Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year's End

The End of 2012 brings us hope and anticipation. For 2013. But we also look back and feel much to be thankful for. 2012 brought us many blessings, the addition of our new daughter, wonderful Paisley.

Such a treasure, she had a rough beginning with her first family but came to us willing and blended right in. Without a doubt, God sent. We are so thankful to be her family and to give her first family peace in this child finding her place within a family which is what they wanted for her.

As we worked through more and more hurdles with our Phoebe's adoption, we saw much more progress on the teen front here at home. Some teens seeming to finally get things we are trying to get through to them. Less steps backwards.

We've seen new teeth come in and everyone grow in size and maturity. We've longed, yearned, wished, dreamed and prayed for our Phoebe girl. That she be prepared, safe, healthy and ready to come to us.

We've gotten Paisley in a place health wise where she is better off physically than she has ever been. She is thriving. So sweet to see her doing things she could never do before.

We've had lots going on with those older kids, one graduated last week (Derrik).  One quit college (Donovan) which we weren't thrilled but he wants to go a different direction and so he made the choice. We will pray he ends up where he wants to be.

Still no grand kids yet, can't understand what they are all waiting for? I mean, the oldest is 27 now, they need to give me some babies to love on-- right? They tell me "NO." So I have to just keep hoping.

We've been blessed with our home, we've been in it a year now, and I can't tell you how much we appreciate it. Enough room, we share it often, it's such a wonderful haven for us. I am so happy to come home when I go anywhere. It's a peaceful place, people think because we have so many children our home MUST be chaos. It's really not. The kids are well behaved, they are fun and we enjoy them. 

They really are great kids. We get to see them grow in body and mind, we get to see them grow in faith. They teach us many things, and give us insight as to how strong they really are.  We could not love them more.

Right now our focus, of course is getting Phoebe home, after such a long journey to get to this point. We know she is a special child, otherwise the fight would not have been so tough.  

Our last fees we are working toward are literally HER RANSOM. The fee to the orphanage to be allowed to adopt her. To free her from the life of an unwanted orphan and make her a cherished and loved DAUGHTER.

Time is very short, in order to get the funds transferred and be able to have them to get on the plane to take with me, we have but DAYS to raise the rest of the money needed.

7 days to be exact.

That might look scary-- but God is in on this. So don't be scared. Don't. Let's instead, look at this with JOY--- we are at 49%  whooooooo hooooooo. 

I want to make this FUNdraising. Since I don't have any cool stuff to give away or anything, I was trying to think of something FUN we could do. 

And this what I thought of.  Let's give a shout out (That means leave a comment MOM) every time the CHIP IN hits another percent. Let's ALL thank Him and enjoy His provisions:)

See who can be the FIRST to notice it go up a percent and comment.  

And if you can spare $5, $10, what ever, well go ahead, donate it-- because God will take it and multiply it.  Let's all have FUN watching it go, go, go. 

It breaks down to needing almost $507 a day to come in for the next 7 days.   Let's start today and see if we can get $507 to come in:) If we break it down it's 101 people giving $5. It's 51 people giving $10.  It's 10 people giving $50. Doesn't that look possible?? Of course it does, because with God it IS possible.

Let's ransom this girl's life, and see her home with a SMILE on her face knowing she is finally HOME.

Will you help please?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Notice something?

Anyone?  Should I make you guess?  Drop hints?

Nope, not gonna go there because this is too important-- our CHIP IN--

It's at 45%.  HOW?   

We got a HUGE donation and we dropped the amount needed for the chip in. So we end up needing much, much less.

As in God IS PROVIDING. He is. Him. Our Father. He is not leaving Phoebe.

Why is this so important? Well, besides the fact that we must have the fees  paid/to pay to complete this adoption, I have told many, many people about how WONDERFUL our God is and how HE provides. 

How HE can take ordinary people like us, imperfect, and bless us with the most amazing gifts, these treasured children, once orphans, now our sons and daughters.

And He can take a MOUNTAIN of fees that LOOK impossible (to us) and He can blow it away. So many say, "We can't adopt because we don't have the funds in the bank." He does not say "Wait, make sure you have money in the bank." He says "Care for the orphans." And He adopts US in to His family and expects us to love others as He loves us.

He WANTS to do this for YOU, and YOU, and you and you too. ALL OF US. Not just a few "special" people, because again, we are just ordinary people. 

Many saw the story of the boys, the brothers we had no knowledge of, as a special thing, and it was, it still makes me get goosebumps to tell it. And MANY donated to get the boys home with their bio sister.

So I think people look at that and say "Oh, of course they got funded, those kids needed to grow up together."

BUT  you see God knows Phoebe and to HIM, she's just as important. She's just as special. AS IS ANY CHILD WHO NEEDS A FAMILY. God will NOT leave these children without a family who will become funded if you follow HIM and ask HIM to guide the journey.

