Saturday, November 17, 2012

Selling the Yard?

This week has been busy. Hubby's blazer broke down:(  Of course it did. Because we have had something big break every time we got close to travel for adoption. ( NOT stopping us rotten devil!)

It was the dryer when we were going to get the boys..... remember? For Chloe it was the van. I don't remember what broke when we were getting Kat but I think we realized with Chloe that something broke every time because something did with Kat and Chloe. Then the boys and now Phoebe. 

Don't worry (MOM) not one penny donated for Phoebe went to get it fixed, hubby worked extra and we skimmed the Christmas budget- which is very low to begin with, but that's how it is. Christmas is about CHRIST anyway and not about our kids gettin' stuff. We tried to tell them they were gettin' a sis and we would even put a bow in her hair, now don't think they were anything but typical kids. Because they said "Nuhh, uhh!"

But they were great when we asked they be totally reasonable when making those "lists." And they have been. I saw one request was a simple pack of gum:)  with a few other not-so-expensive items. We like to focus on SACKing people (Surprise Attacks of Christmas Kindness) anyway-- it's so much FUN and it's a way to make the season mean what it should be about, God. His love.

But since Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, let alone Christmas, I digress, because we spent today at a Yard Sale. It was actually indoors, it being a cold 40 degrees here in PA. But it was a wonderful fundraising idea a church friend wanted to do to help with the funds for Phoebe:)

So off we went. Our kids are so funny, they asked "We are selling the yard?"  No such thing in China so they had no understanding of yard sales. We had tons of baked goods as well. And lots of stuff. We had a great suggestion that we ask for donations for "pricing" no actual prices on the stuff.

We had people donate $5 and only took a brownie. And a family that got a used computer for $5. Our kids were upset about the computer at first, then I told them something they needed to understand. First, we would have gotten nothing if we had to haul it off unsold. And second, the family that got it truly were tickled, they looked like they really needed the computer. It was a blessing, all around.

Our total for our girl?  $305.11.  Not too shabby. We live in a small rural area so this was amazing. AMAZING:) We are so thankful.

And we got to share our story which we love to do. One woman asked "Is your hubby a pastor or something." And I told her "Nope, these kids are a blessing and we are blessed to have them." 

 We would love to see more people adopt children, to not think this is "out of their league."  It's not. With God it IS possible. You don't have to be a pastor (although some do and we love that) to follow His word or gain His blessing:)

It was so funny when the sale ended, the kids went shopping. Seriously. They had  a blast going around trying on a Sponge Bob apron and their joy was unmatched when they nabbed a "Guess Who?" game, guess what Paisley found--- a purse.

 Everything was headed to charity so the kids were allowed to take what they wanted  before that happened.

 They helped a ton with set up, signs, carrying things for people, and then to haul everything away when it was all over. 

I forgot my camera, I can't believe it:( But I did get a picture of something Chloe got this week------

What is it? That's the question of the week-- because we had Chloe's Field Hockey end of season banquet Tuesday evening. And we burst out laughing when it was all over for the awards Chloe got. First one- fastest shoe tie-er.

Yep, she can tie like a pro. And her other awards- best JV improved player, nothing funny there, and she lettered. It would seem nothing funny about that right? 

Well, obviously you all don't have a Chloe in your life. Because she waited till the whole thing was over then turned to us and said "Uh, I just have one question? What is this and what do you do with it?"  

It was her LETTER:) We laughed and laughed. It was just so funny. Although we were just glad she waited to ask till it was all over:) I could just hear her asking that when they handed it to her.

Chloe is  sad that Field Hockey is over but she is so less stressed with how hard she works on her homework. She is still making honor roll with minimal ESL help and insisting on being graded with the other 9th graders. No pass/fail for her. 

What are the other kids up to? Card towers. Playing rummy. The girls have had braiding hair wars, Chloe can braid like a champ, another talent of hers. She had Kat's hair braided in 5 tight braids to make her waves in the above picture.

Lately with Paisley's hair getting longer it's been known to throw these ol' parents of hers and we confuse her and Kat from the back when we quickly glance and see one or the other. I've had to look twice. 

They are so close in size it makes me glad that Phoebe's coloring will be totally different and they won't confuse me and daddy-o (as Kat calls him)  x 3.

Our puppy Tommy (even though he is 9  years old we call him puppy 'cause he's so darn cute) is BEGGING-- he wants to see the Chip In grow-- oh, okay MOM, he "thought" Camden had some goodie he could ask for so nicely, even though he is not fed one bit of table food, dog food only.  But really doesn't he beg well? He stood like that for a good 2 minutes solid. A goof who fits right in here:)

We are thankful for all who are making the Chip In go- go- go:) So thankful. Every dollar gets it higher.  And don't forget-- up until Thursday all donations of $5 or more get in the drawing for the cool book. You don't want to miss out on that, do ya?

Don't miss the blessing of seeing Phoebe here with us and knowing you helped, we are sharing God's wish for caring for the orphans by making her one less- orphan-no-more,  and one more DAUGHTER:)


thesleepyknitter said...

Love the picture of Paisley with the purse -- she is so beautiful!!!

And the braids are fun. Kat's "waves" turned out great! We've been experimenting here with "wet braids for dry waves," so my girls will enjoy seeing the picture of Kat's waves.

Praying as always for Phoebe's swift arrival!

Kelly said...

What do you say to the people who ask Why? We are in the process of adopting from foster care and have 4 daughters at home. For us the "why" is that we feel called to add to our family in this way, and we know that it will make a difference for all of us. I'm getting tired of the "private conversations" to make sure we know what we're do ing.

Kelly said...

What do you say to the people who ask Why? We are in the process of adopting from foster care and have 4 daughters at home. For us the "why" is that we feel called to add to our family in this way, and we know that it will make a difference for all of us. I'm getting tired of the "private conversations" to make sure we know what we're do ing.

Vickie said...

When people ask me WHY? I ALWAYS ay "Oh, I love children and I feel so blessed to be adding another one." Sometimes I have been known to say "Why NOT?"

Really it's truly not harder to parent 4 than it is 5. So why NOT? If it works to help a child while we grow our family then it's a
Win/Win in my book.

And people will say goofy things like "Better you than me." I say "Okay 'cause I love 'em."

And we hear "How many you gonna take?" To which I always say "As many as God blesses us with."

If I think someone (sadly this is usually family) is asking to be rude, then I will say "WHY- do you want to babysit? Or help with the food bill? Or offer free haircuts?"

Most of the time I give people the benefit of the doubt and just say "They are blessings, we are so happy to have them." And let people think what they want.

That usually stops them right there.

Vickie said...

Oops, I meant to say it's as easy to parent 5 as it is 4, NOT the other way around. We are adding not lowering the numbers:))

Vickie said...
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