Wednesday, February 27, 2013


No, MOM, I'm not telling that you had a birthday in the past week and are a year older (even though ya did) I'm talking about 2 of our boys:)

Brandon turned 24 on Feb 22 ("someone" else's birthday too) and I got to text him?  

Yeah, when did life come down to text time? Can't even hear your voice.  This momma doesn't like this "new age" communication.

Now on to son #2 birthday, today Chase is 18 years old.  There will be cake and presents later today to celebrate his big day.

Saturday we barely saw daughter'o ours, between a friend's birthday party as well as her sleeping due to staying at church Friday night for a youth lock in.  

BUT it was a special day anyway-- 4 YEARS since she became our Chloe girl. How far she has come.  What joy she has brought, along with the shock of learning she had brothers:)

Someone who is NOT older, Princess Phoebe. She was having fun with Kat on Saturday night and for some reason she finally realized she is TALLER than Kat.  

So on Sunday morn she was pouting BIG TIME. Mad, I tell ya. She insisted she is 9, going on 10 and to prove it she is bigger than her "big sis."  So even after explaining she was born in 2004, Year of the Monkey,  and that in China they count the year you are born as 1, then when you should be counted at 1 they say you are 2 and so on.

Nope that didn't matter, she was still MAD. I had hoped we could avoid this till she had better English but no, girly wasn't giving up on this. She repeated it over and over, she was older and she was offended by us telling her different. OIY.

She did fine over the day Sunday, after church and all, and off to school she went on Monday, Hat Day. 

 Sadly, she came home crying. She also had no sunglasses on and it was the first very sunny day we had:(  Came to find out her head hurt (might have been that lack of sunglasses? Grrr, yes it was and I knew it)

After some medicine for her head and snack she seemed okay, although with some other issues (kids making fun of her on the bus and not being sure why she wasn't able to tell the teacher her head hurt, I was waiting to talk to someone at school before sending her on Tuesday (Team Sport Day).  

We called Grandma in China, I knew this would make her feel better, while I was calling school to get issues ironed out and see if she was even going to go to school.

Well, have I mentioned how much I love grandma?  Not only did she make Phoebe feel better, she told her she is indeed EIGHT years old, going on NINE:))))

Good grief if I had only known it could be that simple days before!  So now we are assured Princess Phoebe will not be crying her eyes out because we have a 9 on her birthday cake next month:) Thank you Grandma, you are the BEST.

We've had snow, ice, again here. I picked the kids up at the bus stop when it was hailing yesterday and was told I was  THE BEST MOM IN THE WHOLE WORLD. So there. All over a short dry ride:)  Doesn't take much to impress this bunch, obviously.

Paisley is having issues with her arthritis flaring up:( She's so stiff and sore. 

Her doc has increased her medicine 2 times to get her through to her appointment next week, figuring we will probably be looking at injecting medicine in her joints. 

That is SOOO incredibly painful for her, mostly for her wrists, but it helps for months.

 So she has accepted that it probably will be done and has gotten ready with who will help her into the bus at school, who will feed her-- such a difference from the last time when she was very upset to not be able to feed herself and I had to do it. I CAN-NOT-BELIEVE what a trooper she is. 

She doesn't complain unless she is really hurting.

Right now she has a cold, Kat had a sore throat, now Chloe says she has the sore throat, Camden came home yesterday with a headache.  No more "Swooshing" - at least none that I am aware of.

Speaking of SWOOSH, makes me think of Chance, who will eat and eat and eat and eat, taller than Dad now, as well as Chase. He actually left food on a plate, said he was full and STOPPED eating.

  We were in shock. Only 3 years for him to realize it really is okay to be full and let food go. There will be another meal, he will NOT go hungry.  

I did not make some of the kids happy with the food I made, a huge pan of lasagna. With garlic bread. 

Boy, you would have thought I cooked up a bug for Chloe to eat, well no, actually she probably would have liked a bug better than lasagna with cheese. 

Yes, we have some big time cheese hatin' kids here, and many of them. But dad, Camden and I LOVE cheese and every now and then I make the cheese haters mad and make us something we love. Like lasagna. 

Poor kids, as if there is nothing on earth but RICE to eat.

Someone who is not playing the "poor me" this week and hasn't cried at ALL  this week-- Miss Kitty. 

She's been doing much, much better with her jealousy and sharing and being kind and we feel like we have our kid back instead of some leaky, bawling mess of kid that someone else must have dumped on us--- ha ha. 

I even teased her and said "Who are you?

She took Phoebe to their Sunday school class and they made us cards, hers said we were the "best parents she ever culd have" and she was thankful for us.

 We are more thankful than she may ever know that she has found room for Phoebe in her heart.  

Camden has music in his heart, he loves Christian music and big sis Mal took him to a concert over the weekend. 

He had a blast and came back with a new tee shirt, I was actually allowed a picture of him to show off the tee shirt, you know, not like I want a picture of just the boy  or anything?

Speaking of birthdays, Camden will turn 13 later this year, giving us a grand total of 5 teenagers in the house at one time. 

A record for us. Should I start asking for prayer NOW???

So there's the much needed update as to what we are doing (You can stop calling now MOM) and that all is well,or as well as it gets here-- they *could* stop sharing germs?

Not likely huh?


Rebecca said...

Love it! Sounds like things are going and amazingly well... So happy for you!!!

thesleepyknitter said...

Lots of news! We always enjoy your posts and the news about each of your kids at home. So very sorry to hear that Paisley's arthritis is flaring and that she will need those awful shots. I continue to pray for FULL healing for her.

mom2three said...

We had the same issues with our son adopted at 8. He insisted he was older than his sister who is eleven months older. I explained that if we were using the Chinese way to count his age, we also had to apply it to his sister (even tho she isn't Chinese) and therefore she is still older. He finally has accepted the American way of counting age. He also was a cheese hater. Says it taste like salty milk. Over time he has become willing to eat some cheesy things. Still doesn't like chocolate, though. That means more for mom.

Jennifer said...

Light sensitivity is a bummer. Glasses with transitions lenses are a big help for both my kiddos. They change with the light so they don't have to keep up with sunglasses. We get ours at W@lmart or and don't have to pay a small fortune.