Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Shopping

Here it is. The post of shopping--- whooo hoooo.  Something for everyone on your list!!

Here's how it works. You place a bid via the comments section (if you don't have an account and want to bid email me at and I will put in your bid for you)

There are THREE--- yes, 3 of EACH item available. So first 3 highest bids will get the items. (Except the quilt- just one of those!)

PLEASE use the item number beside each item to note which item you are bidding on. I will go back and add your bid to the item so you all can see what bids are for what items.  

 Bidding starts NOW--- ends December 12, 2012 at  noon EST. 

We ask you bid for all things in increments of 50 cents. So if an item is $15 and you want to be high bidder you can bid it up to $15. 50, or $16.00, $16.50, etc.  Tammy has DONATED the jewelry items and is giving us 100% of the profit-- thanks soooo much Tammy!

Shipping is $2.50 first item, $4 for two items and $5 for three items.  I will  list the winners and you send payment (Paypal preferred) at auctions end.   Your items will be shipped  in time for Christmas:) 

                                #1     Pewter Choir Pin/ Pendant

                                           Current Bid $14 (E)
                                             Current bid  $12 (Mdivgirl)
                                            Current bid $10 (Narissa)

A Choir of angels decorates this pin.  It also has a bail on the back so it may be worn as a pendant or brooch. It is made of silver over pewter. It measures 2- 3/8" wide and 2-1/4" high.

                              #2   Pewter Lighthouse Bookmark

                                     Current bid  $15(Melissa K)
                                     Current bid $15 (Melissa K)
                                   Current bid $12 (Mdivgirl)
Seated at the base of a rocky shore, beautifully detailed lighthouse stands as a symbol of light and a beacon of hope. Gulls circle about the brick tower, and there is a strong yet serene sense to this piece that you will truly appreciate. The bookmark measures 3 ½" in total length, with
 the design being 1 ¾" of that length, and is 1 1/8" at its widest point.  What a great gift for collectors of lighthouse items! This item is Silver over pewter and can be engraved.

#3  Pewter Cat Pin
Current Bid $14 (Susan)Current Bid $12  (Maria)
Current Bid $12  (Mdivgirl)

The beguiling smile on our little kitten's face will melt your heart! Made of silver over pewter, this happy little feline measures 1 1/4" at its widest point and 1 1/2" from ears to toes. Wherever you go, lovers of the cat will smile at this one!

#4  Pewter Christmas Tree Pin/Pendant
Current Bid  $14 (E)
Current Bid $15 (Babette)
Current Bid $12  (Mdivgirl)

This pin is made of pewter covered in silver with gold-covered accents.
 The versatile piece has both a pin back and a hidden bail so it may be
 worn as a pendant or a pin. It measures 2-1/2" tall and 2" wide.

                          #5   Pewter Celtic Cross Pin/ Pendant

                                      Current Bid $10 (Lil Mama)
                                         Current bid (Susan) $10
                                         Current bid (Kerry)$8 

The timeless designs of the Celtic High Crosses have been an inspiration for centuries. Quantum presents this beautiful, modified High Cross featuring the traditional Claddagh as the centerpiece, and including the classic ring around the cross that symbolizes Eternity. Measuring 1 9/16" in length and 1 3/16" across, this highly polished silver over pewter piece can be worn as a pin or as a pendant. This cross presents a very dramatic look you will always be pleased to wear.

                                  #6     Pewter Angel Pin/Pendant
                                                Current Bid $15 Melissa K)
                                             Current Bid $10(Sue)
                                             Current Bid $15(Babette)

A smiling little angel with flower hair and petals for a dress dances just for you-she has legs that move!  Our pewter Dancing Angel with Shamrock pin/pendant also features gold overlay on her hair and wings, and she carries a delightful shamrock charm for luck. She has shamrocks on her shoes, stars at her ankles, and a tiny starfish at her collar- the attention to detail in this piece is fabulous! Other details of the pewter Dancing Angel with Shamrock pin/pendant include:  Silver over pewter;  2 ¾" in length; 1 5/8" across and back bail

#7 Pewter Double dolphin Pin

                               Current bid $20 (Carol)

This dolphin pin is made of silver over pewter.  It measures approximately 2-1/4" x 2".

