Sunday, March 31, 2013

First Family Picture

Happy Easter everyone from our family to yours---


Saturday, March 30, 2013


It seems spring finally has come. Yep, our day started with sun, warmth, more sun and some eggs.

Eggs? Egg hunting, that is. After a few rounds of practice for the Easter program tomorrow for Kat. Lots of eggs, we were amazed at how well Phoebe was able to manage to find them.  Her only disappointment? She couldn't KEEP the plastic egg?  Not sure why she wanted them but she did.  All 3, Camden, Kat and Phoebe won a bigger prize in their eggs as well.

No time to waste the gorgeous sunlight, so you get little talk today, lots of pictures, egg finding, outside play and our egg coloring.

Now just so you know (MOM), Chance did NOT eat the wasp. He's our joker guy. Just avoiding the phone call I was sure to get if I did not clarify that. The kids played basketball, lifted weights, rode the rip stick, pogo stick, some just soaked in the warmth of the sun.  So thankful for this spring day--  loads of fun around here.

 Enjoy your Easter everyone and know that God gave His Son to die for our sins and He rose from the dead. AMAZING LOVE for us, all for us-- and what Easter is all about.

Monday, March 25, 2013


The calendar says it's SPRING. 

Some rodent said it was coming- I vote we hurt the little rodent named Phil.  After all he was wrong, very, very wrong. Shame on him. Getting us all thinking it wouldn't look like this out-----

Yep. That's our world this morning AGAIN.  School cancelled for the day.  IEP meeting for Phoebe, rescheduled. Dentist office to fix her remaining bad teeth, closed. Have to go tomorrow.  Good thing because I wasn't looking forward to trying to get out in this fluffy (although beautiful) stuff. 'Cause it's still coming down.

Now I have not given up hope that spring is, indeed, coming at some point because before this snow I saw the beginnings of my tiger lily plant coming up:)) So there IS hope that SPRING is gonna find it's way here.

What have we been up to? Well, Phoebe has shown us her birthday gifts over and over, let's just say the F*rby gift was less than bright on our part-- why? Well, the little booger burps, pretends to vomit, he speaks a weird, unknown-to-anyone-language that Phoebe is now repeating. Oops. Not good. Bad enough we need her to learn English but Furbyish? OIY.   

I worked Friday night, slept 2 1/2 hrs and went off to the eye doctor. Not Phoebe this time. Camden, who will be the "not so proud" owner of glasses when they are done this week. 

 And Chloe, who I had to drag in- even though she does NOT have to wear her glasses.

 Her eyes are no worse, which was my main concern, and her glasses give her headaches, so she has doc approval to go without the glasses.

She wanted us to "not care" and not take her to the exam.  Not gonna happen daughter o' mine. Even if you don't like it.

  She was even able to smile afterwards, not so for Camden:(

The staff  at the eye clinic were funny, dad was working so I went with all 7 kids. They thought ALL of the kids had appointments- ha ha. I told them I never do that to any office.

 We did have fun when the Easter Bunny came through, Phoebe wanted to keep the Easter Bunny to "play" she doesn't realize  bunny isn't REAL.  Very cute though:)

Then later in the day Dad and I, you are reading this right----- WENT ON A DATE. Now, let me tell you, we haven't done this in a year. GASP. A year?

 Yeah, time flies. I can't say "when we are having fun" because we felt kinda battered by some of the teens this week. 

So we needed the time away. We enjoyed a nice supper (I had a coupon for it MOM) and we did a little shopping, forgetting/not getting what we went for. Is that maybe an excuse to do it again?-- he he he he.  

Derrik came and babysat.  He even survived all 7 of them (MOM). He didn't even call or text once. The house was still standing and he was NOT tied up and beaten when we got home. Dishes were even washed!  I think we should do that more often maybe?

