Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Almost there

It's sooooo stinkin' exciting to get dates to go to China and that being a mere NINE days away, yep,  9 days away. We will meet our precious Phoebe in just 12 days. That's not even 2 weeks!!  
Are you all as excited as we are???

We have not been up to much, packing, working, I worked New Year's- wasn't gonna turn down that time and a half, not when we need funds.
It's a small price to pay to give up time on New Years to bring this treasure home.

Working on the In China plans, itinerary- which means we are going to CHINA. Oh, did I mention that already?

I can't wait to get this girl home. This is the closest thing we have seen to a smile, can't you just tell what she is thinking here-- this is MY family!  Mine. All mine.  This is an older picture, (they haven't been cutting her hair as far as we know) we don't have many of this treasure:( But that will change SOON.

Still watching and thrilled to see that Chip In, we are at 82% WHOOO HOOOOO. We are sooo close to fully funded! 

Let's celebrate.  It's coming, the date to go and the funds:) Keep watching and commenting as it rises, because God is THRILLED you all are answering His call.

And if you want to make this even more FUNdraising, you can follow suit as Joy did, donating $20.13 to start out the New Year in style-- gotta love the fun you all have with us, we love it!

Just  57 people do that and we are FUNded.

Get it? Hahahahaha. Now check out the comments, Niki has made a very special offer for the next 24 hours of donations-- one that is amazing because they are in process themselves, yet they are taking the time and love and answering God's call to help us!! 
It's just incredible. To see it go to The long road to China  

So many people- who care, who pray, who donated, who can look at this girl at HOME and know YOU DID THIS, God called and YOU did it. No better feeling out there, not a new dress, supper out, nothing compares to knowing you helped pay to ransom this child's LIFE.

Thank you ALL!


Smith said...

We understand the desperate need to get these precious children home! We are also in the process but have a few days longer (less than 65 days though). However, we are committed to not only our daughter but to getting as many treasures home as possible to Christian families! Since we are also raising funds, we were not able to provide much (However, Generosity consists of not the sum given, but the manner in which it is bestowed. Mark 12:41-44) What we can do is encourage other to give as described on our blogspot post Urgent last request of the year....
I will extend our offer on the bracelets through tomorrow to anyone willing to help as described! Please comment on our blogpost comments if you donate the requested amount or more with your name you donated under. Thank you to each of you that have a heart for the orphans!

Chad and Kristy said...

Friend, I am having the worst time trying to make a donation to support you!! You know I don't have Internet at home and we are down to one car:/ Chad's transmission tore up again...$1000 and it will be ready by the end of the week... so I drove 15 miles to McDonalds to get online and make a donation only to find that my bank's website is not working correctly and I can't transfer the money into my PayPal account:( I will keep trying...sigh! Hugs:)