Friday, February 22, 2013


Well then. The meeting concerning Phoebe's start to school went well. I was able to share what Phoebe is able to understand, words she does know and how she communicates. 

She drew pics while we were there, so they got to see how close she had to look to see things and how well she can draw:)

I clarified, skin and eye needs for any outdoor time, personal space and affection awareness for our bonding to remain intact and secure with her.  They set up an I pad for her with translation apps for use at school. Then they said "When do you want to send her?--- TOMORROW?"  Ahhhh, my BABY.

They wanted my baby!  

I agreed to send her because she is so very social, she wanted to go, she wants to learn. She is bored at home with just ol' mom and I have no concerns about her bond to us. She is very loving and knows who her family is. But it was hard to agree to the next day:(

 Phoebe was soooo excited she came home and immediately packed up her backpack. Pencil box, pencils, books, pictures.  I packed a bag of hat, extra sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella, all to be kept at school.

She practiced her new teacher's name all evening.  And the ESL teacher was set up to spend the whole first day with her. Phoebe is in Kat's class, something we discussed with the teacher and Kat, so expectations would be clear. As well we had gone in the classroom and had an informal "meet and greet" when we first came home. 

So the first day went very well. They said she is very bright, the kids ALL wanted to help her, she told us the kids all talk to her and she can't understand them but that she had a great day.  I only called once (oh okay MOM twice) to check on her and she was "doing well."

They will be able to get vision assessments started and in the meantime give her time with other kids, as well as immerse her in English.  Today all the kids got dismissed early due to weather and now we are off the weekend so I am glad she started when she did. It was a short time but very positive for her.  

 She is thrilled when the bus comes but doesn't forget to tell me she loves me and get her hug from me before she goes on her way:)

I'm just blown away at God's goodness when it comes to this child. She has had such a wonderful beginning with her "grandma"- she is polite, kind, caring. I have no worries about her being too rough, loud, mean.  She's such a delightful, happy and loving child.

Speaking of happy, loving, delightful children--We have had to deal with some adjustment issues with Kat crying this week.  Phoebe worried Kat didn't like her, Kat was worried Phoebe didn't like her.  Lots of tears, typical jealousy with adding a new child to the family, having two almost 9 year olds.

 I did think I had heard it all out of my kiddos, being the mom of so many, but had NEVER heard this one-- "I'm sad because I didn't get to live in China longer." Uhhh, WHAT?  Are you kidding me?  I've sat and cried with kids who wished we had gotten them when they were little and here was the one we got as a little crying because we got her little? UH- really? Like I think I realized-- WE-CAN-NOT-WIN! Did you all know that?

So when Kat was showing her stubborn side in the midst of her fit throwing, Dad says to me "You sure she didn't come from YOUR womb?"  Funny guy I married here. 

 This certain child has also been known to have been the fulfillment of many a prayers, I've heard my own mother had prayed for years for me to get "a child as difficult as I WAS" so go figure:)  I still don't think she's anywhere near as difficult as I was- (yep MOM I wrote it for all to see) but then she did come off with the comment above? About being adopted "too soon?" OIY.

As  for other goings on this week, I overheard my delightful daughter Chloe explaining to Kat, Paisley, Camden and Chance something I have told them a number of times-- this is what I heard "Don't go there with the UNFAIR stuff, because if you do mom's gonna buy us all size 7 dresses and who will they fit? Only Kat.  Do you want a dress? (to Chance) 'Cause that's how she treats us all the SAME.  So knock it OFF."  

Now, I've been known to use the "Little girl size 7 dress" analogy, but I don't recall the  "Knock it OFF." Maybe that's where I went wrong but the big thing to me was "SOMEONE LISTENED TO ME. " I wanted to cry. It was such a special moment.

A not-so-special moment, Chance comes up one morning this week and claims, "Mom, I get up, my belly hurt, I go to bathroom and it SWOOSH." Insert Chloe here-- "Chance why do you not know that's called diarrhea?"  Then as Chance begins to repeat over and over, "diarrhea, humm, diarrhea, that called diarrhea."  

