Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Photo shoot

So how was your weekend?

Ours was odd, I had off Sunday afternoon which is unusual but was cool because I got to see the kids go to Center Shot, a new archery program our church is doing.  They really like it. Although it *might* have something to do with the snack being provided at least for one of them- ha ha.

 I had a super conversation with my son Chance, I do believe he is back on track and was very happy that when I spoke to him about some personal issues he really seemed to get what I was telling him. 

He has such a good heart and is sensitive but at times his behavior is not showing that. Which is not where he wants to be or we want him to be.

 So helping him is our job because it's one place our kids are pretty far behind and probably always will be.

 The social aspect. They fit in well about 2-3 years behind their "number" ages. Sometimes even lower.

 Because of language, culture and lack of social skills learned as younger children.  This does NOT equate to meaning our children are rotten, mean, bad kids. Not at all. 
Our kiddos are polite, helpful, neat, and caring.  We are very proud of them  They just don't always understand that certain behaviors that were okay for a Chinese orphanage and culture are not taken the same way here.  And they want to fit in and have friends. They don't always know how to even BE a friend. 

How to invite someone over. How to make phone calls, how to answer phone calls or even talk on the phone with a friend the right way. 

 Odd things you wouldn't think of with a normal teen.  So we work on these things as we see they need the help and are ready/able to get it. 

And it's a wonderful thing to see them "get it" like Chance did.

What else were we up to? Well, I decided I wanted to torture I mean, ask my lovely children if they would so kindly sit for a photo. A PHOTO? What was I thinking?

 I SHOULD post the 30+ rejects-- Chance's eyes closed, Camden's tongue out, Paisley looking elsewhere, Chase's head looking like it glowed from the sun at the patio doors, the dogs at the top of the steps, Chloe pouting, Kat yawning, Phoebe's eyes closed.

It makes me feel ILL to think I actually asked someone to do a photo shoot for our family to have a picture of us all together. 

WHAT WAS I THINKING?  I so badly wanted a family picture once Phoebe was home (along with hoping to be many pounds lighter) but really? 

I can't get the 7 of them to smile and look decent in 30+ pictures? 
All I can hope is the sorry person who accepts this assignment will have photo cropping and can cut and paste their heads from the good shots to make 1 picture that looks real and good? 'Cause I can't. I'm stuck with threatening to never let them off the steps till I get a decent picture.  OIY. (Yes MOM I DID).

Tomorrow is my meeting at school, for Phoebe's needs. Hopefully she will be able to start soon, with adjustments for her vision and language.

We have been blessed with this easy going new girl, things here are going very well. She is picking up new words every day, she is amazing at communicating her needs.  She is a total delight:) Funny, smart,  she likes to tell me "careful" when I do anything.

  I LOVE bedtime when she comes to me and dad and says "Love you" (saying it in English now) with hugs and kisses for us. She's a sweetheart.

So thankful to all who helped bring her home, and wanted to tell you all how special she is-- a total GEM:) She is soooo loved!!

To all who are praying for the last post 3 families, all are doing "okay" for now, one is doing better, so keep up the prayers, they are working:) Thanks for caring everyone, it means so much.Showing God's love, just as He wants:)


Carla said...

If you hired a good professional photographer, and not someone who just started a business, getting all your kids to look at the camera at the same time SHOULD be possible. Even smiling. It's not super easy, trust me, but doable. ;) To get it perfect, photoshop is fine.

BTW, it's my experience that kids will do better for someone else than they ever will for Mom.

Lorida Burkholder said...

And professional photographers are usually skilled and have sneaky ways of getting the kids to all look. plus their cameras are alot faster than the normal cameras! I think you'll have good luck!