One thing I did buy  was this and was exclaiming how much I adored it because, well look at it, it's ALMOST as cute as our girls----

AND I was so tickled to have our cashier say "Hey, I want to adopt!!"  WHOOO HOOOO. I love to hear that. And I gave her lots of info, so she can get to it!  Kids are waiting. Let's get 'em HOME.  With a mom, a dad, wanted, loved, CHOSEN.  I wanna hear from you, I believe her name was Jessica?  

And trust me when I tell you homegrown, adopted, there's not a bit of difference in how you feel, your love, they are your CHILD. I'm a momma of many, of foster, step, adopted, bio,  ALL children of my heart that I love. Would do anything for them.  

Including tackling making a quilt out of this adorable fabric?  Gonna try. Not showing you all my end results unless it's very good- ha ha.

So as no week seems to be without incident, no, that would be wayyyyy too boring (have I mentioned I like BORING?)  We learned our children are up to no good at school. Humm. 

Those older teens, choosing not to go to classes that they were supposed to be in, being rude to ESL teacher and other kids, the list goes on.

We have to tell certain ones that we are NOT here to learn how to be orphans from them, they are here to learn how to be a part of this family. They bring behaviors that are great to make it in an orphanage, not so hot in a family.

Some of the orphanage behaviors are really, really tough to get an older child to overcome. The competition aspect is a huge one. The manipulation to get what they want is another big one for our teens at times.  And  sometimes they are just being a  typical teen- for sure-- because they ARE teens.  Working thorough, figuring out where things are coming from is not fun but needed for their emotional growth. 

It seems  that the ease at which Phoebe has come in to this family has been hard on the teens who struggle.  It's hard for them to see her accept everything so easily when they struggle with their life.  Just today I had a talk with Paisley who said she never wanted to leave China:(

And I told her as I've told Chase, they are allowed to feel that way. For sure. Because they did agree to be adopted but they were essentially clueless as to how hard it was gonna be. 

So since there is no going back at this point they must decide what to do about it. Will they decide to be miserable, pouting, crying, unhappy. Or will they try to make things as best they can, work on learning English, make friends, make their way here with our support, help and love.

It's hard when you want to fix all these things for our children. I mean, we love them so much. But honestly only THEY can choose to do what they need or not. We will still be here for them we just have to watch them hinder themselves which is hard to accept. 

Sometimes it seems like all we can do is love them as God wants us to and wait for them. And patience has not been a strong suit of mine.

Growing and stretching and I'm not talking about the kids:) I'm talking about me, needing God to get through therefore growing with Him as He strengthens me and keeps me going when it seems an impossible task at times.

Celebrating the little things, as hard as Phoebe's easy adjustment has been for some, it's also been a way to show the tougher ones how easy it is to hug us, to show love, acceptance of their life here, thankfulness for everything. (We do not expect them to gushingly thank us for everything but to show respect for us is expected.)

 Because the teens know we have done/do the same for them we are doing for her. And Miss Sunshine thanks us for fixing her teeth, eye exams, groceries, any new clothes, it's really sweet, although, again, not necessary but it sure is easier to want to do things for someone who is so appreciative compared to people who don't show respect, let alone say thanks or be kind when helped.

Phoebe easily accept and loves them as her brothers and sisters.  No one is immune, nor should they be.  She trust and expects she will be cared for, and she will, but she is also thankful and kind when helped. A good example for certain ones who can't get a "do over" in life and are now seeing some areas where they are still lacking skills. 

We were surprised when Chance took a turn at the misbehaving, usually he is fairly easy-going.  Although once we had a talk with him he came and apologized and hugged me.  They have such precious hearts, they really do. It's hard to be "tough" on them at time but they don't have a whole lot of time to get this and they all have been home long enough to realize there are certain behaviors that are okay and ones that are not and they are choosing which to do.

But speaking of  very precious hearts makes me think of  Kat, who had a small relapse of the green eyed monster called ENVY-- over Phoebe's birthday last week but otherwise has found her way to be a wonderful, caring and helpful sister.  

She has been terrific in school and at home. Phewww. Such a relief and God provided help for her to find peace with this new sister.  No crying spells, no claiming she is not as "loved " AS IF.  Silly, silly girl.  

