Monday, January 7, 2013

Packing 101

I am actually PACKING FOR CHINA. I kid you not. PACKING. It seems so crazy after all this time. Surreal we will have her in our sight and arms this time next week for a whole day even.

I spent today in appointments for Paisley-- I'm trying to get all appointments done so no one will need to go to the doctor or dentist or anything else till I am back home. And I made a doctor appt for Phoebe once we are home.

So I promised to tell you who I would run into in China, right. I didn't forget (MOM)  Here's a hint---3 girls! (Click on that)

Yep, we are going to be able to meet up with Jean when they are adopting their 3 girls. We also have Susan who will be in Guangzhou with us crazy girls (us not her MOM)-- she is a single mom adopting a 9 year old with 2 daughters, soon to be 3. 

In province we will be the only family for our agency.  Kinda neat that we can do what we are up to, not worry about waiting on anyone else, but then have company and fun when we move on to Guangzhou. 

Around here someone (not naming names Miss Kitty) has been worried. Pouting. She finally spilled, she was afraid Phoebe will "hate her."

And I explained how Jesus picked Phoebe, just as He picked Kat and how perfect she is in our family and Jesus loves HER and Jesus loves PHOEBE and He would NEVER give her a sister who hates her. No way. And that Jesus never, ever makes mistakes either, so she didn't need to have any worry about that.

She perked right up, even after I explained that even though Phoebe is the right girl for our family, it could still be an adjustment for both of them. That doesn't mean anyone "hates" the other. And that each sister will have a place to love and be loved with Phoebe.

I know Kat will be a wonderful sister. Without a doubt. In no time they will doing each other's hair and laughing like crazy.  Just like the 3 girls here did tonight. 

The teens went to Youth weekend. It was the first time Paisley went overnight anywhere. And she said she missed me when she got home:)  But she had a good time. As did the others. At least we haven't heard they did anything bad YET.  If they did we will hear about it. We always do.

Well, my list of things to do is not getting any shorter with me on here, so I better get back to counting my unders and making sure I have enough.  Lots of things to do and little time to do it, yep, going to China. Thrilled to be taking an entire extra suitcase FULL of socks as well for the kids at Chloe, Chase and Chance's orphanage.  YEAH!!!!

What a blessing God has given us to journey to this child.  So thankful and glad you will all be with us in prayer and thoughts as we finally come to the end of this long road and the new beginning of her life with us.


thesleepyknitter said...

Packing, wow! I can hardly wait for your first post from China.

Maybe Kat and Phoebe fast become best of friends!

Dottie P said...

We are so happy for you all and praying for all the flights and transitions to be smooth. Praise God! And thank you for your sharing this joy with us. Like the sleepyknitter, I can't wait for the posts to come!

~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

I am so excited! I confess, this is my third time checking the blog today; as if checking it more often will get you there any sooner!
May Our Dear Lord keep you all safely in His arms until you are all safely home again. Amen.

Sammie said...

Yeah so glad to hear you will soon be on your way. What great company to have in China, I love Jeans blog and you guys better post a lot or I will be lost as I love both of your blogs.
Can't wait for Phoebe to be with you and to come home. She is coming to a great family and will be much loved.

Keisha said...

HOW did I miss you traveling soon?! We leave tomorrow for CHINA! When do you leave?! We might run into each other over there:)