Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting better

Well, I know you want to know more about Phoebe. So here's the latest---

First Smile
She bonded quickly to Chloe. Thank God for Chloe. Chloe can understand her completely, except when she called her "Grandma" and they spoke a dialect/ too fast for Chloe to catch it all.

She's got the sweetest laugh. Yep, laugh. Laughing and being silly with her new hat, pj's and bathrobe before bed.

I guess somewhere between me feeding her lunch and supper, as well as getting her some gum and paper, she decided I was "okay" after all. At least that's what she told Chloe in the store, that she wasn't afraid of me anymore but now she would hide behind me and be afraid of Baba. And she wanted to know "easy" words to call us.(Chloe told her Mom and Dad." She calls me Mama. She checks me out every so often and I always smile at her:)

She has been intermittently sad today, I would say she was not well prepared for the adoption, didn't get what it meant really and didn't get the stuff we sent was from US-- even the pictures of us she had seen them but there was not really the connection made:(  Although I do believe Grandma (foster mom) did what she could and deeply loved this child. I'm SOOOO thankful for this grandma who clearly loved her and told her she needed to have a mama and baba. She left ROOM in this child's heart for US.  Thank you Jesus.

I've never seen a child come with so much STUFF. And not just what we sent her. I mean stuff they sent with her including a hard cover book made about her with many pictures of her including her first baby picture:)

She also came in the required 3 layers + of THICK clothing, now mind you, it was 50 degrees here today and I was sans coat, shocking ALL the local mama hens, yet she was wearing all that plus a thick pink coat and saying she was "cold." Thank goodness I threw in that hat and glove set at the last minute thinking she might need it.

At first she wouldn't take a THING off, nor would she take a THING we brought her. But she accepted the hat and gloves and then we got her in pj's and she's checked out everything else including tomorrow's planned outfit. Her favorite color is green.

Can't forget Chloe in here, WOW, can I say what a wonderful, precious gift to have her to translate and ease this child's fears. Even little things, like "Do our dogs bite".  She can answer her and Chloe said "Boy she likes to talk."  Yes, she's not quiet often.  Mostly when she is sad.

She seems very healthy, she has nystagmus, like Chloe, where their eyes dart side to side without control- it's a weak muscle and neither of them realize their eyes are doing it. Her skin is a bit dry, I lotioned her up at bedtime and she said "Thank you mama."  She has a slight cough. 

I was worried she would digress greatly from calling her grandma, but I could see she really needed to. Even though she cried on and off, she let me rub her back, wipe her tears and when she got off the phone she was happier.

She got ready for bed, crawled right in and is zonked now.

I can see what a gem she is. She is polite, sweet, and caring. It's so cute to hear "Jie Jie" and then her rattle off whatever it is to Chloe that she needs to know.  She's very interested in knowing things:)

So there you have it.  Not bad for my first time adopting this age.  I think it went very well.  Huge progress in such a short and eventful day.

She's gonna fit in perfectly, just as God planned.


Linette said...

What a personality! Love it!!

thesleepyknitter said...

So delighted and thrilled with this good report! Continuing in prayer that all goes well.


Ron Stevens said...

She is beautiful! Glad all is going well and what a gift for Cloe to help her! Continued prayers for you all, Brenda