Sunday, December 2, 2012

Who is special?

Having adopted many children we often feel so odd when people say things like "Wow you must be so special." 

We really AREN'T.  We are just 2 people who love kids. Who are doing what our Jesus wants us to do. Love others. Care for the orphans. 

That caring has led to adopting. Adding to our family. Some we expected, some God surprised us with, but all anticipated with JOY.  

This does not mean we are perfect parents. Nope. No way, not even near there. We learn as we go and with this blog try to help educate others who are called and want to adopt but also want to be prepared for what that means.

 "We are not all called to adopt these children into our families.  But we are all called to look at them, even though it makes our eyes burn, and be willing to let their needs disrupt our lives."
~Kristin Swick Wong

I've missed blogging, trying to give the fundraiser it's due time. Please, don't forget we are auctioning THREE of each item on the previous post. Some items have NO bids:(  A few only have 2 bids, meaning we aren't even selling the 3 we can sell.

It's HARD. Hard to ask for help. Hard to know someone donated all this stuff and it's not being bid on:(  There's not that many days left on the auction, so please consider bidding.

It's hard to know we still need thousands to get to Phoebe and we are so stinking close-- this week should have our final step concluded for her visa process-- which means we will be waiting for the VERY LAST STEP-- travel approval.  AND some folks have gotten their travel approval as fast as THREE DAYS after this last step, that could be NEXT WEEK!!!!! AHHHHHH.

It's hard to know God wants to have Phoebe come and WILL provide the funds, I did ask him if he wanted to send it all now, we'd be fine with that:)   So far no go, but we WILL be honoring HIM and praising Him when He does provide. We will not lose faith in Him. Even down to the last minute, HE WILL CALL those HE wants to be a part of this.

 He is our Jesus and we are doing what HE wants us to do.  Just as a teen (yes, a TEEN) who just donated with her heart, she's done this before, with no request to be "called out" but because Savvi loves her Jesus. She wants to be a part of what HE calls her to, love the orphans.  We thank you Savvi for caring and listening-- gosh, you are going to be one AMAZING adult (cause you are already an amazing young lady) and you give us the hope and faith that others will indeed find it in their hearts to donate!

Up soon, an update on all the kids, lots going on, lots of needs "disrupting" our lives.  But as always, they are worth it. They are blessings from Him that we accept with JOY.  And this one last girl, anticipated with JOY.

Most of all,  our family/this adoption has been totally orchestrated by GOD,  He is soooo special. We hope if anyone thinks what we do is special it is because of God. Not us. God. He is the reason. He gives the blessings of these children, we only do our best to honor Him in parenting them:)

Reminder, donations can be made via Chip In, upper left hand corner, as well as sent via check to our church for a tax receipt, make checks out to Phoebe's Fund, and send to McConnellstown Church of the Nazarene, 5851  Newtown Ave. Huntingdon, PA 16652

We can't out give GOD:)

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Jodi Jackson Tucker said...

Ha Vickie! So true...I absolutely don't know what to say when people tell me I am "special"...I am SO not special...unless special means crazy :)