They went out in this late snow and made this snowman together.  He's got Kat's ear muff's on, because every snowman has cold ears, don't ya know? 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Oh goodness. Someone here is 9 years old today.  WHO? Phoebe, that's who.  

Talk about E-X-C-I-T-E-D.  I was informed I could start her day by singing her awake (I usually do this for the 2 youngest) with the birthday song.

So I did:) Then she got her Princess Phoebe dress on, even braving the COLDDDDD, of just leggings, oh my.  One birthday button later and a not-too-happy- Phoebe because Camden broke her plastic tiara last night before she even got to wear it,  (he said it fell and was an accident MOM) a big bow flower made her feel better and she was ready to start her day.

She had cupcakes to take to school and I let her open one gift this morning. She loves her new doll, looks like her with short hair AND a tiara:)

I picked her up at 10 and off we went with Chloe to the eye doctor. Yep, I did. Because this was the soonest appointment we could get and her eye issues are so important. They needed Chloe for translation help to make sure of what she could see. 

Well.  It wasn't so good. Although not unexpected. She is very nearsighted. She needs glasses. We are going with transition lens to give her sun protection. They will be ready in 2 weeks. 

Till then we continue sunglasses and we hope and pray that the glasses help improve her vision. She may be able to have her brain work to help her vision some, or it may not be able to improve much at all.

Doctor said cut off is usually 10 for the brain to not be able to work on vision any longer. So we are close to that but not there yet. The 8 week check up will tell us more:)

She did really well once she got over the fear that each thing done to her was gonna be what those awful children in her orphanage told her- that we would have her eyes cut out-grrrr. The doctor was soooo good with her to assure her he would not hurt her in any way.  

She's a little freaked out her pupils are still dilated, she doesn't understand where her "blue" in her eyes went:)  We told her they will be normal soon.

Next we had supper, she is off to church, then her party will begin. We invited friends, including a teen girl at church that Phoebe ADORES. She actually thought church was "Jenna's house" at first, she only remembered Jenna at church. 

She said her first sentence in English today "Momma, Phoebe is very happy today."  She is happy often, so this was no surprise but sweet to hear. 

She is smart enough she let everyone know she expects presents from them today, too funny when this is the very first birthday party she has ever had. I don't think she will be disappointed.

A great day for this very newly 9 year old girl:) Happy Birthday Princess Phoebe, you are sooo very loved.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

How do we?

I've been chattin' with a friend, a fellow adoptive mom who has the same burden on her heart as I do. Older children.

We want to see them ALL get homes. BUT--------- and this is a biggie---- HOW do we advocate for them while trying to prepare people for what differences, the difficulties without driving people away from even considering an older child adoption?

Because there is lots of fun, love, enjoyment, positives adopting older. And there is not one simple answer as to what family is a "perfect" fit for a child that you are reading a slim, and I mean slim, file on.

Some behaviors that are manageable for some families are completely unacceptable for others. HOW DO YOU KNOW?

I'm going to give some simple things that most all see with their older children so you can pretty much bank on these behaviors--

Rough play- especially if from an orphanage- the quickest, toughest get the most in an orphanage setting.  This equates to rough play, rough grabbing, rough on things, lack of respect of personal items, they tend to touch EVERYTHING. It takes time to get this worked on with a new child.

Loud-- again, this gets attention the quickest, no one teaches "quiet" in an orphanage setting.

Rude (to us)-- they eat with their mouth open, they slurp, they do not use toilet paper, and when they do they throw it in the trash can. They spit, pass gas, throw food waste on the table. These are all proper CHINESE behaviors, not so cute to all of us. 

No Personal Space-- They do not understand PERSONAL space. As in-- they are up your butt, when they want to see something they will push you, brother, sister, whoever out of the way to see. Clarification here -- they NEED this closeness, it's super to use to build a bond. Over time you can work on them learning people here expect personal space. If this is a huge pet peeve of yours you will have to endure this for at least a little bit (months not weeks) or risk alienating child for good.

