Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year's End

The End of 2012 brings us hope and anticipation. For 2013. But we also look back and feel much to be thankful for. 2012 brought us many blessings, the addition of our new daughter, wonderful Paisley.

Such a treasure, she had a rough beginning with her first family but came to us willing and blended right in. Without a doubt, God sent. We are so thankful to be her family and to give her first family peace in this child finding her place within a family which is what they wanted for her.

As we worked through more and more hurdles with our Phoebe's adoption, we saw much more progress on the teen front here at home. Some teens seeming to finally get things we are trying to get through to them. Less steps backwards.

We've seen new teeth come in and everyone grow in size and maturity. We've longed, yearned, wished, dreamed and prayed for our Phoebe girl. That she be prepared, safe, healthy and ready to come to us.

We've gotten Paisley in a place health wise where she is better off physically than she has ever been. She is thriving. So sweet to see her doing things she could never do before.

We've had lots going on with those older kids, one graduated last week (Derrik).  One quit college (Donovan) which we weren't thrilled but he wants to go a different direction and so he made the choice. We will pray he ends up where he wants to be.

Still no grand kids yet, can't understand what they are all waiting for? I mean, the oldest is 27 now, they need to give me some babies to love on-- right? They tell me "NO." So I have to just keep hoping.

We've been blessed with our home, we've been in it a year now, and I can't tell you how much we appreciate it. Enough room, we share it often, it's such a wonderful haven for us. I am so happy to come home when I go anywhere. It's a peaceful place, people think because we have so many children our home MUST be chaos. It's really not. The kids are well behaved, they are fun and we enjoy them. 

They really are great kids. We get to see them grow in body and mind, we get to see them grow in faith. They teach us many things, and give us insight as to how strong they really are.  We could not love them more.

Right now our focus, of course is getting Phoebe home, after such a long journey to get to this point. We know she is a special child, otherwise the fight would not have been so tough.  

Our last fees we are working toward are literally HER RANSOM. The fee to the orphanage to be allowed to adopt her. To free her from the life of an unwanted orphan and make her a cherished and loved DAUGHTER.

Time is very short, in order to get the funds transferred and be able to have them to get on the plane to take with me, we have but DAYS to raise the rest of the money needed.

7 days to be exact.

That might look scary-- but God is in on this. So don't be scared. Don't. Let's instead, look at this with JOY--- we are at 49%  whooooooo hooooooo. 

I want to make this FUNdraising. Since I don't have any cool stuff to give away or anything, I was trying to think of something FUN we could do. 

And this what I thought of.  Let's give a shout out (That means leave a comment MOM) every time the CHIP IN hits another percent. Let's ALL thank Him and enjoy His provisions:)

See who can be the FIRST to notice it go up a percent and comment.  

And if you can spare $5, $10, what ever, well go ahead, donate it-- because God will take it and multiply it.  Let's all have FUN watching it go, go, go. 

It breaks down to needing almost $507 a day to come in for the next 7 days.   Let's start today and see if we can get $507 to come in:) If we break it down it's 101 people giving $5. It's 51 people giving $10.  It's 10 people giving $50. Doesn't that look possible?? Of course it does, because with God it IS possible.

Let's ransom this girl's life, and see her home with a SMILE on her face knowing she is finally HOME.

Will you help please?


Rebecca said...

Yay! I just moved you up from %49 to%50!! I also posted your blog on FB. Can't wait to see that meter rise!!!

Anne said...

I'm seeing it at 51% Yay~~

Lori said...

I see you're at 50%. Congrats!

Rebecca said...

My friend Karen Hoenstine just texted me to say that she contributed! Love how God works!!!

Kjbikakis said...

Its up to 57% now!!

Dottie P said...

Woo-hoo! 58% now!

Dottie P said...


Lori said...

Wahooo! 60%

Grandma Shelley said...

This is more fun than watching a barrel of monkeys! Love watching that # go up. Each project I get done here, washing floors, vacuuming, load of laundry done, I come back here to watch the $$$ add up! Whoop whoop!

Lori said...

78% how awesome!

Smith said...

We understand how every little bit helps! Praying for you and I've added a blog for your family to my blogspot:
I'm excited to follow your journey!

Single Mama to Ngoc said...

80% - WOW

Joy said...

Just did 20.13 for the new year. I wish I could have done $2013!

Moya said...

Wow! 82%. Happy New Year!!

Moya said...
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Lori said...

Yipee 82%! 2013 is starting out great!

Jean said...

WOW!! We will be in CHina at the same time!! That is awesome!! We are staying at the Garden Hotel with Lifeline. I am guessing you are at the China hotel with CCAI?

Let set up a meeting time once we are in CHINA!!

Blessings on your journey!!

Sophie Mansell said...

I just donated and nudged it up to 84%.

Hoping that before the day ends you are into the 90s and tomorrow reach 100%.

Melissa Kyzar said...

86%!! :)