Again, this does NOT mean an easy walk. Kat's adoption took us 7 months. Chloe's 12. The boys 14 months. Even then I whined (yes, I did MOM) and God was working on my sin, because it was a sin.  So here we are, God shows us Phoebe and I think, okay, we can do this in less than a year. No problem.

And then the problems came. I've cried out (NOT whined MOM) to Him, WHY? How? Should we continue? And although I don't know the why, I somewhat know the how, and I always felt we were meant to continue, we have NOT faltered in what we KNEW HE wanted us to do. And it's taken 22 months get to this point. And HE has not left us to make it through this alone. NOPE. And that also means the funds coming in to complete this adoption.

He is SO WONDERFUL. He can and WILL do this for as many of you as YOU ARE WILLING TO ANSWER.  I'm betting there is a child out there for every-single-one-of-you. To adopt. To pray for. To help with donating to get them home to the family they are meant to be in. 


Is He calling you to step out and adopt?  Calling you to donate? Calling you to be a prayer warrior for an orphan? Advocate for children needing adopted? Calling you to adopt a child who needs re homed? ASK HIM, He will show you. HE WILL, come on, don't be afraid to ASK.

We are almost there--- in funds, in person to meet our girl, but one thing that will.not.change--- our love and faith, our PRAISE in HIM. In HIS provisions. He can do this for YOU TOO!!

It's so totally worth it. Precious. Gems. Treasures. So many gifts they bring. The gift of new life, wonder, joy. Even if they have a rough road, they change your life FOREVER- even just one child, you don't have to adopt 6:) 

But for this child, Phoebe girl, she is God's way of showing He is in THIS. He will guide, pave the way, stay with you, and BLESS you with a child if that is your path. He will. And He will BLESS those who can't adopt but also help in other ways, because they too, are following His WORD.

Care for the orphans. So soon Phoebe girl, you won't have that title any longer. You will be OUR DAUGHTER instead. Learning about Him and how HE brought you HOME.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday snow

It's snowing-- again.  And we are enjoying it. Inches and inches of SNOW. Our world is white, flurries abound, it's so bright. It's so DEEP. A winter wonderland.

See how much fun Teddy is having? He LOVES the snow. He looks like a bunny, he hops in it.

The kids are all doing fun things, enjoying their gifts. Sleeping in:) The girls have played Just D*nce 4 so many times Paisley came to me and said "Oh my arms hurt" and it took me a few seconds to put it together, thinking her arthritis was flaring. And we laughed when I told her "Too much dancing?"  

The girls are having a blast making jewelry from the kits they got for Christmas. Everyone now has a bracelet or earrings. And I mean everyone.

The boys played in the snow, ate many leftovers, yes, believe it or not, we actually have leftovers. I made a ham and a turkey and we have some left of the turkey, the ham is gone. A yummy meal  for Christmas and family to share it with. Blessed. We are blessed.

I've been quite busy on my own today, BOOKING TICKETS:) Yep, I said it. Booking tickets. We leave Jan 11, 2013. We get back Jan 23. We can pack (as if SOMEONE hasn't already?? Someone named CHLOE), we can plan, we can COUNT THE DAYS.

Still lots of funds needed, but they are coming in, showing that God is indeed, in charge of this journey and He will not leave this orphan without.  Using people who are blessing us with the help to get this girl from orphan to DAUGHTER. 

Loved, cherished, cared for, secure, taught about HIM. Everything she needs. Sitting around watching a movie with her brothers, this time next year:) Can't you imagine?

So exciting to see it come together, huh?  We thank all of the donating people who are called and are answering. We have ticket funds, with EVERY donation we say "Thank you Jesus" AND when we go to pay any fee and the money is there to cover it. 
Without fail. Because we want Him to know how much we appreciate His people and Him. 

We are at 24%, see that 24%!!!! It's so cool. Don't miss out if you want to be a part of this child's journey, it doesn't take much or many to add up to fully funded:) It all makes a difference to a beautiful child's life. 

Just look how happy this girl is---------

We leave in 16 days!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Celebrating Christmas Eve


IT'S SNOWING!!! It's soooo pretty, the ground is all white, we call it laying, Chloe calls it "landing:)" Camden's already out building a snowman. We have nowhere we have to go so why not snow:)) 


It's CHRISTmas Eve. 

Third-- We spent a lovely weekend-  we went to MOM's and the kids put up her tree for her since she is still weak and not feeling 100%. They did it in no time. I'm telling ya, I should be hiring them out:) They are GOOD. Then we headed off to my brother's house yesterday and had such a great time visiting him and his family.  The weather held out and it was so wonderful to spend time with them.

Aunt Junko aka "Aunt Jingle Bell" as Chase called her all day (she's Japanese)  made a wonderful meal. 