 The lack of personal space also shows up in them in having little respect for things, sister's things, fair game. Your things, kiddo wants them, they take them. No concern for "stealing" because they wanted it, they think it's okay for them to have it.

Siblings-  These kids only know they have had serious competition for food, love, attention, toys, space, clothes, everything in their lives. 

So you bring "Johnny" home thinking "Mikey" who is also adopted but 3 years ago will be a PERFECT fit as they are only 2 years apart.  You have Johnny who comes and sees Mikey as-------- (pick one)

1. Great, I got a playmate, how fun!  

2. Dude was already here, he's got one up on me already, I gotta fight to get ahead of him as  I am already low man and behind!!

Most of the time, even if it's a short time, you get #TWO.  Yep, NOT thrilled to see a sibling in the home already, and this can go for girls, boys, girl and boy, younger , older, etc. Any combo may not go well.

And this also means from the time you get them they are looking at everything you get/have for them compared to siblings, sometimes even comparing what YOU, the parent have. One more M &M for Mikey than Johnny? "Oh, you don't love HIM as much?" (I kid you not, mine STILL TRY to do this here sometimes)

Maturity- these kids are very delayed socially. So the kiddo you adopted, Johnny who is 13 and only 6 months younger than Mikey who is 14 and you picture as the best of friends, throwing football in the yard--they may very well NEVER get along.

 Johnny is likely going to be closer to 10-11 AT BEST even for years to come, meaning he may be annoying to Mikey, will not be able to play with Johnny, and Johnny can find nothing in common with Mikey. He's even ANNOYING to Mikey, will not respect Mikey's things. Is Mikey going to flip out if "his" things are touched?

Often the kids from orphanage care are so used to routine and being told what to do when they can't entertain themselves. They expect you to tell them what to do and how to do each and every thing. It's TIME consuming. They also may need to be watched closely for safety reasons with siblings for awhile.

Now some things you *MIGHT* see and you might not.....

Game playing- this goes into a few different directions. 

Internet, child may come with an amazing ability to figure out how to get around blocked internet access. And they usually don't do this to watch cartoons. They are contacting people, sometimes no one THEY even know, giving out your info, and you may find out when they come and ask for a credit card or password, because they don't understand the dangers out there. Sometimes the "love of all things China, wanting to stay IN CHINA as much as possible" factors into this with their lack of common sense:(

Also this shows in game playing with others, some can not tolerate playing board games, card games, anything they "LOSE" at. Because when you are in survival mode losing is NOT GOOD. So even an innocent game between siblings can set off a child if they lose.

Anger-Many times once the honeymoon of your adoption trip is over, sometimes even before that with older kids, you will have an angry, sullen,  teen on your hands. They *may* break things on purpose. They may hit siblings on purpose. They refuse to talk. Refuse to eat. Refuse to listen. Pretend not to understand (for a LONG time).  Now-- much of this IS teenagers, and even though your child acts 5 years old sometimes, they are indeed a teen with all the hormones, feelings and beliefs of a teen.

This also shows up in refusal to learn English "It's too hard" and pretending not to understand to get out of listening to parents. Pretty much EVERY child doesn't really know what it means to get parents/ family. Even if they think they want it. 

It's a shock what all is involved and there's no going back. Some take this really well and embrace it well. Others are mad, hurt, don't want it after all and it's a tough road to parent one of these kids.

 Some teens, as well will refuse to be respectful/ interact with mom or dad or even one sibling. Everyone in the family must be prepared well for this and it dealt with AS A FAMILY- dad can not blame MOM if teen refuses to talk/ listen to mom or parents have to listen when Mikey says Johnny is rude and won't speak to him for days over a minor incident.

 It's teaching of relationships which can be tough to get through to a teen. And "normal" punishments do not work with these teens, often they will wait the time of punishment out and go right back to it.They often feel they are justified in their behavior because they know they are "RIGHT." 

