Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Help needed

Times are tough. No doubt. For all. BUT-- imagine being in an orphanage and knowing the clock is ticking. Tick- tock, tick- tock.  Your only chance, almost GONE.

But then- a glimmer of hope, a family that says "Yes, this is our child."  The odds are about 2%-- 2% chance for a teen to be chosen to be adopted:( Yep. That's it. But for this one, she HAS BEEN CHOSEN.  God knows her path.

So what is needed? Funds. yep, to get this family to their daughter and get her paperwork done before she turns 14. It's down to DAYS.

I can't imagine life WITHOUT our teens we have been blessed to adopt. They are just FUN, joy, silliness, love, FAMILY. Our family. 

Please go here-- Please, I ask you to care, show you care as God asks us to do, no adoption required--- this is a way to care, show Him you believe in Him and His call to us to love and care for the orphans.  Show this one- she matters, she is worthy. 

She will be part of the biggest gift, a family. A family stepping out in FAITH. Let's get this girl HOME!!!!


Smith said...
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Smith said...

Thank you! We cannot wait to bring our daughter home! I know God will provide!