                                  #8  Pewter Gleeful Snowman
                                               Current Bid $15 (Kathy) 
                                            Current Bid $14 (Mdivgirl)                               
                                               Current bid $15 (Melissa K) 

This little fellow seems so full of joy and happiness, he will just warm the hearts of all who see him! Of highly polished silver over pewter, our snowman is dressed for Winter weather in tasseled hat, striped scarf, and long coat. He has collected a tiny pine cone, which sticks out of his pocket, and a heart adorns his outfit. Arms upraised, this symbol of the Season reminds us of the childlike joy that Winter can bring. The pin, which can also be worn as a pendant, measures 2" in length and is 1 ¼" at its widest point. 

#9  Snowman Pewter Pin/Pendant
Current Bid $15 (Melissa K)
Current Bid $15 (Melissa K)
Current Bid $15 (Melissa K)
This piece is made of pewter covered in silver with gold-covered accents.  The versatile piece has both a pin back and a hidden bail so it may be worn as a pendant or a pin. It measures 1-7/8" tall and 1-1/8" wide.

 #10  Pewter Love Cuff Bracelet
Current Bid (Kelly) $21

(Becky S) $20
 It makes the world go 'round, it's all you need, it's forever and for always... LOVE. Our inspirational Sterling silver over lead-free pewter cuff bracelet is sure to lift your spirits every time you look at its simple yet powerful sentiment. Highly polished and so comfortable on the wrist, this is such a beautiful reminder of what we all need! Other details of the Pewter LOVE Cuff Bracelet include:
  • Sterling silver over lead-free pewter
  • Highly polished
  • 9/16" width

                                            #11      Flamingo Pin

                                         Current bid $ 35  (Kathy)

So cute! Our highly polished Pewter Movable Flamingo Pin features one of these fascinating birds- and those famous long legs are movable! Beautifully detailed Sterling silver over lead-free pewter throughout, this is a great whimsical piece sure to bring smiles of delight! Wear several together and enjoy a small colony*! A Flamingo Timeless Book marker is also available for a fun gift set!  Check out all of our movable items and have fun collecting your favorites! Other details of the Pewter Movable Flamingo Pin include:
  • Sterling silver over lead-free pewter
  • Highly polished
  • 2" length
  • 1 11/16" width

#12  Pewter Past, Present Future Necklace

                                     Current Bid (Kelly) $12 
                                                        And (Tabitha) $12 
                                                           And (Narissa) $12

Triple WOW sparkle! Our Pewter Past, Present, and Future Necklace on 18" Chain features three large brilliant clear CZ rounds arranged from smallest to largest. The basket style setting is highly polished Sterling silver over pewter. This is a very high end look at a fraction of the cost! Other details of the Pewter Past, Present, and Future CZ Necklace on 18" Chain include:
  • Sterling Silver over pewter
  • Highly polished
  • 1 1/16" length
  • Sterling silver overlay rolo style chain
  • Lobster claw clasp

                #13        Pewter CZ Trinity Knot Heart Necklace

                                    Current bid $15 (Tabitha)
                                    Current bid $15 (Narissa)
                                     Current bid $15 (Christy)

This is such a beautiful piece! Our Pewter CZ Trinity Knot Heart Necklace on 18" Chain features a Trinity knot blooming like a flower at the center of a CZ encrusted heart. Highly polished Sterling silver over lead-free pewter throughout. Treat yourself or gift a friend with this gorgeous and very affordable piece! Other details of the Pewter CZ Trinity Knot Heart Necklace on 18" Chain include:
  • Sterling silver over lead-free pewter
  • Highly polished
  • 16 clear CZs
  • 1 1/4"pendant length
  • 7/8" pendant width
  • Lobster claw clasp
                           #14           Pewter Celtic Knot CZ Necklace

                                           Current bid $15 (Kathy)
                                           Current bid $15 (Christy)

A modern, strong look! Our Pewter Contemporary Celtic Knot Necklace with Purple CZ on 18" Chain with 2" Extender keeps its roots in the past, featuring an openwork classic Celtic knot design in highly polished Sterling silver over lead-free pewter.  A pear-shaped deep purple CZ drop provides a dramatic touch. The mini-rolo link chain is the perfect accompaniment, with a 2" extender provided to complement a d├ęcolletage. Other details of the Pewter Contemporary Celtic Knot Necklace with Purple CZ on 18" Chain with 2" Extender include:
  • Sterling silver over lead-free pewter
  • Highly polished
  • 2 3/8" width
  • Approx. 1 ½" length

                   #15                     Eternity Circle CZ necklace

                                             Current bid $15 (Christy)
                                            Current Bid $10 (Narissa)

