Monday, January 21, 2013

One Week

Just one short week ago we met a scared little white haired girl in an office where she was brought to meet her new family.  She had no idea what that really meant in terms of how her life would change.

She was not thrilled with my less-than-black hair. She was scared as all get out.  But as I have experienced 5 times prior, this child showed amazing strength and became my hero when she came with us and gave us a chance to show her what we are about.

Since then she has come to accept me as her mom, Chloe as her big sister, although maybe in the other order:) Either way, she has become one of us.  She is loved, cherished and cared about and for.

She's gone from a scared little girl to showing us her Princess side, to her fears. All great things for us to get to know her, to help guide her to ease her fears and to show her love, pure, complete love.

She's accepting love, even initiating snuggles, kissing my cheek, telling me she loves me. She knows I am keeping her legs warm (for now, wait till she gets to cold and snowy Pennsylvania) I've got her water to drink when she needs it. I forewarn her of any steps in her walking path, in case she doesn't see them. I rescue her from locked bathroom stalls. 

(For the record, I did not send said child into bathroom alone MOM.  She went with Chloe who was right by the door washing her hands in the sink when Phoebe went in and latched the door without Chloe catching her.)

She even JOKED today about the bathroom situation yesterday. Yep, this girl has spunk under her Princess cloak:)

She said today, in English,  "Let's GOOOOOOOO." All day when we went to go anywhere. Today was shopping on Shamien Island. Very different from when we were here last. So little left on the island.  Glad we did not stay there but very sad to see it so changed. 

 We went to the market as well and I got the Princess 2 pairs of shoes, and realized the red ruby slippers she's been wearing that she came with were too big. Not enough to fall off but they didn't fit-- oops. She says the cutest  English "Sank-ahhh you."  To me for buying her anything or helping her.

We rested then went out to feed the fish in the garden, a favorite late afternoon treat. She was running around with all the kids after feeding the fish when she suddenly sat down and looked miserable.

So when I made a fuss about "What's wrong?"  And Chloe came to translate, it was so cool that Jean's new girls Mia and Melissa, as well as Susan's new girl Caitlin were able to talk to her and ask her what was wrong then hear her say she was sad remembering her time at the orphanage and how the children made fun of her. She had told us previously that the kids there told her in the NINE days (from when she left foster care till she came to us) she spent there that we would make her have surgery to cut her eyes out!!

But when she shared how the kids picked on her there, Chloe was able to translate what I told her- "That she would NOT be picked on by us, her family. That we love her blond hair, her blue eyes. That her (Chloe) and the other older girls have come to America and are well cared for and like it there. And she, as well as the other girls around her were getting to go to America and have a family that love them, will care for them and always be there for them.

That each family thinks their child/ren are beautiful and are totally in LOVE with them and so thankful for them.

As usual she showed a very quick recovery, she said she can't wait to leave here and go HOME. I have no doubt God planned that so that the other girls could see someone else was feeling what they may be feeling but unwilling/unable to express. Phoebe is very open which is just wonderful for us to be able to help her. And Chloe is just a blessing beyond measure with her translation skills.

Hard to believe I've called her daughter for a mere week, she's one that it seems like we have been family for so much longer, as if we were always meant to be. We are indeed blessed by both our girls here, and counting down the days till we take this treasured daughter home.


Sherri said...

Vickie, she's beautiful and that is so very sad for her to be teased like that. Bless her little heart. I can't wait for her to go home too, looking forward to your post once you arrive. Blessings from Florida where it's warm... :-)

Ron Stevens said...

Vickie, she looks so sweet and so happy! So glad she is able to let hear feelings adn fears be know....Cloe and the other girls are so awesome to help her! So great that God has given her an AWESOME mom and sibs to protect her! Wow, one week.....halfway home.....keep up the great work! Your an awesome mom!Oh, she is one BEAUTIFUL little blessing! Brenda

MommaT said...

The horrible long wait was worth it all! What a great story to tell her when she is older...that magnificant way God picked her to be in your forever family and how her Mama never gave up hope of getting her home!

Hellen Raney said...

We are so glad that she becomes your daughter. She is beautiful and her life will change much . Congrats n thank you for letting us be part of this magical event. You go , girl!
Raney's, with love

LA said...

Hi Vickie,
I am catching up on your adoption journey and as always, love your blog! Your new daughter is beautiful and I am glad she is doing well. Let her know that many people in the U.S. are blonde:) She will fit right in:):)
God bless and have fun during the remainder of yoru trip,
Lee Ann

Rebecca said...

Oh Vickie!!! My heart just overflows with joy for you!!! Our God is such a good, good God!!! Praising Him tonight on your behalf...