Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I just love the holiday of Thanksgiving. It's so wonderful. Sharing with family a feast, and I mean feast. We have a turkey thawing, doing ham as well too this year:) Yum. All the fixin's as well.

There's no concern of buying gifts, and we can focus on what we are thankful for. We have so much.  A plentiful life. Full of children, love, enough excitement to last a lifetime:) Many blessings.

I am very thankful for a country where I can worship God freely. I was able to do my presentation at church on Sunday, the one I missed when I was sick on Orphan Sunday. I was sooo nervous. I have long said I would love to share our Min teen sibs story with other churches but I get terrible "stage fright."

And, yes (MOM) I know I should picture people in their underwear but I was thinking that wasn't so cool to do in church, I mean really? What if someone was talking to me later and I had pictured them in their unders and recalled that we all KNOW my brain WOULD go there and they were telling me something sad? Yikes-- not good.

So I didn't go there--- but I was able to get the presentation out. What was it? Well--- Chloe in her love for Chinese snacks and things, she wanted to know if we could take an empty suitcase to haul back her treasures.  (I'm just sooo thankful  seasoned chicken FEET can not be brought back--- YUCK.)  

Anyway, I figured we would get some odd looks and be stopped by security FOR SURE-- so God gave me a great idea. Why not fill that suitcase with a needed item?  The bio teens orphanage is in central China. I remember Chloe telling me how COLD they were in the winter, no heat at all. Weather very similar to here. Can you imagine these temps (30's- 40's) and NO HEAT. Not because something broke, because there was NONE. Wasn't going to be fixed and warm in a few hours, we are talking YEARS of cold and not warmin' up till spring comes.

I also know that the socks in China are these thin things, like dress socks. For all the kids. Not warm at ALL.  So seeing all these nice thick socks we all have a drawer full of I thought why not take socks and send them when we get to China to the teens orphanage. It's not tough to pick up a pack of socks while Christmas shopping and we left the suitcase at the church to collect them in. We can take 50 lbs.  And I'll even pack light and tight if I have to and we can take a second suitcase of socks if we need to.

What I often see is God's people want to "care for the orphan" as God calls us to do but they don't know how to do that.  Since God gave me a passion about these kids, I get blessed to know how neat and special mine are, to be their mom, but I also have NEVER forgotten the kids I saw at the orphanage, the ones left behind and in need. 

They are children of my heart. Not just the cute babies, but the older ones as well. Our children were spared but so many are NOT.  I wonder --are they cold? Are they hungry? Are they sick and dying? I pray for them, they are NOT forgotten children. Not at all. I want to do anything I can for them. I want them to have warm feet.  Even warm hands they can use the socks on if needed to stay warm.

So even as we focus on getting Phoebe home I am so thankful God gave us this super idea to use the trip to get to her to take the children of my heart something they desperately need.  Something we can easily provide. And taking them and sending them within China will assure they get to the children who need them:) 

Isn't that COOL?  Or should I say WARM?

What's the kids doing? School pictures are in for Camden, Kat and Paisley. Aren't they handsome, cute and pretty?  Great smiles:)

Chloe is beyond excited to know we will travel soon. She still wants a date, a confirmed date (as if I don't?) and I am watching to see if she can wait till we have the date to pack. I am guessing she will NOT be able to wait.  Ha ha.

I'm thankful she is going along. Dad doesn't wish to go this time, taking off that amount of work for him is not easy. As well, the kids staying home will be better off with him staying home.  I assure everyone (MOM) that I will not let Chloe convince me to do anything that leads to me being hauled off to the police station in China. OIY.

If you don't know that story. Go back and read the boys journey.  It wasn't fun.  SCARY.
I'm taking Chloe along for the purpose of having a Mandarin speaking family member along. 

Chloe is wonderful with kids and we know this will be a great comfort to Phoebe as she comes to us. I also will know what is being said to Phoebe. It's always hard to use the guides when you have no clue what they are telling your child, often it can be a negative thing without them meaning to. 

 It will also help Phoebe that Chloe grew up with a friend who also is a blondie boy.  He has been adopted now and has been so sweet to answer my questions about vision which is affected.

I found out today we have completed the NVC step. Now our paperwork goes on to the Consulate and then we get travel approval. Yup. I said it. We are at the next to last step.

 Ohhhhh.  So exciting:)

And I have to mention how thankful we are for the people  who are donating to help us get Phoebe home. God provided the means for us to pay all fees up till we had travel/ finalizing fees, and we know God has called many to donate for our final fees. We are joyful to share the blessing of bringing her home with others. Our pastor's wife tells us "Don't deny the blessing." It's hard to ask for help but God can't call others who want to help if we don't ask.

I did want to let you know--- when sending checks to the church please make it out to "Phoebe's Fund." Otherwise it could mistakenly go to the general fund, thus thrilling our pastor, but not getting where you intended-- to help Phoebe be one less orphan:)

We appreciate every single donation and more importantly the prayers for our trip, our girl, and her adjustment.  Not long now, not long..............


thesleepyknitter said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Great school pics. We are praying for travel to happen soon!

Rebecca said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We are tracking pretty close together! We should get TA early next week!

Kelly said...

Are you able to post an address to send socks to? My kids would love to buy and send some with you. Praying you travel soon!

Kelly said...

Just for the record, you CAN bring back chicken feet, and duck feet. We just did 48 hours ago. :) However, they confiscated our individually packaged stewed beef tendons. :) :) :) I wish it had been the other way around, my husband actually liked the tendons... and to be fair, he DID actually try them both!