Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Now the boys

Where do I begin?  Well the oldest  I guess. Donovan, who quit college in December thus worrying this momma's heart. 

BUT---- He secured a well paying job in the electrical field that he so loves and he is gainfully employed and making enough money to give his momma a  Mother's Day gift. 

Or at least that's what I told him.  Since every year he declares he is "broke" and I'm getting "NOTHING." I'll let you all know how that works out for me- ha ha.

He's our funny guy, who shows up now and then, always claiming he had  NO IDEA we were going to adopt ANOTHER child. And I am 100% sure we did tell him. 

No doubt, he even took part in the prep of it. He's just too funny, our Donovan.

Next is Chase. Well, Mr. Chase has made great strides in his life, he's visibly more at ease in his life, finding his way.

 Soon to be 18, he will also be heading to a food competition with his school, only 1 of 3 students in the district chosen to go:) 

 He has been heard telling Phoebe he loves her-- I kid you not. And he even told ME he loved me when he was telling her, even if he couldn't look at me and tell me at the same time, he still said it.

His heart is softening. He knows he is loved and is accepting of it:)

Although he remains our serious one, I doubt that will ever change. Just his personality type. He's very  responsible.

Chance is next. He is struggling. Not terribly, but prayers would help. It's a typical teen boy issue, finding where he belongs and where he wants to go with his life. 

Too eager to get out there and work to support himself, to "get ahead."  This is not where we want our son to focus his life on, who he can beat out--- to get ahead:(

We stress to him often, he has TIME, he has been given a family which means WE support HIM, and we are cool with that so he should be too.  That there is so much more to life than working, making money, getting "things."

He's still our smiling guy, hard to find him without a smile on his cute face:)

Camden-- well now, our youngest son. I think he was the most worried about getting along with Phoebe, that her and Kat would gang up on him. (Surely NOT?)

 But the minute the action figures came out, well, he became Phoebe's new BFF.  

He is the one she wants to play with, be carried around by, karate chop with (had to stop that) to carrying on with. 

She only annoys him when she is trying to watch him play a game and she is 2 inches from the screen to see it and HE can't see through her head/hair:(

I don't think ANYONE makes her laugh like Camden does. She has figured out he is a ton of fun.  

She has noticed he has hair the same color as mine, that his eyes are the same as mine. She asked the others, did he come from me? From my belly? Smart kid:)

 I don't know if they realize it but they have exactly the same skin tone. 

Lastly there's this mystery boy.......

 I'm not sure who he is, he showed up today after school and I think he believes he is staying for supper? 

As if I need another kid? Especially one sporting a 'stashe? I mean, really. Whomever sent this "boy" over really needs to come get him.

He even said "Oh you're doing a post only about the boys, who cares about the boys? No one."

 Well, then, mystery BOY, I hope you get SONS to bless your life  and then you'll get where a momma's heart goes when she has sons Because this momma LOVES her boys.

So whomever is this boy's parents, I think you surely would  want  your son back by now.  So head on over and get him, PLEASE.

And you might want to consider teaching "him" to shave asap.

Just a barrel of fun here with all our "SONS", just havin' a blast with them all.  God has gifted us many a sons, and we are so thankful for each and every one.

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mom2three said...

Love the pictures of the boys with their new sister, and the ones of Phoebe and Kat in your previous post. Looks like she has quickly made her way into the family's heart. Although I did have to chuckle at the look on Donovan's face. Kinda like, "now what am I suppose to do?"