Friday, December 28, 2012

Notice something?

Anyone?  Should I make you guess?  Drop hints?

Nope, not gonna go there because this is too important-- our CHIP IN--

It's at 45%.  HOW?   

We got a HUGE donation and we dropped the amount needed for the chip in. So we end up needing much, much less.

As in God IS PROVIDING. He is. Him. Our Father. He is not leaving Phoebe.

Why is this so important? Well, besides the fact that we must have the fees  paid/to pay to complete this adoption, I have told many, many people about how WONDERFUL our God is and how HE provides. 

How HE can take ordinary people like us, imperfect, and bless us with the most amazing gifts, these treasured children, once orphans, now our sons and daughters.

And He can take a MOUNTAIN of fees that LOOK impossible (to us) and He can blow it away. So many say, "We can't adopt because we don't have the funds in the bank." He does not say "Wait, make sure you have money in the bank." He says "Care for the orphans." And He adopts US in to His family and expects us to love others as He loves us.

He WANTS to do this for YOU, and YOU, and you and you too. ALL OF US. Not just a few "special" people, because again, we are just ordinary people. 

Many saw the story of the boys, the brothers we had no knowledge of, as a special thing, and it was, it still makes me get goosebumps to tell it. And MANY donated to get the boys home with their bio sister.

So I think people look at that and say "Oh, of course they got funded, those kids needed to grow up together."

BUT  you see God knows Phoebe and to HIM, she's just as important. She's just as special. AS IS ANY CHILD WHO NEEDS A FAMILY. God will NOT leave these children without a family who will become funded if you follow HIM and ask HIM to guide the journey.

Again, this does NOT mean an easy walk. Kat's adoption took us 7 months. Chloe's 12. The boys 14 months. Even then I whined (yes, I did MOM) and God was working on my sin, because it was a sin.  So here we are, God shows us Phoebe and I think, okay, we can do this in less than a year. No problem.

And then the problems came. I've cried out (NOT whined MOM) to Him, WHY? How? Should we continue? And although I don't know the why, I somewhat know the how, and I always felt we were meant to continue, we have NOT faltered in what we KNEW HE wanted us to do. And it's taken 22 months get to this point. And HE has not left us to make it through this alone. NOPE. And that also means the funds coming in to complete this adoption.

He is SO WONDERFUL. He can and WILL do this for as many of you as YOU ARE WILLING TO ANSWER.  I'm betting there is a child out there for every-single-one-of-you. To adopt. To pray for. To help with donating to get them home to the family they are meant to be in. 


Is He calling you to step out and adopt?  Calling you to donate? Calling you to be a prayer warrior for an orphan? Advocate for children needing adopted? Calling you to adopt a child who needs re homed? ASK HIM, He will show you. HE WILL, come on, don't be afraid to ASK.

We are almost there--- in funds, in person to meet our girl, but one thing that will.not.change--- our love and faith, our PRAISE in HIM. In HIS provisions. He can do this for YOU TOO!!

It's so totally worth it. Precious. Gems. Treasures. So many gifts they bring. The gift of new life, wonder, joy. Even if they have a rough road, they change your life FOREVER- even just one child, you don't have to adopt 6:) 

But for this child, Phoebe girl, she is God's way of showing He is in THIS. He will guide, pave the way, stay with you, and BLESS you with a child if that is your path. He will. And He will BLESS those who can't adopt but also help in other ways, because they too, are following His WORD.

Care for the orphans. So soon Phoebe girl, you won't have that title any longer. You will be OUR DAUGHTER instead. Learning about Him and how HE brought you HOME.


mom2three said...

Rejoicing with you as the percentage goes up and the amount still needed goes down. Our God is able to do above and beyond what we can think or ask.

mom2three said...

Rejoicing with you as the percentage goes up and the amount still needed goes down. Our God is able to do above and beyond what we can think or ask.

ashley said...

46%!!! Praise! I have been praying, for you, for Phoebe, even for Chloe, who must be so excited to go to China. yay God!!!!!
blessings, Ashley :)