You have to be willing to strip them of all things  until they change their behaviors(down to basics) and not feel "sorry" for them because it may be the only way to get through to them. It's not always FUN, it's TOUGH but done to teach, not demean.  Someone (MOM) told asked me to clarify this-- this is NOT helpful in the beginning, I do not recommend it for the first year or for any minor behaviors. This is for a tough teen,  later on when they have a good bond/communication skills and are not willing to respect or behave when they certainly know how/why you want them to.

Fear-If they displease someone will you take them back. Sadly some kids are even told this in China:(  They don't get what forever means, they may go overboard trying to please you or "hide" away in any way they can to avoid getting in trouble. And when you do have to address something with them they take it very personally aka poorly.

School issues-You will need to have some type of plan in place for schooling. If you home school, great (You are a better woman than me) but you will be looking at preschool work with all of them usually. Even when they come with "they were learning English." Uh, we are talking "Hello" and "Bye". 

 They often have HUGE GAPS in their learning- expect this.  So you need to know if you will keep child at home to learn for awhile, send to school soon and have an idea of what schools in your area provide. 

Often school will tell you your child must be place at their grade level. This *might* be fine for a 8-9-10 year old. 14? No, usually not. They need more time to learn, will take longer to learn.

 Once you hit 12 and you have learned Chinese you will not be losing your Chinese, you will be adding English to it. For them this means--- they hear English,  it goes to brain, brain computes to Chinese, response is formed in Chinese, translated in brain to English then comes out in English. SEE how much harder that is?

Schools won't tell you there is NO LAW saying you must place your child at age level, they will tell you it's their "rule." We had to fight this with the first 3 to get them lower where we felt they belonged and then had to adjust as needed (moved Chase up to High school at half the year) and be involved in what's best/how your child is handling schooling.

This also means, your teen will be graduating/ home later so if that's an issue be aware. And if they have any  learning difficulties or refused to learn they might  not make it to go to college, but will need a job training type of schooling to become an independent worker as an adult.

Bonding-Kiddos in China are not hugged, are not told they are loved, not kissed. This can be very uncomfortable for them. We used fun things to introduce this, high fives, a pat on the shoulder, playing with a ponytail of hair. 

 As well, we had them call us mom and dad right away (after Chloe) because we learned with Chloe that if we didn't do that they would call us NOTHING-- talk about uncomfortable?? Chloe would stand in front of me, wanting something but would never call me "MOM" to get my attention. (Thank goodness when the boys came calling us mom and dad she was jealous and started calling us mom and dad:) 

Food-Some will eat and eat. Count out every bean on the plate compared to brothers. Will make themselves sick to eat as much as possible. Because they don't get that there WILL be a next meal. And next. Usually this reduces with time.

Empathy-This is a tough one. We have had it with ALL of our teens. They have compassion. They would give someone in need the shirt off their backs. BUT take a sibling who falls down, new teen will often stand there and LAUGH. Seriously, they laugh. Make fun. 

 This falls under "I'm better than you because I didn't fall therefore I survive."  There is NO empathy taught in an orphanage setting. This can also be something a teen uses when in trouble, they SMILE. This is a nervous reaction and does NOT mean what it means to us. Empathy CAN be taught but it's harder at this later age.

Religion-Our kids were taught evolution in China and in school here. We offer God, church, our beliefs. But as we have to accept or decline God's love, our adopted teens will and do argue about what to believe. We let them accept God when they are ready, same as our homegrown kiddos:) We do take them to church and expect respectful behavior. They do not have to sing or participate unless they want to but  they do have to sit quietly.

Friends-You may need to be prepared to "help" an adopted teen have a friend. Often they don't even know how to BE a friend, so if you can get a child a few years younger from church, or pair them up in school with a caring child, a sibling around the same maturity age works too, if nothing else, but most teens want to have friends and often kids of their ages are already in "friend clicks" and have a harder time being accepted.

