Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Consulate appointment

We had our consulate appointment yesterday (today for you all). Ours was a bit later than the rest of the group, so we waited on them, then they waited for us.

All done, the steps to get Phoebe's visa that makes her a citizen as soon as she comes in to the USA. YEAH!

We'll get that back today (tomorrow for you all), then leave here Thursday morn. Please pray we are hearing a big storm for Pennsylvania coming and I really, really want to go home. 

We have over 2 hrs to get home from the airport of driving. We are so blessed to have a back up plan- actually 2 if we can only get to Harrisburg but the desire to see my own bed is great. As well as those people in my house too:)  Kidding MOM, I miss the people most.

Susan's Camille, Caitlin and my Phoebe
After our consulate appointment we went to the GuangZhou bookstore, huge, 9 floors of books. Phoebe picked out 3 books, and gave me the customary "Sank ahhh you mama" when I told her yes, she could have them.

 It was funny that in the check out line a school girl said "Hi" and I asked her why she was wearing thick black glass frames -- no lens?  Her friend had better English and said "Fashion".  Hummm. I think I'll pass on that one?

Phoebe read for a little while then returned to her Barbies. She loves her Barbies and will spend countless time dressing and playing with them.  She only has 2 here, one from Grandma and one from me, since I wasn't sure what she would enjoy playing with I only brought a few things.

Phoebe (youngest) Susan's Caitlin and  Jean's Mia
I finally caved and had McD's for lunch, it was super cheap and take out for us to eat in our room. Since we had been out since early am, it worked well. Rest time then a trip to the local "Trustmart" (their version of Walm*rt) for supplies to make it till Thursday.

On the way back to the hotel Phoebe looked up at me and said "I love you mama", in Chinese. First time she told me that on her own, not me saying it first:) It was sooo sweet and sincere. This child is just soaking in being loved and coming to loving us.

We fed the fish again, we can't miss that or Princess gets very sad.  She loves the little pond area and can navigate there pretty well. As well as boss the younger kids in a game of "follow the leader"- at least that's what it looked like to us parents:)

Then supper at Princess Phoebe got her first "No."  She asked for Sprite and although it would not have hurt, I figured she's gonna need to hear NO sooner than later. So I told her "No." She wasn't thrilled when she saw Susan's girls all getting it but I told her again, "No." She pouted a bit but bounced back when food arrived.

The only issues we have seen with her is very typical (and cultural)  for these kids - sometimes too rough in play, nose picking, using middle finger to point, lack of toilet paper use when peeing, burping and loud. Again, Chloe is a lifesaver and will be doing instruction 101 for Phoebe AND Caitlin today before we go home. (Don't worry MOM we "tip" her-- yep, she's getting RMB to help:) 

My fancy supper (about $6)
As for Chloe, she is having a blast here. English speaking friends around her age, being able to translate for all the littles, she's getting her fill of every snack she has missed for the last 3 years, and of the old soap opera type movies of weird hair on dudes and girls crying. 

Seriously who shaves the front of their head to the top then has a ponytail with elaborate braiding in back? (Hey we might just get a picture of that for "someone"  *Hi Mike* at church) Ha ha ha ha.

Chloe and Susan's Claire
Chloe has grown this trip, she is talking about helping families who are adopting, maybe as a guide, maybe on the USA side, but one thing she is sure about, she wants to adopt from here:) She's gone from a child, nervous about her poor Chinese education and language, to someone who is so useful to all the families here.

 It's given her confidence and maturity in regards to speaking Chinese. She has gone from wanting to pretend she doesn't speak Chinese to readily helping and it makes such a huge difference for us.

No manners left, sorry Baba
We get the things we WANT told to the new girls, the right food in restaurants, the right prices, no cheating us with her along, we can find our way if needed, no need to find someone who speaks English. She was able to read a letter one of the girls had written in Chinese to her family and came with it. She's really been just a total blessing.

So happy:)
We got back to the hotel around 8 pm and crashed. It's about 70 degrees and humid here-- our days are full and busy so they are really ready for bed early and go right to sleep. Today we have nothing planned except to get Phoebe's passport back with her visa to enter the USA.  Packing and saying goodbye to Susan and daughters- sniff, sniff, that will be tough. We have been together the whole time in GuangZhou and we will miss them. It's gone by fast but yet not, I am quite homesick.

Off to get the girls going and to breakfast:)


ashley said...

Love this post! Chloe sounds like an amazing blessing. You must be so proud of her. Phoebe is just precious. you are on the home stretch!

Sandra Bishop said...

Sounds like Chloe is the star of the trip. Good for her. What a great experience. You probably don't want to hear this, but that soap opera you described sounds like the one Alice is watching on the computer. She's found a whole bunch of episodes and she's working her way through them This is the 3rd TV series she's found. At least this one doesn't take itself too serious - I regularly hear her laughing when she watches this one.

Joy said...

We won't leave you stranded at the airport.

Sherri said...

So love this post and Chloe does sound so amazing, what a blessing she is. And Phoebe is a doll baby.

thesleepyknitter said...

Great post! We love reading about how well everything is going. So proud of Chloe! we'll be praying for your safe trip home.

Michelle said...

So excited for you and your family! When I read your posts, I get teary eyed. Truly amazing to see how God cares about every detail and how he is redeeming Chloe's story as well. Praying....

Ron Stevens said...

Vickie, she is a DOLL! Love watching her bloom this past week! Chloe sounds super wonderful too! Your a lucky mom with all your awesome kiddos! My Sarah -adopted two years ago at age 10 from Fuzhou looked at your's and Jean's blogs and was amazed that you both have such large families with adopted kiddos....Continued prayers as you complete your journey to get your girl! Brenda

rachel garber said...

I have followed your blog since you brought Chloe home and I can't believe how much she has grown and changed. She is incredible. I'm constantly impressed with how huge her heart is.