Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hi there

Here I am.  Yes, I took a break from blogging. So I have been told browbeaten by MOM  to get busy here.

As if I'm not. Actually sometimes I feel God telling me to be quiet and wait. So I do, and always He is right. I needed it. Nothing big, just typical stuff for us but I needed a break. (NO MOM, I didn't go anywhere)

I just focused on the kids, worked on my patience with them. Chase has been difficult driving me nuts as of late, you know, he's 18 and knows it ALL.  Don't all 18 year olds:)  He's off to his cooking competition till tomorrow evening.

Chloe is doing well. She was such a super help for Phoebe at the dentist they asked that I bring her back next time and they will write an excuse for her too, even though it's not her appointment!  Chloe's doing indoor field hockey and loves it.

Chance has been happier lately, he is such a funny guy. He comes home every day and says "Do you need anything done." Then off he goes. He tries to do it so fast I don't have time to give him anything to do- funny, funny guy.

Paisley has kept me busy with appointments- Dental- 1 cavity. Arthritis check up- no shots, her arthritis is hurting her but she is not swelling yet, and the shots have a limited use so we don't want to do them till she must have them. 

 Changed her pain medicine and going back to physical therapy again. Heart check up- everything good, recheck in a year.

Camden was slacking on his homework and got a slip and bad grade. So we beat him (not really MOM- don't call) helped him study more and he got 100% on his last test. He went rollerskating Friday night, he doesn't get to go if grades are bad:)

Kat hasn't bawled in many, many days, it seem the green eyed monster called envy has gone bye-bye. (THANK GOD) Yesterday she even got up and got her and Phoebe moving, dressed, beds made to "surprise me" when I went down to get them up for school. I was hugely surprised, these 2 are like logs to pull out of bed most mornings and they get to sleep the longest? Go figure. 

Phoebe has also kept me busy with appointments and school issues. Figuring out the lights were too bright, sunglasses for classroom with soft hairbands on the arms to keep her ears from being sore, finding out they had put her in a kindergarten class for a short time each day and she refused to go? Of course she did. Typically ESL is taught with their peers but on their level. 

My other children are all lower than their "age" because of maturity, lack of schooling, personality, size, etc. It's something I had always been involved in the decision. When I placed Phoebe at age level it was for many reasons, her size, her personality, schooling and for Kat to be there for her.

So to take that from her and put her in a Kindergarten class was not appropriate and she refused to go. I backed her and said I wanted her taught with her regular class, they go to computer class and she gets on a preschool program while the others do their level work. And she's happy with that now.

Working out the kinks. We've also found she's a bit of trickster. She got in trouble over something and tried to say a lego that she stepped on the night before was causing her to limp-- this was the next evening after she walked fine all day.  Attention seeking stinker- ha ha. Her latest was saying her "teeth hurt" when she doesn't like a food to try to get out of eating it.

She's a smart one. We thought she really did have something hurting, and I don't doubt her gums are sore, but the complaint only comes when she doesn't want to eat a certain food.  She did have major dental work, she did SOOO well. Her teeth are a wreak, they could only do one side of her mouth as she needed so much work:(

They pulled 1 tooth and fixed 3 cavities. So she got her very first tooth fairy visit!  She was clueless since in China, they throw their teeth. Seriously, they throw them up if they are a bottom tooth, to get the new tooth to "grow up" and down if it's an upper tooth for the new tooth to "grow  down." 

We go back in 2 weeks for them to pull 2 more teeth and fix 3 more cavities. Hopefully that will be it for a while and thankfully all the teeth being pulled and fixed are all  still baby teeth. The adult teeth she does have look good so far.

The kids had a day off last week due to snow. By lunchtime the roads were clear so off we went, me and 7 kids shopping. The girls were needing Easter dresses (got them on clearance for $10). Everyone needed socks, unders, and I bought stuff on clearance for Phoebe, more thermal unders (she wears them under her clothes to school every day).  I think she may be growing as well, she seems taller. 

Phoebe is soooo stinkin' excited that she will be 9 in just 6 days. Yep, the first day of spring is her birthday. She knows there will be cake and she actually figured out that last year she got cake because we sent it to her-- she thanked me:) She wanted and got a fancy dress to wear on her big day:) As well as a tiara-our Princess girl.