And Chloe is behind him muttering "He never gonna learn English, doesn't even know what diarrhea is. Why doesn't he know, it's diarrhea, not swoosh? Swoosh, really, swoosh?  What's wrong with him?"  

I told dad he surely must feel bad that he misses this circus special time every morning with our delightful children. It's always a fun time and so EARLY to have such learning and goofiness going on. I can hardly STAND it.

Dad did get to enjoy the girls sharing erasers, Kat gave Phoebe one and they hugged, they went arm and arm down to get their jammies on earlier, they both said "YEAH!!" When we told them they could stay up later tonight as there's no school tomorrow. Finding their way as sisters. 

As I explained to Kat, God gave her to us, as well as Phoebe and we treasure both of them. I also am sooo thankful we skipped over the "crying fuss mess" of 9 year olds, with Chloe and Paisley- see -- the benefits to older child adoption:)) 

We also got to laugh when Paisley said today, "I never cried and said you didn't like me." To which Chloe said "Yes you did!" And Paisley laughed and said "I don't remember."  So we all had a good laugh about "Things they all forget and how incredibly far they have come."

Really it's something we see, we are thankful for--- that we can see this progress and enjoy where we have gotten with our precious treasures.


thesleepyknitter said...

:-) We read every post. We don't always comment, but we read every post you write.

Loved hearing about all the good progress for Miss Phoebe. What a sweetheart!

Laughed at the diarrhea story. Our ESL speaker says, "Mommy, I go 10! No, 11! No! 50 poop!" and holds up all ten fingers to give me that same important announcement. :-) We're working on vocabulary everyday.

Rebecca said...

Loving your updates! And I'm so behind, but I've got a little something I'll be sending your way soon:)
Xo, Rebecca

Kiki said...

Oh my goodness your blog makes me both teary and giggle every single time!

You know, the good thing about the 9 year old 'drama' is that they are SISTERS and so you can always resolve it at home...with prayer, and reminders of their bond and love for one another, and conversation, and all of that. That is the age it all gets crazy at school (coming from one who taught...and then finally decided I'd only teach older or younger! ha! Girls from about 9-11 were amped up balls of hormones it seemed - and that was getting to pray and talk with them differently than I'd have been able to elsewhere since it was a private school!) But anyway, really, you're doing a great job in how you're handling it...and nipping stuff in the bud before it festers with them!

So excited that Phoebe had a great start to her school career. Very exciting for her!I pray it continues to be a positive experience and that God blesses her with some special friends in the process, too, even with the girls sharing a class.

And the "swoosh" literally had tears rolling down my cheeks. Both his word choice and Chloe's response to it! And then it made me think of when my best friend and I were teaching English in the Czech Republic and she met her (now) husband. His English was great, but there were random words he didn't know...and all the ones that were s______sh threw him for a loop (swish, smash, squish, splash, etc.) - did one "squish" grapes to make jelly? or "smash" them? Or "swish" them in a bowl? Or mix it with a "splash" of something? He was determined to MASTER them if he was going to be able to convince the parents of this American girl that he was a well educated guy! But now...any s_______sh word will make me think of will anyone having digestive issues. And I will giggle. Ha ha. Thank you, Chance!

And just because I don't remember if I've said it in another comment, I love your little comments to your mom in your posts. They crack me up!

Praying for you guys but so glad that things seem to be going so well on the whole!

(By the way, any chance you'd add the option of other commenting choices like wordpress so I can use my real log in tied to my blog?)

MommaT said...

Your post made my heart smile...thank you for sharing your family with us

Sherri said...

Love this post...and Congrats to Phoebe. What a beautiful child she is.

K said...

I love popping in at your blog and seeing the pictures and updates.

K said...

Oh, the swoosh really made me laught because the Mandarin word for it is one of the first learned after adopting my second child. I have great power over their eating habits when I envoke their memories of what they call Leh Doodzeh (I can't even begin to figure out the pinyin)!