Saturday, February 9, 2013

Those girls

What can I say? My life is a whirlwind of girly things. I'm just lovin' it. Hair bows, earrings, braids, cute clothes.

I mean, such FUN. I love, love LOVE all my girls:)

Someone decided she HAD to have earrings like her sisters. Yep, Princess Phoebe now sports pierced ears. 

Funny thing is, I took earrings and a piercing gun to China for her, thinking she'd want it done. Nope, no, thank you, she said, MAYBE when she was older.

Well, not even home a week and seeing Kat, Paisley, Chloe and me, as well as a few brothers with 1 earring, she HAD TO HAVE earrings. So she's got them. 

She also is wanting longer hair, not that we can remedy that any time soon.  She has marveled over Kat's super long hair.

She has also asked for black hair, to which I told her  that I love, love LOVE her white hair. And the kids told her they have white hairs, Chloe, Chase and Chance have all had random white hairs in their black hair.

 And they pointed out their mother has white hairs, much to this mama's dismay.

Other things those girls have said-- Chloe is totally set on adopting from China. She wants ME to do all her paperwork (gee, thanks Chloe) and she wanted to know if she could adopt 10 at once? 

Gosh, I guess when you know the need, have lived the need, you get a bit outrageous. But bless her heart, it's in the right place:)

Kat was so funny when I was reading a blog of 2 adopted girlies from China and she said "How come that family only has 2 adopted kids, tell them to get busy, we have 6." 

 I'm not going to share the blog so if you have two adopted treasures from China, Miss Kitty *could* be watching you.  YOU-ARE-IN-DEEP-DO-DO.

 Trust me when I say you do not want Miss Kitty (aka the Asian terror) staring at you while you sleep. (She hasn't done this to us in a while, thank God- talk about freaking you out)

Phoebe has been a total delight, she has caught on to so many things, she's very bright. I taught her to write her name while we waited for our consulate appointment, yeah, over 2 weeks ago. And yesterday she made me this-----

When asked, she says her name is Phoebe. ALWAYS. Not a WORD mentioned about her Chinese name. 

Usually when we meet up with our friends who are Chinese and they speak to our kids, all the others would give their Chinese name when asked their name. Not this girl, no way. She is PHOEBE.  

And Phoebe LOVES her mama and her baba. She is a love bug. Kisses, hugs, telling us she loves us. She did NOT want me to go to work Thursday, I realized a few hours in to my work that I really, really missed her:) 

Bonded right into my heart. Where she belongs.

She's taking on making her own bed, even telling on  Kat when she forgets:) Just like sisters do. Kat is seeing more and more ways she can help Phoebe, and has stepped up nicely as a big sister to her. 

 They are finding their place with each other and it's a good fit:)  Thank you Father. He knew what child would be perfect to allow Miss Kitty to be helpful and not feel misplaced by Phoebe.

Things that have happened I didn't see coming-- she is softening the hearts of those big bros of hers. They can't help but like her, she is sweetness through and through. 

Funny, kind, silly:)  I don't know if she reminds them of their blond buddy they grew up with but they are very kind to her.

I've seen smiles from Mr. Always-Serious-Chase. Chance finds her amusing. Camden likes her. She shares her sweetness with all. No one is immune:)

We can't get in to the eye specialist (He's gone on a mission trip to China- go figure?) till March so we are considering getting her in school this month and adjusting for her needs as best as possible till she has her appt. 

 We have a meeting soon about that, I want to be sure her experience of school here is good because she is scared of school. Of doing poorly, of being picked, of not being able to tell anyone what she needs. 

One thing is for sure, she clearly feels safe and cared for with us. She is so happy, content really. It's so neat to see that. 

She's picking up English words, yes, no, more, drink, sibling names, the dogs names. She communicates with showing me, she will pull on her clothes, meaning she wants to get dressed, or get in jammies. She always says "Sank you," and "Your welcome." 

She will point to her open mouth or pretend to drink from a cup. She was looking for her craft book and let me know that yesterday. 

She loves Mickey M*use and Sponge B*b although the latter is not something she is allowed to watch much at all. Now Mickey, well SURE, nothing wrong with that:)

 Who can say anything bad about a mouse? Other than he is a rodent, after all.

She even let me know that when she stands beside Kat and has them put their arms up like this----

 It means a heart:)  Did I mention how much we love this girl?

Every day she says "Let's Go" she loves to go places, one of the down sides to our China trip, every day going somewhere.  Although after she says "awwwww" she gets over it right away and finds things to do. 

Now, needless to say, we DO indeed have other daughters here, I have not ignored or neglected them (MOM)

They have been busy braiding hair, Chloe got some hair thingy-doodle that she can make all kinds of fancy braiding.  And usually Paisley is first one up to enjoy the fruits of Chloe's labors:)

Chloe is all caught up on her homework from our trip, she is missing her BFF Hannah who went on the mission trip to Costa Rica that Chloe had to give up going this year because of too much time off school for both China and Costa Rica.

She complained that Hannah was going and I asked her how she thought Hannah felt when she was in China and she said "Oh." Of course, Hannah missed Chloe.  Funny how that doesn't occur to Chloe.

Paisley had her usual blood work and it came back great, although the bitter cold we have had here is not helping her arthritis one bit. She has some stiffness and aches:(   Not that you will see that damper her spirits. 

 Nope, not this girl. She is also content, happy, knows she is loved.  Knowing her place in this family and I think feeling even more settled since she is no longer the "newest."

I guess since I have updated about the girls, the boys are next, they are hard to catch since they seem to think my camera is something evil:(  

But I'll tell them no lunch till I get pics, that will do it. (No calls MOM- if you want to see those grandsons of yours)

For now, enjoy the update on our girls:) All of them blessings and doing very well, indeed.


Linette said...

Well, we have one girl and one boy, so we're safe from Miss Kitty. Phew! :-) Every school district is different, and our vision specialist is truly in a league of her own, but I wonder if your local vision instructor could do some informal testing on Phoebe to get an idea of her acuity and make recommendations to her teachers? Our VI did that for us for the first few months of Daniel's school, plus lending him a couple of devices to use in his classes and letting him know the cool stuff that was coming once he had an IEP. I don't know if she's specifically worried about struggling because of her vision or for other reasons, but if vision is part of her concern, I bet my son would be willing to skype her and tell her about the accommodations he gets and the equipment he uses. He is still fluent in Chinese.

Carla said...

Uhoh...2 girlies here...and we only have 4 total. ;) I better make sure my blinds are closed and doors locked so Miss Kitty can't come in and surprise me.

But you can tell her that my youngest was sponsored by Grace and Hope for her foster care...and from Guangxi province...and well...doesn't THAT count?! ;) Plus, I still have something like 15 years of eligibility left. I'm going to take it slow...AND my oldest child is ONLY 14.

wonder if that lets me off the hook yet...

Sandra Bishop said...

Hmmm… (only) 2 girls here. Hope we don't get the stink eye! BUT in our defense, the health department says our house officially can hold no more than 3 kids and SHHHH don't tell anyone, but we're looking at filling that last spot sooner rather than later. :)