Thursday, December 13, 2012

Raffle Twist

That Melissa, every time I think she has done so much, she turns up again with something else.

And what would it be???

A THIRD doll. Yep, now, understand this is a raffle. Just a WEEK to go. BUT the twist is that the first winner will  have 3 choices-----a choice of the 2 dolls available, blond/blue eyes, or brunette/brown eyes which I have and should be able to get shipped to the winners in time for Christmas. 

OR the 3rd choice will be a doll made to your request, black hair? Red hair? Almond eyes? Hazel? Skin tone, dark, light. For this doll ONLY it will NOT be able to be ready for Christmas:( Sorry. But it will be the winners choice to pick. If #1 winner doesn't choose the ordered doll then #2 winner will be able to pick from the remaining doll already made OR the special order doll.

Then the third winner will get what the 2 other winners didn't choose. Clear as mud?

You see these HANDMADE lovely dolls with hand sewn details can be special ordered, Melissa can be reached by email at

She will NOT be able to commit to Christmas arrival for this year though if you want to order from her. Just so you are aware.

Now for the doll raffle for Phoebe to come home, we have 3 dolls, 2 already made, one to be special ordered and to get in on a chance for a doll you only have to donate $5. Each $5 gives you a chance, so $10= two chances, $15= three chances, etc.

Right now we have five chances in the pot. That's ALL.
Now we gotta do better than that! Melissa worked hard to make these very special dolls. (Thanks again Melissa:)

I also need the auction winners who have not contacted me to do so asap. Thanks everyone:)

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