Thursday, December 20, 2012


This was soooo much fun:) Winners are PHOEBE- oh, yeah you all knew that right?

Yep, she's gettin' a family. 

Oh, you are wondering who won the DOLLS, right? Well, let's get right to it!

Winner #1 -- You have a choice of Doll 1 (blonde, blue eyes) Doll 2 (brown hair, brown eyes) OR Doll 3, special made but NOT available for Christmas.


She picked the blonde, blue eyes doll:)

Dolly is now on her way to you.

Winner #2 is-------

Lorida B

Now really, could you ask for anyone cuter to tell you that you are a winner???   BTW, she was really hamming this up.  She may be the next Vanna?

She picked the special made doll and here's where it gets even sweeter--- we had wanted to get a doll for Kat FROM Phoebe, so she wouldn't be jealous of Phoebe's doll. I didn't mention this.

 BUT Lorida told me she did not have a little girl to love a dolly and would Kat like one? Made like her? Made me cry Lorida. So that's where the dolly of choice is going:) Thank you Lorida. Kat's gonna be so surprised and happy.  

AND last but never, ever least, WINNER #3 is-----

Kim L

Last doll left was brown hair, brown eyes. And who but the third winner, Kim has a daughter with that exact coloring?? I kid you not! 

That sweet dolly is also on her way in the mail this morning. 

Again, a HUGE  THANK YOU to Melissa for these super cute dolls. She does do custom orders but will not be able to fill any orders before Christmas this year. She can be reached at

Congrats to all the winners:)

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