I'm gonna put a special note in here as well. If you do get  a teen that's really, really tough--- will you be able to go to/afford counseling, take time from the other kids to address issues, take off work? Take a child out of control to a mental ward?  Re home if that's what it takes to help your child "make it"?  It *COULD* be your life, it DOES happen, although not to many, it's better to be prepared if this happens than to be slammed.

Now if you are still hanging around and thinking, yep, I knew that, I got it, I'm not scared, I'm ready, God has called us and we are gonna do it-- then WHOO HOOO. You are getting there.

And you deserve to know that with an adoption of an older child comes many joys--

No diapers anywhere:)

Watching them learn fast forward, it's just fun. To see things come to them and to be able to laugh with them. 

The joy of seeing them "GET" what family is. To see you back them, be proud of them, introduce them as your SON, DAUGHTER.  To celebrate their learning, their growth, learning their personality. To see something as little as frozen cauliflower  you are buying make them squeal with happiness:)

Independence- they can toilet alone, usually shower alone once you teach what is shampoo/conditioner/ deodorant are for.(remember we found deo in the shower when the boys first came and wondered what they did with it in there?) 

They excel at sports, our kids' orphanage time taught them how to be aggressive in sports and they play HARD. And well. No hesitation when told "go out there and get 'em."

Accomplishments in school/ sports/ any area mean a TON to them, it's so cool to see them SHINE. Look at this SHINE------

He won 2nd place in the culinary art competition in Silver Springs. He spoke to me telling me all about it. He then said this was his best day ever and told me to "Have a great day." I think he said more to me telling me all about the competition than he has spoken in 3 weeks.  Some days I barely get a "Hi." 

Yep, he's a tough one. But still MY SON. Wouldn't change that for anything. Drives me nuts sometimes, but I still love him. God sent. Hard to see him keep himself back by the things he has done but celebrating the steps he does make:) And this was a big one.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, beats seeing them accept God in to their hearts. To see them grow in love, to accept they are worthy of love. 

To watch them grow in size because they have enough food. To have them healthy, teeth  left to rot and the kids don't even whisper a word of pain-- fixed and healthy. Any medical issues cared for, helped as much as possible with good care, medicines. 

To find things they like and are soooo meant for your family. Families who are in to music, music lovin' kids, dance, sports, whatever, God certainly makes PERFECT fits.

Real hugs. Hearing "MOMMMMMM" or DADDDDDD" because they need something or want to tell you something.

Realizing although it might not have been the trip you thought it would be, the path you expected, it was harder or even easier that you thought-- they are YOUR SON, YOUR DAUGHTER and you love them beyond measure. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hi there

Here I am.  Yes, I took a break from blogging. So I have been told browbeaten by MOM  to get busy here.

As if I'm not. Actually sometimes I feel God telling me to be quiet and wait. So I do, and always He is right. I needed it. Nothing big, just typical stuff for us but I needed a break. (NO MOM, I didn't go anywhere)

I just focused on the kids, worked on my patience with them. Chase has been difficult driving me nuts as of late, you know, he's 18 and knows it ALL.  Don't all 18 year olds:)  He's off to his cooking competition till tomorrow evening.

Chloe is doing well. She was such a super help for Phoebe at the dentist they asked that I bring her back next time and they will write an excuse for her too, even though it's not her appointment!  Chloe's doing indoor field hockey and loves it.

Chance has been happier lately, he is such a funny guy. He comes home every day and says "Do you need anything done." Then off he goes. He tries to do it so fast I don't have time to give him anything to do- funny, funny guy.

Paisley has kept me busy with appointments- Dental- 1 cavity. Arthritis check up- no shots, her arthritis is hurting her but she is not swelling yet, and the shots have a limited use so we don't want to do them till she must have them. 

 Changed her pain medicine and going back to physical therapy again. Heart check up- everything good, recheck in a year.

