Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another step

Oh my. SO thankful here for a few things. A government worker (you are reading this right)  who worked on SATURDAY and approved our paperwork for Phoebe's visa.

Next step NVC (National Visa Center) where it does something then goes on to the Consulate in China then once there to the Adoption Center to tell them "all clear"  her visa  to enter the USA is ready to go.

Then China gives us the APPROVAL to travel.  That's it, last APPROVAL--

These next steps are mere weeks to process. WEEKS. After months, and months, and months, of waiting, we are down to WEEKS to be at the END of this journey, on a plane to get our girl.

I feel happy, nervous, scared, excited. It feels unreal. Because I saw her face for the first time and HEARD God say "This one, she is your daughter."  And when I got done looking around to see who He was talking to and no one else was here, I knew this was meant to be.

Even though I never dreamed He had this last little blessing for us coming from China. Nope. But when I saw her I knew and believe it or not we are only 3 months short of that being 2 YEARS ago.

TWO LONG years. Yet, He has not once faltered in His promises to us to get us through. Don't confuse that with thinking it's been EASY. NOPE, has not been at ALL. But He didn't say EASY, He just said "Here she is."  And He has not left us once when we cried out "Lord, should we go on, we didn't expect this."
His answer has been "YES- this is MY WILL."

Our pastor preached this past Sunday how we love our "get it now" society. Fast food, fast service, fast everything.  You can not put FAST on any part of this adoption.  But as they say "Good things come to those who wait" we believe in Him and what He showed us.

The bumps have been the DEVIL


The devil trying to keep anyone he can from hearing the call of our Lord and answering.   Phoebe is a gift from GOD. A gem. She must be very important indeed, for the devil to try so hard to keep this from happening.  It IS going to happen and we will not honor the devil with his attempts to ruin it. God will WIN.

We know Phoebe needs to be here. I have not shared much about her condition.  She is a blond angel. Born with a genetic issue that causes lack of pigmentation to her skin, eyes and hair.  Thus the white hair. 

In China people do not understand her condition is caused by genes. They believe she is cursed. People there will run from her, will scream in terror at this innocent child. Refuse to touch her, sit near her, eat in the same restaurant with her.

Do not think I am joking. A family recently adopted a blond angel such as Phoebe and sent me emails to prepare us what we will face as they went through all of this unprepared for people to behave this way . And they adopted from a fairly urban community.

This is a CHILD-- A perfectly made child God created. Hard for us to understand such behavior, huh? When here her fair coloring will likely not draw more than envious glances at the white/blond shade of her hair.

This precious child NEEDS to be within this family, an orphan no longer and with siblings (the teens) who grew up with a best friend who had the same genetic condition. Siblings who, even the ones NOT familiar with her genetic issue are excited to have her become a family member, can't wait for her to be home, who are already planning what they will do when she is here.

She is wanted. She is loved. She is going to be ONE LESS ORPHAN.

160 MILLION + orphans needing homes. Oops, I mean 159,999,999. 'Cause this one God has given a family:)

We are so thankful to Him and we are thankful for the funds people have donated. For the grant we got---WHOOO HOOO.  For people donating to the church (see upper right for address) and we are very deeply appreciative of that. WHOOO HOOOO.   We would also LOVE to see that Chip In go up- this is NOT too big for God. Is He asking you?

Just think-- 

if 100 people gives $100 we would have $ 10,000

if 200 people gave $50 we would have $10,000

if 300 people gave $30 we would have $9,000

if 500 people gave $10 we would have $5,000

Every bit, every donation adds up. Your $5 with someone else's $25 and someone else's $5 and someone else's $45 is $100 less we need to get Phoebe home.

Don't think God doesn't care about your $5. He does. And we do. We appreciate it and will use it to get this girl home. How could any money be better spent?

Coffee? Take out lunch? Forego once and donate. It goes so much further than for just a lunch by adding it up to get this girl home. You will see pictures of her growing in her family, in her life, learning about God, and know that YOU helped that happen. 

Whatcha think? Let's get that Chip In rolling.  With God all things are possible. Even my children learning to rollerskate, yep, I kid you not, they prayed they would not fall.

And compared to last time, they have ALL gained huge strides in learning to skate.  I even (I DID IT MOM) let Paisley put on skates, although she only did 2 times around with 2 people holding on to her till she was done.

We had been to the rheumatologist on Tuesday and although I asked begged more like it her to say "no skating" she said the arthritis is well controlled and to "let her try anything she wants to."  As if jumping and dancing were not enough on my nerves.

Thankfully she did not fall and break her hip which was my nightmare and she really wasn't any more interested in skating than to stand on the side and "high five" everyone going around. Then she helped a younger church member who was in baby skates to go around a few times, till she decided she liked Chance better-- the baby, not Paisley. 

 She enjoyed the evening immensely and I thanked God for her ability to go with the flow when it comes to things she isn't able to do so well.  And Chloe almost won limbo!  She was second to the last!

All the kids had a blast, it was Christian music night so our church group was pretty much the whole group there:)  A great time was had. 

I stood and watched the kiddos, took pictures and wondered, will Phoebe's eyesight allow her to skate? Will the lights blind her? 

And I could almost see her there, with a sister and a brother on each side of her, guiding her along-- gently encouraging her and if needed, being her eyes for her.  

It's amazing. Orphan no longer, Father. We heard you. I can hardly wait to have her in my arms.


MommaT said...

I am so excited for you all, that this day is getting closer for you and Phoebe. What a precious gift she is and will be to everyone! Praise God! Now may the donations come in like crazy!!

Love for Lilly Yin said...

I gave what I could. I wish I had 10x that amount to give you. Godspeed my friend.

Vickie said...

Ahh but you gotta understand what you had GOD can make 10X and HE WILL. Because you gave from the heart and HE knows this. You can't out give God. He will multiply your gift. We thank you:) God loves this!! and He love YOU. You answered Him!

Almond Tea said...

You have been such a blessing to me and so many other families. I wish I could donate more, so I will pray that the funds will multiply like loaves and fishes.

Good luck with your fundraising

Dottie P said...

I cried, Vickie, reading about you imagining what it would be like for Phoebe on the skate floor. Such a mama's heart you have for her already. We are praying for everything you need to get her here.

lalalorlor said...

Yes - the lights will probably bother her but if she's anything like my daughter... she'll do it anyway!! Can't keep a little white haired chinese princess down!! Especially when she has dark brown tinted contacts!!!