Monday, November 5, 2012

National Adoption Month

Please forgive me. I missed out on Orphan Sunday. I even missed church.  You see-- I got up, got ready and got the kids ready, all while my head was pounding, my nose running and I was wondering how I was going to go and make a presentation. I laid down and fell back asleep for HOURS in my church clothes.  

I have a sinus infection and am now on medication, but I was sad I missed Orphan Sunday. It's so important to me. I guess God was giving me a reminder to slow down.......... I really felt/feel rotten.

I'm on antibiotics-- although I still have pain it's not quite as severe.
Now prayers for my asthma to stay under control. It's usually triggered by infection. 

ANYWAY-- it is National Adoption Month, which is important to us  having been so touched by adoption and it's something so very special.

And on this Monday morn we are going to kick off our fundraiser of jewelry-- Thanks to TAMMY--- at

Yes, it's SHOPPING-- whoooo hooo. Shopping with a purpose. You will receive a LOVELY piece of jewelry to keep or gift to someone special and you will be helping little Miss Phoebe get her family.  That's right, 75% of proceeds are being donated to us:) Make sure you put PHOEBE'S ADOPTION in the "notes"  section at check out!

Please let me say too, if you feel led donate to one of 2 families on the Be A Voice page PLEASE do so. I have NO DOUBT, not one, that God has our financial need covered, He is not going to let Phoebe down. So if you feel Him calling to help one of those families, don't think "I can't help both" you go with what you feel God wants you to do. We are cool with that. Just PLEASE if He is telling you to give, don't miss that blessing.

Yep BLESSING-- fundraising to get orphans home is way for YOU to share the blessing. You may not be able to adopt but this allows ANYONE to join in. HOW?  Give us PRAYER, it's FREE. Then if you are led by Him to give, donate something to auction, make a donation, whatever He calls you to do, then LISTEN. Because His joy in you will abound when you answer His call to act. We can not out give GOD. Not possible. So don't think your $5 isn't important. It ALL adds up-- and God is THRILLED when you GIVE:)  

Or even split what you can give in thirds and donate to each of us. That's gonna help 4 orphans, 2 boys, 2 girls be orphans-no-more.You can't go wrong there, huh? 

Seriously.  I love having given the financial burden over to God. He has shown me that worrying and thinking WE control the financial end of our lives is actually not trusting Him. He wants to provide for us, including funds. So many times we believe finances (other than tithing) is "separate" from God. It's NOT. Nope. Not at all.

It's a HUGE thing for Him to do for us and for us to rely on Him for.  It's so freeing to not worry about these things.

After the 3 week jewelry sale,(ends November 30) we are going to have an auction on this blog of items. So if you have anything you'd like to donate for the auction please contact me asap  We really need your help with donation of items to auction off.

Anita is making a small quilt, Tammy has offered more jewelry. We are also working on a soup and yard sale locally for a benefit for Phoebe:)

Also still waiting to hear back about some grants. No word yet. 

I'll leave you with pics of the room we have ready. Isn't it sweet?  Girls love Hello Kitty so that's the theme at their beds, Paisley's side is more "teen girl" and it all works. And Camden's thoughts on you all getting him another sister home (Okay, okay- I can't lie-- MOM- he took this picture when I asked him to get my camera and he thought he would be cute and take pictures on the way down to the girls' new room)

Our girly girl room.  Just need the third girl to complete the picture:) So get on over there and buy up some jewelry as Christmas presents you need for your list, hit that Chip In button, be in prayer for Phoebe and help us get that girl in that bed, sleeping so sweetly, as a FAMILY MEMBER, no longer an orphan!! YEAH!!  

God calls us to take care of the orphans. Please help us take care of making one child- one LESS orphan. What better way to "take care" is there?

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