Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday snow

It's snowing-- again.  And we are enjoying it. Inches and inches of SNOW. Our world is white, flurries abound, it's so bright. It's so DEEP. A winter wonderland.

See how much fun Teddy is having? He LOVES the snow. He looks like a bunny, he hops in it.

The kids are all doing fun things, enjoying their gifts. Sleeping in:) The girls have played Just D*nce 4 so many times Paisley came to me and said "Oh my arms hurt" and it took me a few seconds to put it together, thinking her arthritis was flaring. And we laughed when I told her "Too much dancing?"  

The girls are having a blast making jewelry from the kits they got for Christmas. Everyone now has a bracelet or earrings. And I mean everyone.

The boys played in the snow, ate many leftovers, yes, believe it or not, we actually have leftovers. I made a ham and a turkey and we have some left of the turkey, the ham is gone. A yummy meal  for Christmas and family to share it with. Blessed. We are blessed.

I've been quite busy on my own today, BOOKING TICKETS:) Yep, I said it. Booking tickets. We leave Jan 11, 2013. We get back Jan 23. We can pack (as if SOMEONE hasn't already?? Someone named CHLOE), we can plan, we can COUNT THE DAYS.

Still lots of funds needed, but they are coming in, showing that God is indeed, in charge of this journey and He will not leave this orphan without.  Using people who are blessing us with the help to get this girl from orphan to DAUGHTER. 

Loved, cherished, cared for, secure, taught about HIM. Everything she needs. Sitting around watching a movie with her brothers, this time next year:) Can't you imagine?

So exciting to see it come together, huh?  We thank all of the donating people who are called and are answering. We have ticket funds, with EVERY donation we say "Thank you Jesus" AND when we go to pay any fee and the money is there to cover it. 
Without fail. Because we want Him to know how much we appreciate His people and Him. 

We are at 24%, see that 24%!!!! It's so cool. Don't miss out if you want to be a part of this child's journey, it doesn't take much or many to add up to fully funded:) It all makes a difference to a beautiful child's life. 

Just look how happy this girl is---------

We leave in 16 days!!


Susan said...

I have followed your blog for a few years. I have two girls from China (ages 12.5 and 10). We are returning for a 9 year old girl and will be in Guangzhou from January 13 - 23. Perhaps we will run into you?

Vickie said...

We SHOULD!! We will be there Jan 19-24. Consulate appt Jan 22. Hope we can meet up, we'd love to meet you!

Tammy said...

Great news....and HUGS