And Chase "embarrassed himself" when Uncle Roy gave the kids hot sauce and told them it was hot enough to kill them and they didn't heed the warning of how hot it was. 

You see, we can't keep these kids in hot sauce, nor HAD anyone found a brand TOO hot for them. Chase spent some time in the garage "cooling off" as he put it--much to the amusement of all. And he was even a good sport about it:)

Fourth--I don't think anyone noticed with our last post but WE GOT TRAVEL APPROVAL--- I don't know if the link threw people off, if you thought I saved that announcement for that post, but I did NOT. The call came December 21 at  3:23 pm. And we were thrilled. Since you all must be out buying gifts or busy wrapping I'll help you out--- 

WOW. Congrats. Thrilling. About TIME. WHoooopeeeee.  Go get that girl. Are you packed yet?  Well, hello, it took long enough!  Get that girl HOME, YEAH!
One less orphan, here your momma comes.  

Okay, now it's sinkin' in:)

Fifth---OH MY GOODNESS-  The CHIP IN!!! Whoooo, hooo. We celebrated 1%, we sure did. We missed 2%, next thing we knew it was 3%, but we celebrated God's provisions. Then it was 6% then 9% and today it JUMPED to 22%. Yep, BOOM, there it is.  22%. The girls squealed with delight (okay MOM I did too) and Kat said "It's a Christmas miracle from Jesus"-- how TRUE is that?

Our wish and prayers for each person who donates is that God sees you have answered His call, He sees your donations from your hearts and He takes that and blesses you 10X over.   

How wonderful that the money needed for Wednesday to book our tickets, we have it:) It's coming in as we need it for this trip, as we learned in Sunday school--- just enough, just in time. His TIME. His provisions, as they are needed. He is calling and providing through His people, to get us to China and get this precious girl home. 

Speaking of home, our day started in meltdown status. Miss Kitty.  I saw the start of this yesterday. When we were talking about me going to China. Yep. The clinging started, or "hogging mom" as Chloe calls it.

And this morning she started crying over something simple. And I knew underneath this was fear. Fear of change, fear of mom going away, fear of a new sister coming. 

So after she did this for a while, I sat her down and I held her. I cradled her like a baby and told her about how excited we were to get Chloe, and the boys, and Paisley, and how none of them coming made us love her any LESS. She is still our special girl and we will always love her.

She was immediately better. Just needed some extra lovin'. We expect the adjustment of Phoebe to the family to be the hardest on Kat, because they are so close in age. So I was actually glad we were able to work through this for her and we have lots of Christmas stuff to do which will give her less time to fret.

She's got such a tender heart, I think it bothers her to feel bad about Phoebe coming and her being scared because she wants her sister to come home, but she's also worried what that means to our every day life.   All normal adjustments. It will be nice to be able to give her extra family time with the holidays and school being out before we do go to China.

And about going to China--   we are looking at leaving Jan 12 and returning Jan 23. We want to keep the trip as short as possible to save money and to be able to get home asap. Next fees needed are In China costs, orphanage fee, etc. We have little time, but HUGE FAITH!

We are  praying  for some more "Christmas miracles" to get our girl home. He will not let us down.  Just WEEKS NOW, after sooo long---I will be able to tell her (In Chinese, in PERSON)
I love you daughter!! 

We can't wait-- it's hard not having Phoebe here for Christmas but we believe in God's timing, because it's PERFECT.

So for now, we wish everyone, Merry Christmas and know He IS the REASON for the SEASON.

Happy Birthday Jesus!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Special Post

Bloggy friends,  

We are sharing our story and linking up to  A Place Called Simplicity (click on the name) so that we share the joy of our Father calling those to help get children who are being adopted HOME with their families.

 Answering His call to do this, as a body of Christ. As He calls us to do. 

So we are answering questions pertaining to our girl and ourselves and EXCITED to see how God uses people to meet the need:) 

1.   Tell us a bit about the child you are adopting - including this treasure's age and name {Please post a picture if allowed.}

Phoebe Kai Yandrea  will be 9 on March 20th. That's her over there----- with that adorable look on her face. We are IN LOVE.

2.  Is the child you are adopting considered "Special Needs"? 

 Yes, Phoebe has albinism which means she was born with a lack of pigmentation of her skin, hair and eyes. She has white hair, blue eyes, and low vision, poor depth perception and nystagmus.

3.  What country or geographic area are you adopting from? 

CHINA again:)

4.   Have you adopted before? 

2006 Adopted our first girl, age 3, SN from China, 2009 adopted our second girl 13, SN from China, found out she had 2 bio brothers--- so in 2010 adopted the brothers, age 14 and 15 from China, accepted a child from disruption this year (Chinese) age 15 and adopting Phoebe. Have 5 homegrown sons 1 homegrown girl and an angel baby boy. Yep, she's #13:) Lovin' our big family.

