Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Day

Talking to Grandma
Out she went. First thing after an apple for breakfast, but not before we got Grandma on the phone, oh yes we did. Phoebe was d-e-l-i-g-h-t-e-d.  

To let Grandma know she was here, she was fine, she came on a plane, or two, or three, and all was okay with her world. That daddy is cool, the dogs are fluffy, that she's met and likes her new siblings:)

Next--outside to check out the snow.  She had never played in snow, so this was a treat, to safely arrive home then have a beautiful snow fall to wake up and play in.

Paisley held on to her, leading her around the yard in the snow. It wasn't a snow to make a snowman, or snowgirl, too powdery, but it was fun enough to play in.
To wonder at.

And wonder she did. Got cold as well, and pink cheeked. She stayed out quite a while for a girl who dislikes the cold. And her mama put only 3 pairs of pants on her- shame on ME (MOM) but the girl is learning we have HEAT in our home. It's warm in here. Always. Doesn't require 4 pairs of pants to survive.

She has stayed up all day, playing Barbies with Kat (and Camden too but he was only helping her, NOT playing with Barbies) playing with the dogs, chatting with all the kids, I think she has the same issue as we do at times, she sees Kat and thinks it's Paisley so she rattles off in Chinese at her. 

But as PLAY is a universal language they managed quite well even when an interpreter was not readily available. And it's for the good of her, she's not going to have trouble retaining her Chinese when all she speaks with her sibs is Chinese.

 I'm just hoping it doesn't hinder her English learning, but I don't think it will. She is very smart.

She played all day inside and out, went out in the snow twice. Her only worry -- her teeth. She's worried about getting teeth pulled. Again, being able to ease her fears, even just answer her questions in concern to a dental visit is such a blessing.

She is getting along with everyone, she seems very easy going and Camden said this evening, "Mom it's like she's always been here, she fits right in." Yes, I have to agree.

The other kids have marveled over her white hair, her white skin, she even had freckles but hers are pink- no brown color to them. I knew she would have to have one to two, as all my kids do:)

Daddy has gotten loved on, kissed and given giggles when she realized his face was smooth, he shaved:)  She's got the cutest giggles. We've heard them often.
The face of jet lag

Now about those other ones here, yep, I didn't forget them.  I sure did miss them. Let's see, Chase misses grandma. Apparently they got along like cookies and milk. Cooking together and everything. He's been his usual quiet self, but will answer Phoebe when she asks him something.

Chloe is so jet lagged it's not funny, poor girl was up at 5 am today and trying to sleep again at supper time.  She's very happy to be home, she missed everyone too. Hannah came and saw her, they really missed each other.

 I broke the news to Hannah that Chloe thinks they are going to live in China when they graduate school and work there, so she better get on learning Chinese asap.
Biggest to smallest

Chance has said "snack" in regards to why didn't we bring more, why didn't we buy more of ones he likes, can he have snack, when is snack time? I'm about ready to SNACK him.  (Read it again MOM it says SNACK not SMACK- we don't hit kids) He also has helped little sister when asked by her to explain or help her.

Paisley has been hanging out helping Phoebe, giving Chloe a much needed break and just being a wonderful help.Phoebe is very happy to have her help, she's so patient with her many repeated questions about everything. Yep, Phoebe is a curious one, for sure.

Camden has played with Phoebe and was showing her how we love on mama, she decided to give HIM a kiss on the cheek and he returned the love:)  He really missed me. He said he and grandma both decided they could not live with each other? 

Oldest to youngest
 I guess they are too much alike or something?  Poor grandma. And she was so kind to come and keep these kids straight and feed them all:(

Kat had a rough start to the day, she was fussy and crying. Adjustment, I think. But as the day went on and Phoebe was treated the same as the others, when any loving was given out it was for Kat too.  

She seemed to realize that she could help Phoebe too, she was not being left out or loved less. It got better from there. By the end of our day she wanted to bath with Phoebe and show her how to play in the tub.  And they did. It was lots of fun, although Phoebe did not stay in long. She's used to cold showers and doing them as fast as possible. 

Her first bath.  Seriously. Warm, fun, clean. She was jammied up, had a snack-- dry cereal- she didn't like the milk. She brushed her teeth and headed off to bed. After hugs and kisses that is. She is sleeping all night, unlike me, who is awake at  4- 4:30 am:( Jet lagged as well but getting rest, Daddy even cooked supper when I crashed at 4 pm on the couch.

There's our Saturday with our new treasure. Although I've thanked Him many, many times for this precious child, I can not wait for church to praise Him in His house for the blessing of this child. Just seems so much more powerful somehow. Our church family is dying to meet her as well.

He knows our hearts, but it never, ever is wrong to thank Him many times over for bringing home this little girl, as well as our other treasured children. We are honored to parent this crew and are thrilled with our last caboose, Phoebe. 

She's such a delight and a perfect fit to our family.  As He knew she would be:)


thesleepyknitter said...

A delightful post! So thankful that all is well.


Amy K said...

Vicki ~ You might want to try QQ for Phoebe to communicate with Grandma (if Grandma has a smart phone or computer). It'd be cheaper than the phone calls. :-) My newest daughter QQs with staff at the orphanage several times a week from her iPod and the home computer. ~ Amy