Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A need

There's a need. A little girl. As cute as can be.  You see, she's got a family that loves her, can't wait to get her home. (MOM it is not us, do not have a heart attack)

God called them and they said "YES! WE WILL."  And He is needing us to share this. Share the joy, share the load, share our love for the orphan, share ourselves. Our time, our money. Prayers, donations. We must back this family as God calls us to do. 

It's no one "else's" problem. It's OURS. God's people. As we love HIM, we show HIS love through our prayers, our love, our commitment to Him and what He wants us to do.  

If you can, if you will, PLEASE help get this precious little one home to her family, stepping out in faith to bring home a 3rd child in 3 years. Such a blessing to have people who love and go forward to get ONE LESS ORPHAN called a DAUGHTER forever more.

Please, I ask you to kindly click here--

 Get Gloria HOME 

 and let's do just  that--- get this sweet little girly HOME.  

This family was one of MANY that stepped up for us, asked for nothing but to let them help us bring Phoebe home. It's such an honor to help them now, because every time any of us are able to help- if it's donating, praying, spreading the word to others-- that means we are honoring God's Word. 

And it also means WE, you and me, get to be a part of something soooo special and incredible, to see a child become a loved and cherished member of a family. Nothing you can purchase anywhere can make you feel any better than that. This is an investment in a LIFE:) 

One that will be taught about God and grow to know Him.  Doesn't get any better than that! So go on, don't be shy, don't wait-- go on now:)))

I'll update on our crew soon, we are all fine, just busy. I know, you can't imagine (MOM) what could be keeping me soooo busy. Not those 7 treasures of mine, no, they are a BREEZE to care for daily, I mean, I sit around eating bon bons all day, don't ya know. (NO, I don't MOM)

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Tammy said... are an Angel girl with a beautiful heart!!! Thank you
Blessings Tamnmy