Saturday, January 19, 2013

Moved on

Well then. I no sooner got the internet working decent in Shanghai and boom, we move on to Guangzhou.

Oh well. You get what I can do- sorry MOM.

We were supposed to leave yesterday at 2 pm, well, that didn't happen. Of course not. I should have been prepared, I mean 4 trips here and now 3 have been flight delayed-- but this was a flight CANCELLED for no apparent reason. So we had to hang out for hours then rush, of course, to get our flights at a later time.

And I had packed the medicine and dressed the girl for Guangzhou.  Needless to say, it was almost traumatizing to Phoebe to have merely 2 pairs of pants on and no medicine available for her cough.

Once we DID finally arrive in Guangzhou, she was feverish, although she handled the flight well. She was nervous but did just fine. Not one complaint. Or maybe that was because she knows I don't understand her and Chloe was asleep because she complained plenty to the guide on the way to the hotel:(

We've adopted a PRINCESS Baba. Be prepared. She was pampered by her grandma and she expects the same.  It's funny how she has this habit of going "uh,uh, uh" and she bops up and down when she wants something. Cute now, maybe not so much in a few months:)  She reminds me soooo much of Diva Kat, I think they are going to be FAST friends.  Very similar but different enough to have their own ROYAL places in our home and family:) 

She also has this funny habit, aka soothing thing she does, she holds her hand to her face and kinda puts her lips between her thumb and pointer finger. She doesn't suck on her hand, but just has her hand there on her lips? Clearly a soothing thing, she does it at bed time and when she is nervous only.

  I'm used to Kat who bit her blankets for years, because she had a piece of rag they gave her in her crib as a baby and she bit it to sooth herself. So it's interesting that Phoebe has a similar type of soothing behavior still.

We did her medical exam today, between an undershirt, yarn pants, a long sleeved shirt, sweater, outer pants, and a winter coat, she actually was WARM.  She *might* actually believe we are going to keep her warm?  Or maybe not- ha ha.  She was highly offended they had to take her blood. Matter of fact-- they had to drag her in to do it.  No momma's allowed:(

We went to a store after the exam, she decided she wanted CARRIED to the bus, so I picked her up and carried her. And for the first time she told me she loves me:))))
So glad I could pick her up and carry her, it wasn't far, she's certainly not big, but she's not tiny either.

We learned Princess Phoebe is very ticklish, she also has the CUTEST ever dimples in her cheeks, 2 in each side. You can see them in the pic of her at the medical exam.  We see them often as they appear when she squints.

We seem to have gone from people being rude and mean, to people being downright ODD about our blondie girl.  We had 2 people just come up and grab her face today, made our guide MAD, I wasn't thrilled but it happened so fast I couldn't stop it. She was puzzled who was touching her-- she didn't see them coming at her. It's weird.

 I think the locals can't figure out if she is Chinese, they think she is American? I try to keep her covered up as best as possible but she ditches her hat and sunglasses the second she thinks I'm not looking- the booger:)

Tonight we are going to dinner with JEAN!!!! And her family, as well as another family here with our agency. All with older kiddos:) So fun to get these girls together and let them chatter away. There's quite a few adoptive families here and it's neat to see all the kids getting families.  And no, (MOM AND BABA) I haven't got the fever to do it again. I am thrilled we will be moving on to focus on the children we have and raising them.

Our last little treasure.  The caboose to the family train.  The gem God told me was ours almost 2 years ago. In my arms, telling me she loves me today. Blown away but His grace and goodness to honor us with parenting this child. For sure. Thank you FATHER.


Joy said...

I am so glad you made it safely to Guangzhou. Have fun.

Elissa said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how well she is doing!!! Praising God with you that your sweet princess is finally in your royal court where she belongs! :)

Hope was a booger about hats and sunglasses at first too, but after a while she realized how much they helped and wouldn't go out without them even if I let her. Hopefully Phoebe will do the same.

Ron Stevens said...

Awesome to see and hear how well she is doing. She is a beautiful Girl! You will be home in no time! Enjoy the rest of the trip! Brenda

TK said...

Is the pic on this blog y'all at the medical exam? Weird to be reading blogs of people at the same place in China. Scroll to the bottom to the wide shot. Looks like you and the Gil's on bottom right.

thesleepyknitter said...

So happy to read these good updates! Phoebe is just darling! Praying for you every day.

Dottie P said...

So grateful to God with you! Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us in the loop. It makes us all so happy to read how well Phoebe is doing and see the great pix!

Vickie said...


That is indeed my red head, Phoebe's white hair and Chloe's black hair:)

We were there at the same time.


Sue said...

She is so beautiful and looks like she is adapting very well with you and Chloe. From Jean's blog, it looks like you guys had a great time.