Saturday, March 30, 2013


It seems spring finally has come. Yep, our day started with sun, warmth, more sun and some eggs.

Eggs? Egg hunting, that is. After a few rounds of practice for the Easter program tomorrow for Kat. Lots of eggs, we were amazed at how well Phoebe was able to manage to find them.  Her only disappointment? She couldn't KEEP the plastic egg?  Not sure why she wanted them but she did.  All 3, Camden, Kat and Phoebe won a bigger prize in their eggs as well.

No time to waste the gorgeous sunlight, so you get little talk today, lots of pictures, egg finding, outside play and our egg coloring.

Now just so you know (MOM), Chance did NOT eat the wasp. He's our joker guy. Just avoiding the phone call I was sure to get if I did not clarify that. The kids played basketball, lifted weights, rode the rip stick, pogo stick, some just soaked in the warmth of the sun.  So thankful for this spring day--  loads of fun around here.

 Enjoy your Easter everyone and know that God gave His Son to die for our sins and He rose from the dead. AMAZING LOVE for us, all for us-- and what Easter is all about.


Malaree said...

Whenever you need a laugh you can always count on Chance!

thesleepyknitter said...

Fun pictures! Happy Easter, Blessed Resurrection Day!