Camden was slacking on his homework and got a slip and bad grade. So we beat him (not really MOM- don't call) helped him study more and he got 100% on his last test. He went rollerskating Friday night, he doesn't get to go if grades are bad:)

Kat hasn't bawled in many, many days, it seem the green eyed monster called envy has gone bye-bye. (THANK GOD) Yesterday she even got up and got her and Phoebe moving, dressed, beds made to "surprise me" when I went down to get them up for school. I was hugely surprised, these 2 are like logs to pull out of bed most mornings and they get to sleep the longest? Go figure. 

Phoebe has also kept me busy with appointments and school issues. Figuring out the lights were too bright, sunglasses for classroom with soft hairbands on the arms to keep her ears from being sore, finding out they had put her in a kindergarten class for a short time each day and she refused to go? Of course she did. Typically ESL is taught with their peers but on their level. 

My other children are all lower than their "age" because of maturity, lack of schooling, personality, size, etc. It's something I had always been involved in the decision. When I placed Phoebe at age level it was for many reasons, her size, her personality, schooling and for Kat to be there for her.

So to take that from her and put her in a Kindergarten class was not appropriate and she refused to go. I backed her and said I wanted her taught with her regular class, they go to computer class and she gets on a preschool program while the others do their level work. And she's happy with that now.

Working out the kinks. We've also found she's a bit of trickster. She got in trouble over something and tried to say a lego that she stepped on the night before was causing her to limp-- this was the next evening after she walked fine all day.  Attention seeking stinker- ha ha. Her latest was saying her "teeth hurt" when she doesn't like a food to try to get out of eating it.

She's a smart one. We thought she really did have something hurting, and I don't doubt her gums are sore, but the complaint only comes when she doesn't want to eat a certain food.  She did have major dental work, she did SOOO well. Her teeth are a wreak, they could only do one side of her mouth as she needed so much work:(

They pulled 1 tooth and fixed 3 cavities. So she got her very first tooth fairy visit!  She was clueless since in China, they throw their teeth. Seriously, they throw them up if they are a bottom tooth, to get the new tooth to "grow up" and down if it's an upper tooth for the new tooth to "grow  down." 

We go back in 2 weeks for them to pull 2 more teeth and fix 3 more cavities. Hopefully that will be it for a while and thankfully all the teeth being pulled and fixed are all  still baby teeth. The adult teeth she does have look good so far.

The kids had a day off last week due to snow. By lunchtime the roads were clear so off we went, me and 7 kids shopping. The girls were needing Easter dresses (got them on clearance for $10). Everyone needed socks, unders, and I bought stuff on clearance for Phoebe, more thermal unders (she wears them under her clothes to school every day).  I think she may be growing as well, she seems taller. 

Phoebe is soooo stinkin' excited that she will be 9 in just 6 days. Yep, the first day of spring is her birthday. She knows there will be cake and she actually figured out that last year she got cake because we sent it to her-- she thanked me:) She wanted and got a fancy dress to wear on her big day:) As well as a tiara-our Princess girl.

The girls crack me up, Phoebe now knows the word "beautiful" and she uses it all the time.  Kat's hair is "black" and "beautiful."  So then Kat tells Phoebe HER hair is "beautiful" and her eyes, and they get silly and go through, eyes, nose, hair, teeth, ears, coats, backpacks, shoes, clothes, everything is "BEAUTIFUL."

 It warms my heart though to see her being told her looks are beautiful, she was so beaten down in China about her white hair and her eyes that she was very envious of Kat's black hair.  Now she understands the kids here love her white hair and wish they had it. It's been hard for her to get that.

She wants to grow her hair as long as Kat's.  And we told her she can, of course, we'll only cut bangs because she has to keep it out of her face to be able to see.  Her eye doctor appointment is next week. Although the school has already gotten a vision assessment started to help her get the best assistance/devices needed  for her vision as possible.  

I'm still amazed at how well she manages, she really has done well to cope with her low vision. There isn't much she CAN'T do. Her close up vision is better than her distance.  In fact, we went out and celebrated Chinese New Year at the kids favorite Chinese restaurant. And it was so funny, their reactions. 