Dazzling! Our Pewter Eternity Circle CZ Pendant on 16" Chain will make your eyes open wide at all that sparkle! Thirty two prong-set CZ rounds form the Eternity Circle. A lovely cobra style 16" chain loops through the circle unobtrusively. This is a highly polished silver over pewter stunner- the look of white gold and diamonds for a fraction of the price! Other details of the Pewter Eternity Circle CZ Pendant on 16" Chain include:
  • 1 7/16" outside diameter
  • 1 1/8" inside diameter

                        #16                Footprints Ring
                                              Current Bid $20 (Size 6) Maureen
                                              Current Bid-- $15 (Size 7)  Becky

It was then that I carried you. What a great reminder in times of trouble that we are NOT alone. That HE is with us and will never forsake us or leave us. This ring could be for a man or woman. It would also make a great thumb ring.
This popular text describes a dream, in which the person is walking on a beach with God They leave two sets of footprints in the sand behind them. Looking back, the tracks are stated to represent various stages of this person's life. At some points the two trails dwindle to one, especially at the lowest and most hopeless moments of the character's life. When questioning God, believing that God must have abandoned his follower during those times, God gives the explanation: "During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you."
  • Sizes  6 (one) 7 (one) and 8 (one)
  • Ring measurement: 9.27mm across the top and the ring thickness is 1.6mm
  • Quality 316 Stainless Steel*
*316 L Stainless Steel does NOT tarnish or rust. It is very hard and durable. It has a beautiful luster that can be buffed and polished to remove fingerprints or scratches. 

#17     Cross Pendant

              Current Bid $25 (Maureen)
Current Bid $25 (Maureen)

Great for a Man or Women, this nice size cross with a Claddagh is striking.
What a beautiful sentiment to have Love (heart) Loyalty (crown) and friendship (hands)on the cross.

  • Pendant has 11m bail on top with a 5mm opening
  • Measures 2 1/8" x 1 5/8"
  • Quality 316 Stainless Steel*

*316 L Stainless Steel does NOT tarnish or rust. It is very hard and durable. It has a beautiful luster that can be buffed and polished to remove fingerprints or scratches.

                                             #18             Celtic Knot Wide Band Ring

                                                            Current Bid on Size 12----- (Shelley) $15
                                                             Current Bid on Size 9----- (Deb) $25
                                                                    Current Bid Size 7 (Maureen) $20

Big and bold.  Our highly polished 316 L Stainless Steel Celtic Knot Wide Band Ring features traditional Celtic knot work, including dramatic Trinity knot patterns. The background is antiqued to bring out all of the intriguing knot work details. Symbolizing eternal life, true Celtic knot work has no beginning and no end, making this design a great wedding band idea! Other details of the Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Wide Band Ring include: 
  • High Quality 316 L Stainless Steel
  • Highly polished
  • ½" wide
  • Size 7 (one) 9 (one) and 12 (one)
  • 316 L Stainless Steel does NOT tarnish or rust. It is very hard and durable. It has a beautiful luster that can be buffed and polished to remove fingerprints or scratches.


                                     #19   Pewter Jaguar Pin/Pendant

                                            Current bid $15 (Janelle)

We love the big cats! Our highly polished Pewter Movable Jaguar Pin/Pendant features a relaxed fellow reclining on a branch- and his tail moves to and fro in case you didn't think he was watching! Sterling silver over lead-free pewter throughout. Other details of the Pewter Movable Jaguar Pin/Pendant include:
  • Sterling silver over lead-free pewter
  • Highly polished
  • Approx. 2" width
  • Approx. 1 ¼" length
  • Back bail
  • Stem and clutch closure
  • The word Jaguar is derived from the Guaran Indian word yaguara meaning "the animal that kills with one leap". Jaguars and leopards are often confused with one another; the difference lies in the center of the jaguar's rosettes, which have spots inside of them. The largest cat and top predator in the Americas, the jaguar has 8 subspecies and all are endangered due to habitat destruction and poaching.

                                                    #20 Lap Quilt

                                                      Current Bid $50 (Mom of 2 boys) 

                                                  Please note shipping for quilt will be $6 

Hand made with love by Anita. Top side is cotton squares of pinks (flower prints and solid), purples (hearts and solids). Back side is a warm, cozy fleece with coordinating colored butterfly print. 

It measures 52 1/2 inches by 27 inches so this is a child/ lap size.