5.   How close to travel are you?

Arranging travel for Jan 11, 2013 got TRAVEL 


 December 21!!! 

6.   Do you attend church regularly?

  Yes, we all do. 

 If so, what type of church is it?

McConnellstown Church of the Nazarene 

7.    Do you tithe with each pay {at least the scriptural standard of 10%}?


8.  This week, did you participate in any way with the day of Praise, Prayer by giving praise on the link and then posting your request? 

Yes and fasted too:) 

9.  Have you read the entire Deadbeat Dad series? Yes, totally loved it- so true

{Yes or No}  Please read it in full, so you can better understand the heart of God for stewarding the money He has graciously gifted us with. 
It is a four part series and can be found here:  Part 1Part 2, Part 3Part 4

10. How did you hear about this Link up we are having?

2 bloggy friends who know our need for funds emailed me before I got a chance to read your blog, (which I do regularly)

11.  Is there anything, briefly, that you would like to share with our orphan-lovin', God-honorin', Jesus worshippin' bloggy friends reading this?

We are honored to love these orphans, make them our sons and daughters--they are such a  blessing. We share as much as we possibly can to help educate people adopting older, we have done respites, we feel called to help people navigate the rough waters older child adoption can be because these children are treasures, they deserve to have families. We are deeply thankful for any and ALL help and praise HIM for giving us the gift to parent these wonderful, special kiddos. 

Finally, understanding that each gift received through this "Response Time" has been entrusted generously for our use from our loving Father, we promise, in the unlikely event that we would be unable to or decide not to adopt the children we are advocating for, we promise to return all of the money gifted to us as a result of this link to International Voice of the Orphan so they can, at their discretion, give to other families currently adopting.      

{Please place your initials on the line.} 
Yes, I will submit_RPY and VLY_____             No, I am unable to submit to this ________

Bloggy friends old and new, we thank you all for your support of our adoption of Phoebe. We can hardly wait to have this treasure home. Please join us in prayer for our girl, for funding, for our trip. 

And just because I like to break it down for all---If 1260 give  people give $10 we are fully funded.
If 630 people give $20 we are  fully funded
If 315 people give $40 we are fully funded 
If  200 people give $63 we are fully funded
If you give whatever you can, God will multiply it and we will be fully funded:))))

You are all a part of something so special, ransom of a child's life. AMAZING. INCREDIBLE, SPECIAL, AWESOME!!!!  That's our God and what He can call you to do.  Be a part of this:) 

Thursday, December 20, 2012


This was soooo much fun:) Winners are PHOEBE- oh, yeah you all knew that right?

Yep, she's gettin' a family. 

Oh, you are wondering who won the DOLLS, right? Well, let's get right to it!

Winner #1 -- You have a choice of Doll 1 (blonde, blue eyes) Doll 2 (brown hair, brown eyes) OR Doll 3, special made but NOT available for Christmas.


She picked the blonde, blue eyes doll:)

Dolly is now on her way to you.

Winner #2 is-------

Lorida B

Now really, could you ask for anyone cuter to tell you that you are a winner???   BTW, she was really hamming this up.  She may be the next Vanna?

She picked the special made doll and here's where it gets even sweeter--- we had wanted to get a doll for Kat FROM Phoebe, so she wouldn't be jealous of Phoebe's doll. I didn't mention this.

 BUT Lorida told me she did not have a little girl to love a dolly and would Kat like one? Made like her? Made me cry Lorida. So that's where the dolly of choice is going:) Thank you Lorida. Kat's gonna be so surprised and happy.  

AND last but never, ever least, WINNER #3 is-----

Kim L

Last doll left was brown hair, brown eyes. And who but the third winner, Kim has a daughter with that exact coloring?? I kid you not! 

That sweet dolly is also on her way in the mail this morning. 

Again, a HUGE  THANK YOU to Melissa for these super cute dolls. She does do custom orders but will not be able to fill any orders before Christmas this year. She can be reached at

Congrats to all the winners:)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Another MOM update

MOM is home. CT scan #4 with dye showed she does not have the tumor reported from the first hospital. We had 3 doctors go over the reports to satisfy her annoying daughter who is a nurse (OOPS that's ME).  MOM was also blessed today with someone paying for her medicine she couldn't afford to pick up:)

God is sooo good.  I am so thankful to Him.

I am thankful too for the 1% on the Chip In. Now don't think I am being funny- I mean it. It seems like we see what we don't have-- I refuse to do that-- we are thankful and celebrating the provisions, He is providing for our girl's ransom. Her life IS so important and we can hardly wait to meet her.

Tomorrow is the doll raffle:))) I can't wait to see who wins!!!

Whooo hooo.  Praising HIM.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Why We Adopt

Why We Adopt

PLEASE take the time to go to this link. Click on the small words "Why We Adopt" -- above

 It's soooo powerful.  I love where he says he's the brake she's the gas pedal:)))

And it's so amazing to hear just how we feel in his words, "There's no physical thing you can buy that will give you true peace and happiness and the pure joy that will come from a rescue or ransom of a child's life is the probably the most satisfying thing you can imagine."