The girls crack me up, Phoebe now knows the word "beautiful" and she uses it all the time.  Kat's hair is "black" and "beautiful."  So then Kat tells Phoebe HER hair is "beautiful" and her eyes, and they get silly and go through, eyes, nose, hair, teeth, ears, coats, backpacks, shoes, clothes, everything is "BEAUTIFUL."

 It warms my heart though to see her being told her looks are beautiful, she was so beaten down in China about her white hair and her eyes that she was very envious of Kat's black hair.  Now she understands the kids here love her white hair and wish they had it. It's been hard for her to get that.

She wants to grow her hair as long as Kat's.  And we told her she can, of course, we'll only cut bangs because she has to keep it out of her face to be able to see.  Her eye doctor appointment is next week. Although the school has already gotten a vision assessment started to help her get the best assistance/devices needed  for her vision as possible.  

I'm still amazed at how well she manages, she really has done well to cope with her low vision. There isn't much she CAN'T do. Her close up vision is better than her distance.  In fact, we went out and celebrated Chinese New Year at the kids favorite Chinese restaurant. And it was so funny, their reactions. 

Phoebe was speaking Chinese, of course and they said "How do you speak Chinese?" to her. And she told them-- "I'm Chinese, how do YOU speak Chinese?"  We laughed and laughed.(With her MOM not AT her)  She couldn't see them to know the servers were ALL Chinese. Chloe told me later Phoebe didn't realize it was a Chinese restaurant.

Needless to say they were amazed to see a blondie China girl, something new to them.  I didn't mind them because they weren't being rude at all, just curious. 

Now, the cashier when we were shopping, there's a different story. He was staring at her and the other kids, then said "I guess it's good it's not sunny out so you could bring HER out."  I was in a kind mood (shopping with 7 kids, go figure on that one) but I just said "No, actually we throw sunglasses on her and bring her out any ol' time."

Otherwise most people don't seem to realize she is Asian, they just "love" her towhead.  And I say "Born with it. So blessed." And let it go with that.

Phoebe is learning more and more English, we have had fewer problems understanding her, although she still rattles off at all the teens in Chinese. They still are not allowed to answer her in Chinese unless I say so, we have tried to allow it a few times but she is one stubborn girl and will immediately go to the teens for everything and refuse to listen to us at all. Only when they do not answer her will she come to us like she should.

 So we do what we see best and encourage the English because that is progress in all areas, speaking, learning, family, church, etc. We get the "good night, love-ahh you" in English now every night, along with big hugs and kisses.  Today is exactly 2 months since I got her and the difference is AMAZING. Just a total gift from God.

What else has been going on? Well, no colds, no swooshing, although there was that gross incident in the mall, Paisley didn't listen to the doctor who told her to take her new pain med with FOOD. So she got dizzy the next day and twice got pale and clammy on me. I got her orange juice and she said she felt better. As we went to leave (after Phoebe got to meet the Easter Bunny)  she stopped dead in her tracks with her hand over her mouth.

I called for Chance to pick her up and run- which he did, straight to the trash can about 30 feet away. She so kindly held it (he thanked her for not barfing on his coat) till he got her there. He hauled BUTT, it was funny because she looked like a doll he was carrying. 

Never a dull moment with MY kids. Nope, no such thing. Dull moments, ha ha ha ha ha. Don't know 'em, haven't heard of 'em. Wouldn't change it for the world either:)


Anita Shields said...

glad your back blogging, was missing not hearing anything!!! Love the pictures too!!!

Rebecca said...

Great update! I'm so glad you're doing so well! I still have a little something I'm mailing to you... Gotta do that today!

Dottie P said...

Boy, did I miss your updates, but I can't imagine how busy you must be with work on top of everything else! I cannot believe the school was wanting to put Phoebe in kindergarten; what a spunky, self-confident girl she must be to refuse! That is one thing they would never do in ESL here; you were so right to hold your ground on that. Glad things are going well; I praise God for your hard work that makes that happen!

Kathleen Wells said...

I can't believe anyone would ever tell Phoebe she WASN'T beautiful! I'm new to your blog & have been reading back, and all I can think on every post is, "Wow, Phoebe is STUNNING!" Of course, the pure joy that appears to radiate out of her probably colours my vision a lot.

Kathleen Wells said...

I can't believe anyone would ever tell Phoebe she WASN'T beautiful! I'm new to your blog & have been reading back, and all I can think on every post is, "Wow, Phoebe is STUNNING!" Of course, the pure joy that appears to radiate out of her probably colours my vision a lot.