Friday, December 7, 2012

All about them

5 days left for the auction of stuff. Just a reminder:)

Now to update about the kids. Humm, where to begin.  Littlest to the biggest, shortest to the tallest, youngest to oldest? Boys to girls,  best behavior to worst?

You guess.

Measurements of the 3 youngest girls--

Kat 4 ft 3 inches and 48 lbs.

Phoebe (5 months younger than Kat)  4 ft 4 3/4  inches and 57 lbs.

Paisley 4 ft 5 1/4 inches and 62 lbs.

Yep, stair steps. All three wearing size 7-8 except Paisley prefers 10/12 tops. Paisley size  little girl 13.  (tiny feet)  Kat size 1. Phoebe size 3!

Ask Kat what she thinks of Phoebe coming soon, she said "We will be your Or*o cookies. Black/white/black (Paisley/Phoebe/Kat 's hair) to which I told her I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Or*o cookies:)  Is she funny or what? Or*o cookies. Ha ha.

I bought a few things for Phoebe, unders, pj's, and saw a hat, didn't really NEED it, but she will be wearing hats often, so why not a CUTE one? So ALL the kids, even Camden wanted it. 

Now don't worry (MOM) Camden wanted to rip the flower off the side to make it a "boy" hat but they ALL want that hat!  I did let the kids "borrow" it to take some pics, yep, holiday card time.

I can only imagine how hard it will be to add a light sensitive blondie in there when it's terrible hard to get the current 6 to all smile, stop complaining about pimples, not roll their eye balls, look at siblings, frown, make goofy face, give siblings "bunny ears" or any other such nonsense that happens the minute they get within reach of one another. OIY.

Last night was Kat's school Christmas concert. And yes, she borrowed "the HAT."  It was, well interesting. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Let's just say between the older kids and the younger kids, we have seen our fair share and more of school "concerts." Poor dad and I should be exempt for life- ha ha.

What are the boys up to? Camden is nuts about football. He plays football outside every day. He talks football. He sleeps football.  He's liking middle school, although dissecting owl "pellets" which he informed me was NOT owl poop, but owl vomit ---sounds gross to me either way. But then, he is a BOY.  He's very happy with his new bedroom upstairs and settled in well.

Poor Dad, he was "one-eyed" for a night, he came home late Monday night from the ER instead of earlier from work.  Chance was terribly upset when I said dad was in the ER and he said, "Why we not go?"  As if we were neglecting poor dad. Dad got a metal chip in his eye at work. Actually it went in scratched open his eye and he had to get it checked if it was still in there. Work hazard. Camden asked when he came in the door all patched over that eye if he had a glass eye.  Uh, NO caring and wonderful SON.

All the kids are enjoying Christmas movies, they watch at least one a day. Last night it was Polar Expr*ss.  They asked on Thanksgiving if they could put up the tree and besides finding 2 of my gifts from last year in the boxes they had packed away I did NADA. Oh, yeah, this is an English speaking blog. 

 Nothing. They did it ALL. Together and were done, finished within 3 hrs. And I had my 2 long lost gifts from last year:) I should hire the boys out, they are hard workers! Muy Bien.

Did you notice Spanish is filtering into my life, where from, you ask?  That Chloe. She is taking Spanish and although I took in high school a few (alright MOM, MANY) years ago, I am NOT gifted in language. 

So I hear things from her in SPANISH, as if Chinese wasn't enough to confuse me. She tells me Bueno Naches, every night and I tell her "No thanks, not hungry for nachos." To which she says "MOTHER". I just can't help myself. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now don't fear (MOM) Spanish speaking girl hasn't lost her ability to ask at least once per day and twice on Sunday for good measure in English "Do you have a date yet?"  That would be THE DATE, when we leave for China. She CAN-NOT-WAIT.  I told her I asked about the end of December and our less-than-stellar agency said it would be "tough."

So she goes back and says every-single-day-------- "You said October, then November,  then December and now Jan. Me thinks I should just let HER call the agency and China and whoever else and they can answer to HER instead of me taking all this sass.  I'm bettin' she's get things moving. 

We *should* be waiting for TA now but I can't get agency to confirm our Art 5 was indeed picked up yesterday--- grrr. I don't trust that "some problem" didn't crop up and we are held up, because that's been the theme throughout this whole adoption.

 TA wait----- hopefully. And yes, Travel Approval is the final step.  Still a TON short of funds so praying hard for that because we can't travel at all without the funds:( 

Got the neatest email this week. Melissa. Said, hey, I want to donate some stuff. And she makes DOLLS-- cloth dolls. Why is this so amazing? Because Phoebe's favorite toy in her report? A cloth doll. And I haven't been able to find one at all that was her true coloring at all. So what does she do? Besides gather up a bunch of homemade stuff to let me auction/raffle, she makes a doll to raffle, AND a Phoebe doll. EVEN going so far as to make sure her dolly has glasses just like her. 

Melissa, you are a gift. Your talent, your heart, a wonderful gift. I'm jealous because I can sew a button and a tear in clothes, sewing machines and I do NOT get along. I can not thread them. CAN NOT I tell you. I do it wrong every time and end up with broken needles, thread balled up, I am hopelessly unable to sew:(  

So to have someone who has such talent offer to use her talent not only to gift items to help with funds to get Phoebe home but to make her a doll of her unique coloring, WOW.  

I'm gonna make you all wait till the package comes, BUT--- I am going to start the count for every $5 donated NOW.  Till the 20th.

We will raffle the doll on Dec. 20 to give me enough time to get it to the person who wins for Christmas. And really, you are going to want to win this one:)

So get in the raffle, donate away, every bit of your donation is going to a super cause here, all to get this blondie girl home where she will fit right in (see the spot between Kat and Paisley) and we will provide her with the love, the care, the FAMILY she needs:)

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