It's how we feel about adoption.  WORTH the 6 minutes you need to watch the video. 


We are still very short of funds. I'm gonna share it here-- it's gonna make you gasp. $13,000.

 I know. That looks soooo big doesn't it?  

I haven't shared it till now because it did seem so overwhelming. But God has told me a few things lately, some I didn't like or want to do but I listened. He told me to send out letters, to family and friends. To SHARE the need. So I did. Now, you gotta know, we did this before with some pretty nasty feedback.

It was hurtful. Annoying. Unbelievable. 

But here's the thing-- God didn't say "EASY" would be our walk once we accepted Him, He just said He won't leave us, He is here to get us through. And He expects obedience. Like it or not. So I did it, I sent the letters out last week.

AND He told me "SHARE" the amount needed. On the blog. The whole amount, not just pieces. So okay, here it is again $13,000. Did you gasp? 'Cause honestly it's looking BIG to us. 

But I feel He wants it shared so when HE provides we can PRAISE HIM and make sure ALL KNOW HE did this. He already knows where this money is coming from.

We heard today finally that we are indeed waiting on TA (Travel Approval MOM)  AND could have it this week. We got a bill from agency for fees that must be paid and we HAVE ENOUGH to pay it. SEE, He provides.

We do NOT have the fees to travel. And we are trying for Jan 4, or Jan 11 if we do get our TA this week. That's 17- 24 DAYS away. With holidays in there, which means no banks open. 

I seriously have NO CLUE which direction God is going to bring this money. It's kinda fun to let our minds run wild, since we have given it to HIM-- will He send it in 1 check ($13,000)? 2 people called ($6500)? 100 people called ($130) ? 1300 people called ($10) ?  Break it down and it seems to be something that CAN happen, doesn't it?

I just know that Phoebe is so special, that He knows the NEED and He knows our hearts, Phoebe is being adopted in honor of a wonderful woman that was taken way too soon, my cousin Andrea. 

She wanted to adopt and told me, the last thing she said to me what she didn't get to adopt. I told her we had her covered, Phoebe was being adopted in honor of HER. It's an HONOR to be chosen to fulfill a dream for my cousin and we will love this child sooooo deeply (we already do!), even her coloring reminds me of my cousin, who was a towheaded child. 

Her name is Phoebe KaiyAndrea. A blending of her Chinese name and my beloved cousin's name who will no doubt be watching over this child. 

Again, from the video  ------

"There's no physical thing you can buy that will give you true peace and happiness and the pure joy that will come from a rescue or ransom of a child's life is the probably the most satisfying thing you can imagine."

We have to get this child's life ransomed. She's so worth it. A treasure. 
Will you share the need? Share so that we can all praise Him as the funds come in. And pray, please pray for those funds, 'cause nothing happens if we don't ASK. 

We are asking:)

Doll raffle has 3 days you donate to the Chip In and for every $5 your name goes in the drawing once  That cute Miss Kitty will draw the winner, can't post without a picture of her in her little "hat" which is really a hair accessory.  No one but her could look so cute in such a thing:)

Update on mom, waiting on latest CT scan results, and a second, actually third opinion on the scans already done. 

So there it is-- our need is great. Not greater than OUR GOD, though, nope, not greater than Him.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

MOM update

I am soooo confused. Today the "bigger, better hospital" is saying the CT scan was read wrong and MOM doesn't have a tumor or lymph involvement, that there is a tiny lump or "nodule" and the lymphs are enlarged but not even enough to biopsy them. 

I can't understand how 2 reports could be sooooo different. And I told 2 doctors that today. And I want another expert opinion on the 3 scans now done including the first one which is what I was given the info on. And I really want her to have an MRI because the last thing I want is to find out they decided nothing is there to worry about then 6 months from now be saying "OOPS." NO, nope, no way.

I'm just too cautious to let this go. This is MOM after all. 

I will LOVE to come back and tell you all prayer worked, this is nothing. But first we have to be sure it really IS nothing. 

I think my poor brain is not able to wrap it's self around this craziness. Her doctors don't really like me, I believe, but trust me, I do not care at this point. I am having issues with ALL of them, WHO is RIGHT?  I don't know that I feel I can trust ANY of them now.

ANYHOOO---- we will see, I'll keep you all updated, and work on a new blog post about funds, when we get TA, a video I gotta share, so much to dooooooo.  

Oh and 3 dolls to raffle in just 4 days and only 3 people who have entered? Huh? 3 people? Where is everyone? You all shoppin? Hanging out in the mall? Wrapping gifts? 

You need to get in on these cute and BIG dolls, you do not want to miss out, do ya???