Phoebe was speaking Chinese, of course and they said "How do you speak Chinese?" to her. And she told them-- "I'm Chinese, how do YOU speak Chinese?"  We laughed and laughed.(With her MOM not AT her)  She couldn't see them to know the servers were ALL Chinese. Chloe told me later Phoebe didn't realize it was a Chinese restaurant.

Needless to say they were amazed to see a blondie China girl, something new to them.  I didn't mind them because they weren't being rude at all, just curious. 

Now, the cashier when we were shopping, there's a different story. He was staring at her and the other kids, then said "I guess it's good it's not sunny out so you could bring HER out."  I was in a kind mood (shopping with 7 kids, go figure on that one) but I just said "No, actually we throw sunglasses on her and bring her out any ol' time."

Otherwise most people don't seem to realize she is Asian, they just "love" her towhead.  And I say "Born with it. So blessed." And let it go with that.

Phoebe is learning more and more English, we have had fewer problems understanding her, although she still rattles off at all the teens in Chinese. They still are not allowed to answer her in Chinese unless I say so, we have tried to allow it a few times but she is one stubborn girl and will immediately go to the teens for everything and refuse to listen to us at all. Only when they do not answer her will she come to us like she should.

 So we do what we see best and encourage the English because that is progress in all areas, speaking, learning, family, church, etc. We get the "good night, love-ahh you" in English now every night, along with big hugs and kisses.  Today is exactly 2 months since I got her and the difference is AMAZING. Just a total gift from God.

What else has been going on? Well, no colds, no swooshing, although there was that gross incident in the mall, Paisley didn't listen to the doctor who told her to take her new pain med with FOOD. So she got dizzy the next day and twice got pale and clammy on me. I got her orange juice and she said she felt better. As we went to leave (after Phoebe got to meet the Easter Bunny)  she stopped dead in her tracks with her hand over her mouth.

I called for Chance to pick her up and run- which he did, straight to the trash can about 30 feet away. She so kindly held it (he thanked her for not barfing on his coat) till he got her there. He hauled BUTT, it was funny because she looked like a doll he was carrying. 

Never a dull moment with MY kids. Nope, no such thing. Dull moments, ha ha ha ha ha. Don't know 'em, haven't heard of 'em. Wouldn't change it for the world either:)

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A need

There's a need. A little girl. As cute as can be.  You see, she's got a family that loves her, can't wait to get her home. (MOM it is not us, do not have a heart attack)

God called them and they said "YES! WE WILL."  And He is needing us to share this. Share the joy, share the load, share our love for the orphan, share ourselves. Our time, our money. Prayers, donations. We must back this family as God calls us to do. 

It's no one "else's" problem. It's OURS. God's people. As we love HIM, we show HIS love through our prayers, our love, our commitment to Him and what He wants us to do.  

If you can, if you will, PLEASE help get this precious little one home to her family, stepping out in faith to bring home a 3rd child in 3 years. Such a blessing to have people who love and go forward to get ONE LESS ORPHAN called a DAUGHTER forever more.

Please, I ask you to kindly click here--

 Get Gloria HOME 

 and let's do just  that--- get this sweet little girly HOME.  

This family was one of MANY that stepped up for us, asked for nothing but to let them help us bring Phoebe home. It's such an honor to help them now, because every time any of us are able to help- if it's donating, praying, spreading the word to others-- that means we are honoring God's Word. 

And it also means WE, you and me, get to be a part of something soooo special and incredible, to see a child become a loved and cherished member of a family. Nothing you can purchase anywhere can make you feel any better than that. This is an investment in a LIFE:) 

One that will be taught about God and grow to know Him.  Doesn't get any better than that! So go on, don't be shy, don't wait-- go on now:)))

I'll update on our crew soon, we are all fine, just busy. I know, you can't imagine (MOM) what could be keeping me soooo busy. Not those 7 treasures of mine, no, they are a BREEZE to care for daily, I mean, I sit around eating bon bons all day, don't ya know. (NO, I don't MOM)