Sunday, December 16, 2012

MOM update

I am soooo confused. Today the "bigger, better hospital" is saying the CT scan was read wrong and MOM doesn't have a tumor or lymph involvement, that there is a tiny lump or "nodule" and the lymphs are enlarged but not even enough to biopsy them. 

I can't understand how 2 reports could be sooooo different. And I told 2 doctors that today. And I want another expert opinion on the 3 scans now done including the first one which is what I was given the info on. And I really want her to have an MRI because the last thing I want is to find out they decided nothing is there to worry about then 6 months from now be saying "OOPS." NO, nope, no way.

I'm just too cautious to let this go. This is MOM after all. 

I will LOVE to come back and tell you all prayer worked, this is nothing. But first we have to be sure it really IS nothing. 

I think my poor brain is not able to wrap it's self around this craziness. Her doctors don't really like me, I believe, but trust me, I do not care at this point. I am having issues with ALL of them, WHO is RIGHT?  I don't know that I feel I can trust ANY of them now.

ANYHOOO---- we will see, I'll keep you all updated, and work on a new blog post about funds, when we get TA, a video I gotta share, so much to dooooooo.  

Oh and 3 dolls to raffle in just 4 days and only 3 people who have entered? Huh? 3 people? Where is everyone? You all shoppin? Hanging out in the mall? Wrapping gifts? 

You need to get in on these cute and BIG dolls, you do not want to miss out, do ya???

$5 a chance. Odds are good for winning!!


Julie said...

How do I enter?

Melissa Kyzar said...

All you need to do is donate via the Chip In button! :)

Dottie P said...

So sorry, Vickie, that you have all this confusion with the doctors right now when you have so many other things going on. Our prayers continue to be with you.

Sue Mom of Two said...

I agree with Dottie.....this is the last thing you need to worry about right now. Praying that the new report IS the correct one!

Nancy said...

I agree. Let the doctors hate you all they want. You need to do what is best for your mother. Still praying that it is nothing!!!!

Rebecca said...

Hey! I'm here in china and I forgot to bring Chloe's letter for our daughter to read. Would you mind emailing it to me again??? Prayers for you guys...