$5 a chance. Odds are good for winning!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I'm a mixed up mess of emotions today.

 First the news of babies, people's BABIES dying for NO REASON other than some horrible person decided to shoot innocent school children, people's babies, and the people trying to protect them:( My prayers go to the families of the victims, I'm soooo sorry for the loss of these precious people in your lives. I just can't even imagine this.

Then-- well, I don't even know how to write this. You see MOM has been a part of this blog, as surely as I write this blog. Many of you see your MOMS in my MOM  posts because, well, that's just how they are.

Drive you nuts, tell you not to go out with wet hair (you'll catch your death of a cold, you know) and other such wonderful tidbits of knowledge we all can't live without. Can't live with them but love them-- MOMS.

So when I got a call last eve that I was needed in the ER because MOM was there my heart sank. I don't know how to even make myself type the word C-A-N-C-E-R. I hate you CANCER, I HATE YOU. I hate, hate HATE YOU.  You took my father when I was little, you took my grandmother, my uncle, then my wonderful cousin whom Phoebe is being adopted and named after.

Because my cuz wanted to adopt. But she never got to. Last year this time I had gone to see her to say goodbye (you should never have to do this with a cousin YOUNGER than you) and she told me the one thing she didn't get to do she wished she could, ADOPT. So, I told her we had her covered, Phoebe would be adopted in her honor. And then my cousin was gone:(  But this will be such a special honor to parent this child:)

But I digress, because I don't want to accept what I have been told. It's not good. A tumor, lymph node involvement, fluid in the lungs. Sadly not much to do over a weekend for a "plan" of action, so as we try to let this sink in and we "wait" for the official word of how they will further test to see if it is indeed malignant. Although I saw the doctor who read the scan and there's really not a question. He was pretty darn sure. I wish he wasn't.

I'm FLOORED. To say the least. I'm angry, sad, angry, sad-- I don't know what to feel. I can't understand how we fund research for all kinds of things, why is there no CURE for cancer? As in vaccine for cancer, no one finding out another loved one is entering a BATTLE against that evil word CANCER. WHY?

I know there's no answer. I know. I just don't LIKE IT.  

I feel a great sense of urgency, we gotta get Phoebe home. I want MOM to have a reason, a purpose to FIGHT THIS FIGHT. To see that little precious girl who NEEDS her grandma to have lots of time to get to know her. To show her things, to tell her not to go outside with wet hair. 

Our children already do not have any grandpas.
Phoebe NEEDS this grandma. Because it's been a hard time for MOM lately, she lost a close friend and hasn't really coped well since.  MOM needs to know there is a good reason to give this battle her all.

And if you are blessed with a MOM, call her, DO IT NOW, for me, for my MOM-- and tell her you love her. Hug her if you are close enough to do so. Let your MOM know you love her, okay?

I'll remind you to bid on the dolls and contact me if you 
won auction items if you want to receive them by Christmas.

I want to share what we still need in funds to get to China-- it's a LOT, I just don't have the heart tonight:(   

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Raffle Twist

That Melissa, every time I think she has done so much, she turns up again with something else.

And what would it be???

A THIRD doll. Yep, now, understand this is a raffle. Just a WEEK to go. BUT the twist is that the first winner will  have 3 choices-----a choice of the 2 dolls available, blond/blue eyes, or brunette/brown eyes which I have and should be able to get shipped to the winners in time for Christmas. 

OR the 3rd choice will be a doll made to your request, black hair? Red hair? Almond eyes? Hazel? Skin tone, dark, light. For this doll ONLY it will NOT be able to be ready for Christmas:( Sorry. But it will be the winners choice to pick. If #1 winner doesn't choose the ordered doll then #2 winner will be able to pick from the remaining doll already made OR the special order doll.

Then the third winner will get what the 2 other winners didn't choose. Clear as mud?

You see these HANDMADE lovely dolls with hand sewn details can be special ordered, Melissa can be reached by email at

She will NOT be able to commit to Christmas arrival for this year though if you want to order from her. Just so you are aware.

Now for the doll raffle for Phoebe to come home, we have 3 dolls, 2 already made, one to be special ordered and to get in on a chance for a doll you only have to donate $5. Each $5 gives you a chance, so $10= two chances, $15= three chances, etc.

Right now we have five chances in the pot. That's ALL.
Now we gotta do better than that! Melissa worked hard to make these very special dolls. (Thanks again Melissa:)

I also need the auction winners who have not contacted me to do so asap. Thanks everyone:)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Auction OVER!

Congrats to all our winners of the auction--

PLEASE if you won--
 Send me-----

Item (s) you won (number and short description) 
Your name
address (or address where you want it sent) 
If you have paid or how you intend to pay

 Send to ASAP

Thank you to all and to Tammy for donating jewelry and Anita for the quilt!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Child's view

Posting with permission an older child's civic homework assignment--

I Believe There Should Be No Orphans

By Agnes Tucker

Once upon a time, three years ago before I was adopted, I lived 11 years as an orphan. That life wasn’t as pretty as the life I have now. Although I miss my country and the other children I grew up with, I prefer this life. I lived with 600 other orphans who are still hoping to have the life I have now. 

