Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Homeward bound

 Yep, our time in China is coming to a close. Sad, but happy that the last leg of this trip is ending. We want to be home, missing everyone very badly.

We have been so blessed this trip-- from the people we have met, to the families we have seen be made, to the lessons learned, and the gift of a child to add to our crew.

Enjoying Chloe, as her talent here has shined and her help invaluable.  She "chatted" with all the girls, ours, Jean's 3 new ones, and Susan's new one, to help with issues of cultural differences.

Although there was much giggling, it was a good teaching time for them help guide them in their new lives, and it gave them to ability to ask any questions, although the only one jabbering on was MINE.

Yes, she's a question girl. Why do we do this and what if this happens and when will this be, and on, and on, and ON.  OIY. I can hardly wait for her to be fluent in English. Uh huh. 

In many ways I am thankful for that because it's a healthy curiosity, not fear. She wants to know. She wants to learn. She wants to fit in, be able to follow the rules and that's great.

We are basically packed, all but what we need for the night and tomorrow to go.

Chloe wants to try to find a pair of shoes before we leave so we are going out to see if we can find her what she wants. She's very picky so I don't know if we will be able to get her something.

We'll see. If not then we'll just enjoy walking around in the 70 degree weather with no coats- ha ha Baba, I know it's freezing there. Hard to imagine when we were HOT today outside.

I am so thankful to God for this trip of a lifetime, I never dreamed after the boys came home we would be chosen to be blessed with another China treasure. (As well as another with Paisley:) And trust me, this girl is a treasure. So many children here, so many stories from the adoptive families we have met, how each child is perfect fit for their family-- I can't help but wish for many more families to step up, come on, claim these treasures! 

If you don't believe me look at the transformation of our gem in just a short week? And it's only gonna get better and better.

EVERY SINGLE CHILD needs to have a family. It's so hard to understand how terrible it is that these children are in a country that sees them as the lowest of the low in society and they don't care to do more in many orphanages than to feed them. Clothe them. They are not LOVED. They are not TREASURED. They are not considered IMPORTANT.

Yet, God, our Father knows EACH ONE- He loves each one, He can and will provide the way.  Just as He loves us, He treasures US, we will love and treasure this child forever more.

Next post from HOME SWEET HOME.


mom2three said...

It has been amazing to see how much she has blossomed in such a short time. And we are seeing her only in pictures. Blessings upon your journey home. Praying for God's goodness as you adjust to your new "normal."

Rebecca said...

She is absolutely adorable!!! Love that smile!!!

Ron Stevens said...

Prayers for a seaf trip home! Brenda

Ron Stevens said...

Oops, safe!