Friday, January 25, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We are HOME.

Thank you Jesus. We got in about 2 am. We didn't even unpack till today.  We tried to go right to bed. Well, I did anyway. I slept about 2 hrs and got up to see the kids before school.

The "girls" Chloe and Phoebe were up all night. Phoebe didn't let Chloe sleep, she took her to her room to watch TV and every time Chloe was almost asleep Phoebe shook her to keep her awake:( Poor Chloe.

We unpacked today then went to school. Yep. We took fun snacks to Kat's class and introduced Princess Phoebe to the class and teacher. We had a very informal talk about Phoebe, what she will need, what she will be like in class. Chloe went along to translate for Phoebe.

 It won't be right away Phoebe goes to school but I did not want her to worry about school, she had talked about being scared in China to go to school here and I was also trying to keep her awake. I can also see she is very social as well as bright and is going to go to school sooner than later.

The kids in the class were just wonderful, they all told her "goodbye" in Chinese, after she went around and each one said their name and she repeated their names:) She also took them chocolate New Year coins and some type of fruit/nut snack. We didn't stay long, as the kids were getting out of school early due to incoming snow.

Eating noodles even when exhausted:)
We were not even home yet, and the snow had started. It's snowed about 3 inches over the day and is still going strong. Although Phoebe is not. She is asleep. She was really bummed that she couldn't get an answer at foster grandma's to tell her we got here safe. We will try again tomorrow, she needs to talk to her:)

As for our homecoming, we got to the airport around 11 pm. We were greeted by Baba, big sister Malaree as well as Joy and Stephen and family:)   It was really neat. 

Phoebe hugged her daddy and kissed him, then she checked out his belly? Yeah, she decided after my hair scared her that dad's belly looked big in the pictures I had for her so she was "scared." I think she decided it was not big, he's just a normal guy, although she didn't like his whiskers- ha ha.

Daddy has figured her out already, she "acts" like she is scared, does this whole "oh, oh, oh," thing but she can easily be encouraged to try something- such as pet the dogs, and he had her holding them before too long and not scared at all.

So far she's had noodles and a banana, she's was pouting and whiny when we woke her for supper. She wants to sleep and I'm hoping it's late enough that she will be able to sleep all night and get on our time here.

I felt a bit overwhelmed as I was in the Dulles airport walking and realized, she's an American. She's going to get everything that comes with that, good medical care, dental care (she's got at least one small cavity and a totally black tooth-- not sure what is wrong with that one)-- she's going to be envied with that hair, she's going to get all the visual help she will need to do well in school. She got NO help in school in China, and she wasn't doing well.

Zonked on the couch
She's blessed and she's a blessing.  We are thrilled to have her home. We expect to see some sadness, some missing of grandma and all she was used to, but she truly needed to have a mama, a daddy, to be part of a family. She had the love of her foster grandma but she never would have had a FAMILY, no chance to do anything in China, get married, work, have any type of normal life:( 

And she's just a little GIRL. So sweet. So loving. So wanting to be LOVED. Cherished, treasured, she is WANTED. She knows this already.

 Just as every child deserves and needs. So MANY CHILDREN. My heart is broken for the others. Each one, needing and wanting the same thing and families out there. Please pray, God can and WILL move mountains, whatever your mountain IS, that keeps you from saying "Yes, we WILL." He will take care of the needs to make these children of His, YOURS-- He wants us to love them, and trust me it's very, very easy to fall in LOVE. 

She's a gift from God. We thank all that helped get her here and hope you enjoy watching her bloom. We couldn't be happier or more thankful for this child.


~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...

Welcome home, Pheobe. God bless you.

Sherri said...

Welcome home beautiful child! God Bless you always little Pheobe.

thesleepyknitter said...

Welcome home, Vickie, Chloe, and PHOEBE! So thankful you are home safely. Looking forward to further posts as Phoebe settles in.

Get some rest! :-)

Rebecca said...

Welcome home!!!! This is just music to my ears! You knew this girl was something special and you were so right! She's beautiful and so full of personality that's just waiting to be set free! God is so good!!! I can not wait to see her blossom in her new life:)

Hunan Mommy said...

So incredibly happy to see her home. What an adorable hair cut. She's precious!