People here have more than they need I have noticed, but yet they still cry that they are poor. To be considered that they are poor, it should be that they don’t have water; they should be starving, have no clothes, no car or any means of communications.

In civics and economics, I learned about scarcity were people have unlimited wants and limited resources. Well this is the definitely the case when you are an orphan. But whether you believe it or not, none of you, not even the beggars on the street in America, have faced the real life of an orphan. Because you have parents and do not have any of the things mentioned in the first paragraph.

 Being an orphan means you don’t get to see the outside world. The only thing you do is look outside through the same window everyday expecting someone to come for you. And when they don’t, sometimes you break into tears or accept what just happened as if you are tough.

I had been looking through my window for 11 years. And finally my time came. But before it came, I wondered if it did come, what will happen to the other orphans who are my family, friends and everything to me? 

Tears rolled down on my cheeks anytime I thought about the time they will age out of the orphanage. They only have one year left now for them to age out. They will be thrown into those dark, dirty streets. What will happen to them out there? Many things can happen to them. 

Those streets are scary, I have seen them before. They are dirty because diseases travel through that air like blood travels through our bodies. People are raped and

hurt on those streets. They have to hunt for food and they will be lucky if they find a piece of bread.

Children die out there because of the dirty environment they are in. Imagine being on the streets, you wear the same clothes until they tear apart but still you wear them. Imagine sleeping outside on concrete, no blanket and no showers and no shoes. All these things make me cry and the sad thing is it’s true, real and happening right now.

That’s why I believe that there should be no orphans, because we’ve all got what it takes to save the life of an orphan. We got more than what we need, and it won’t hurt us to share what we’ve got. If we do this all together, I promise they will be no orphans left.

Don't know about all of you but this blew me AWAY. 

Powerful words from a child's experience. So there it is.

 We can ALL do this!!  Less than 1 day left for our 

auction!!  Get your bids IN:)

Monday, December 10, 2012

A reminder

Hey there!  Guess what?

No we didn't get TA yet. (Travel approval MOM)

BUT......... There are 2 days left to the auction and Miss Kitty wanted to "be on the blog." Girl even brushed her hair to make a guest appearance (I'm living with a total diva here) so that everyone could see how BIG the dolls are.

Yep, they aren't tiny little things, they are nice sized, large cloth dolls.

And Miss Kitty said you all need to get your bids in, there's some items we don't even have 3 bids on:(  Remember, we have 3 of EACH item, except the quilt.

You're making Miss Kitty sad:(  You don't want to go there. Okay, I don't want to go there.

But anyway--- here's the sweet Kat, showing off the dolls, so you all will donate for her sister to come home and get in on the raffle.  She wants everyone to WIN.

So whatever works for ya. Jewelry, raffle for the dolls, donations to the church--- we thank you and are grateful for ALL donations to help get this blondie girl on home.

For SURE:)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's a DOLLY or 2

 Melissa K outdid herself.  You are not going to believe how adorable these dolls are. And there are TWO for the raffle.  

Blond (yellow hair) has blue eyes.  Light brown hair girly has brown eyes.
Raffling them both:)))) First winner we will give choice of which colored doll they want.

I have to share the pics, but even more special is the detail, the trouble she went to for Phoebe's doll.  Isn't it SPECIAL?? And no, you can't have Phoebe's doll, nope. Not parting with that sweetie.  But trust me the other two are sweet as well:) Such fine detail in all 3!

$5 a chance, don't forget we will be raffling these soon. 

Donate for a chance and get in on these cuties. You do not want to miss out!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

All about them

5 days left for the auction of stuff. Just a reminder:)

Now to update about the kids. Humm, where to begin.  Littlest to the biggest, shortest to the tallest, youngest to oldest? Boys to girls,  best behavior to worst?

You guess.

Measurements of the 3 youngest girls--

Kat 4 ft 3 inches and 48 lbs.

Phoebe (5 months younger than Kat)  4 ft 4 3/4  inches and 57 lbs.

Paisley 4 ft 5 1/4 inches and 62 lbs.

Yep, stair steps. All three wearing size 7-8 except Paisley prefers 10/12 tops. Paisley size  little girl 13.  (tiny feet)  Kat size 1. Phoebe size 3!

Ask Kat what she thinks of Phoebe coming soon, she said "We will be your Or*o cookies. Black/white/black (Paisley/Phoebe/Kat 's hair) to which I told her I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Or*o cookies:)  Is she funny or what? Or*o cookies. Ha ha.

