Thursday, November 22, 2012

Who won?


You, WON. The book "Sweet Moon Baby", signed by the author, donated by the author, Karen (THANKS AGAIN KAREN)

I did include any and all donations to the church for the drawing as well as Chip In donations. I have your address Nicola because you were one of the ones who sent a check to Phoebe's Fund. (unless you wish it to be sent to a different address for any reason  then please contact me asap--
We thank you, deeply, thank you and hope you enjoy the book, enjoy the picture of our girl, the one you helped to become one less orphan. One more daughter:)

Speaking of the picture:( I'm sad. Very sad. First we have asked and asked that they NOT cut her hair. And obviously after 6 months of no picture and this pic comes and the hair is the same length, possibly even shorter, they didn't keep their promise not to cut her hair.

Which in itself it's NOT a big deal. It will grow.  Not gonna make me cry. BUT it looks to me as if she has possibly been moved back to the orphanage from foster care, I sooo hope I am wrong about that. We asked she be allowed to stay with her foster family till we come.  It just makes me want to hop a plane and scoop her up NOW.  

I will be working on starting an auction for all you Black Friday/ Cyber Monday shoppers. A wonderful, giving, kind person (Tammy you are SUPER) has donated a BUNCH of lovely pins, pendants, rings, bracelets for us to auction with 100% of proceeds to come to Phoebe's Adoption Fund. WOW. I was blown away at her offer. 

As well as a gorgeous lap quilt handmade by a wonderful woman who is the bus driver of the handicapped bus I ride on. She is God- lovin', great friend that I get to share my Sunday afternoons with. She's been a total blessing to me to get to know and share the ride with her.

So please, get ready to buy HERE with us, to benefit this special girl that we need to get on home.  Please pray that she stays safe and well till we can get to her and the funding we need to travel comes in as well..... God hears all of us!!

For anyone who is interested in our "Socks for Orphans" feel free to send socks to the church at the address above (on the right hand side). I'll let the secretary who gets the mail know if any socks come they are for the suitcase of socks in the hall, she'll put them in our suitcase for you:) Any size socks are useful, warm cotton socks for babies, up to teens. Any colors, all sizes welcomed.  And thank you for asking!!


Rebecca said...

Maybe she is still in foster care, but goes to the orphanage during the day? Our daughter in Shenzhen does this...

thesleepyknitter said...

could she just be at the orphanage for the day, rather than staying there? Like the commenter above mentioned, our daughter from Shen Zhen would go to orphanage day care/school during the day and go home around 4:00 or so after school. The majority of our pictures of her are from the school, not home.

Phoebe looks beautiful and full of spunk! :-)

Vickie said...

I hope so. I do love that spunk of her chin raised, she's gonna be so much FUN. I see it now:) Can't wait to get to her here.