I'm crazy. I think it's like finding the fountain of youth- too much going on to think about my age!

Chris said...

The only draw back w/ my "big' family is that the 2 y.o. is lost when they all go to school. She does not know what to do without someone helping her.