I bought a few things for Phoebe, unders, pj's, and saw a hat, didn't really NEED it, but she will be wearing hats often, so why not a CUTE one? So ALL the kids, even Camden wanted it. 

Now don't worry (MOM) Camden wanted to rip the flower off the side to make it a "boy" hat but they ALL want that hat!  I did let the kids "borrow" it to take some pics, yep, holiday card time.

I can only imagine how hard it will be to add a light sensitive blondie in there when it's terrible hard to get the current 6 to all smile, stop complaining about pimples, not roll their eye balls, look at siblings, frown, make goofy face, give siblings "bunny ears" or any other such nonsense that happens the minute they get within reach of one another. OIY.

Last night was Kat's school Christmas concert. And yes, she borrowed "the HAT."  It was, well interesting. That's all I'm gonna say about that. Let's just say between the older kids and the younger kids, we have seen our fair share and more of school "concerts." Poor dad and I should be exempt for life- ha ha.

What are the boys up to? Camden is nuts about football. He plays football outside every day. He talks football. He sleeps football.  He's liking middle school, although dissecting owl "pellets" which he informed me was NOT owl poop, but owl vomit ---sounds gross to me either way. But then, he is a BOY.  He's very happy with his new bedroom upstairs and settled in well.

Poor Dad, he was "one-eyed" for a night, he came home late Monday night from the ER instead of earlier from work.  Chance was terribly upset when I said dad was in the ER and he said, "Why we not go?"  As if we were neglecting poor dad. Dad got a metal chip in his eye at work. Actually it went in scratched open his eye and he had to get it checked if it was still in there. Work hazard. Camden asked when he came in the door all patched over that eye if he had a glass eye.  Uh, NO caring and wonderful SON.

All the kids are enjoying Christmas movies, they watch at least one a day. Last night it was Polar Expr*ss.  They asked on Thanksgiving if they could put up the tree and besides finding 2 of my gifts from last year in the boxes they had packed away I did NADA. Oh, yeah, this is an English speaking blog. 

 Nothing. They did it ALL. Together and were done, finished within 3 hrs. And I had my 2 long lost gifts from last year:) I should hire the boys out, they are hard workers! Muy Bien.

Did you notice Spanish is filtering into my life, where from, you ask?  That Chloe. She is taking Spanish and although I took in high school a few (alright MOM, MANY) years ago, I am NOT gifted in language. 

So I hear things from her in SPANISH, as if Chinese wasn't enough to confuse me. She tells me Bueno Naches, every night and I tell her "No thanks, not hungry for nachos." To which she says "MOTHER". I just can't help myself. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Now don't fear (MOM) Spanish speaking girl hasn't lost her ability to ask at least once per day and twice on Sunday for good measure in English "Do you have a date yet?"  That would be THE DATE, when we leave for China. She CAN-NOT-WAIT.  I told her I asked about the end of December and our less-than-stellar agency said it would be "tough."

So she goes back and says every-single-day-------- "You said October, then November,  then December and now Jan. Me thinks I should just let HER call the agency and China and whoever else and they can answer to HER instead of me taking all this sass.  I'm bettin' she's get things moving. 

We *should* be waiting for TA now but I can't get agency to confirm our Art 5 was indeed picked up yesterday--- grrr. I don't trust that "some problem" didn't crop up and we are held up, because that's been the theme throughout this whole adoption.

 TA wait----- hopefully. And yes, Travel Approval is the final step.  Still a TON short of funds so praying hard for that because we can't travel at all without the funds:( 

Got the neatest email this week. Melissa. Said, hey, I want to donate some stuff. And she makes DOLLS-- cloth dolls. Why is this so amazing? Because Phoebe's favorite toy in her report? A cloth doll. And I haven't been able to find one at all that was her true coloring at all. So what does she do? Besides gather up a bunch of homemade stuff to let me auction/raffle, she makes a doll to raffle, AND a Phoebe doll. EVEN going so far as to make sure her dolly has glasses just like her. 

Melissa, you are a gift. Your talent, your heart, a wonderful gift. I'm jealous because I can sew a button and a tear in clothes, sewing machines and I do NOT get along. I can not thread them. CAN NOT I tell you. I do it wrong every time and end up with broken needles, thread balled up, I am hopelessly unable to sew:(  

So to have someone who has such talent offer to use her talent not only to gift items to help with funds to get Phoebe home but to make her a doll of her unique coloring, WOW.  

I'm gonna make you all wait till the package comes, BUT--- I am going to start the count for every $5 donated NOW.  Till the 20th.

We will raffle the doll on Dec. 20 to give me enough time to get it to the person who wins for Christmas. And really, you are going to want to win this one:)

So get in the raffle, donate away, every bit of your donation is going to a super cause here, all to get this blondie girl home where she will fit right in (see the spot between Kat and Paisley) and we will provide her with the love, the care, the FAMILY she needs:)