Just for fun Chloe origami folded the quilt:)
A HUGE THANK YOU to Tammy who sooo graciously donated all the jewelry and Anita who donated the quilt to help us get Phoebe home-- Bless you  both.  You two are WONDERFUL examples of God's love:)

Now everyone HAVE FUN shopping, get bidding(remember we get 100% of proceeds for our adoption of Phoebe)  and thanks for helping get Phoebe home! 

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Who won?


You, WON. The book "Sweet Moon Baby", signed by the author, donated by the author, Karen (THANKS AGAIN KAREN)

I did include any and all donations to the church for the drawing as well as Chip In donations. I have your address Nicola because you were one of the ones who sent a check to Phoebe's Fund. (unless you wish it to be sent to a different address for any reason  then please contact me asap--
We thank you, deeply, thank you and hope you enjoy the book, enjoy the picture of our girl, the one you helped to become one less orphan. One more daughter:)

Speaking of the picture:( I'm sad. Very sad. First we have asked and asked that they NOT cut her hair. And obviously after 6 months of no picture and this pic comes and the hair is the same length, possibly even shorter, they didn't keep their promise not to cut her hair.

Which in itself it's NOT a big deal. It will grow.  Not gonna make me cry. BUT it looks to me as if she has possibly been moved back to the orphanage from foster care, I sooo hope I am wrong about that. We asked she be allowed to stay with her foster family till we come.  It just makes me want to hop a plane and scoop her up NOW.  

I will be working on starting an auction for all you Black Friday/ Cyber Monday shoppers. A wonderful, giving, kind person (Tammy you are SUPER) has donated a BUNCH of lovely pins, pendants, rings, bracelets for us to auction with 100% of proceeds to come to Phoebe's Adoption Fund. WOW. I was blown away at her offer. 

As well as a gorgeous lap quilt handmade by a wonderful woman who is the bus driver of the handicapped bus I ride on. She is God- lovin', great friend that I get to share my Sunday afternoons with. She's been a total blessing to me to get to know and share the ride with her.

So please, get ready to buy HERE with us, to benefit this special girl that we need to get on home.  Please pray that she stays safe and well till we can get to her and the funding we need to travel comes in as well..... God hears all of us!!

For anyone who is interested in our "Socks for Orphans" feel free to send socks to the church at the address above (on the right hand side). I'll let the secretary who gets the mail know if any socks come they are for the suitcase of socks in the hall, she'll put them in our suitcase for you:) Any size socks are useful, warm cotton socks for babies, up to teens. Any colors, all sizes welcomed.  And thank you for asking!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I just love the holiday of Thanksgiving. It's so wonderful. Sharing with family a feast, and I mean feast. We have a turkey thawing, doing ham as well too this year:) Yum. All the fixin's as well.

There's no concern of buying gifts, and we can focus on what we are thankful for. We have so much.  A plentiful life. Full of children, love, enough excitement to last a lifetime:) Many blessings.

I am very thankful for a country where I can worship God freely. I was able to do my presentation at church on Sunday, the one I missed when I was sick on Orphan Sunday. I was sooo nervous. I have long said I would love to share our Min teen sibs story with other churches but I get terrible "stage fright."

And, yes (MOM) I know I should picture people in their underwear but I was thinking that wasn't so cool to do in church, I mean really? What if someone was talking to me later and I had pictured them in their unders and recalled that we all KNOW my brain WOULD go there and they were telling me something sad? Yikes-- not good.

So I didn't go there--- but I was able to get the presentation out. What was it? Well--- Chloe in her love for Chinese snacks and things, she wanted to know if we could take an empty suitcase to haul back her treasures.  (I'm just sooo thankful  seasoned chicken FEET can not be brought back--- YUCK.)  

Anyway, I figured we would get some odd looks and be stopped by security FOR SURE-- so God gave me a great idea. Why not fill that suitcase with a needed item?  The bio teens orphanage is in central China. I remember Chloe telling me how COLD they were in the winter, no heat at all. Weather very similar to here. Can you imagine these temps (30's- 40's) and NO HEAT. Not because something broke, because there was NONE. Wasn't going to be fixed and warm in a few hours, we are talking YEARS of cold and not warmin' up till spring comes.

I also know that the socks in China are these thin things, like dress socks. For all the kids. Not warm at ALL.  So seeing all these nice thick socks we all have a drawer full of I thought why not take socks and send them when we get to China to the teens orphanage. It's not tough to pick up a pack of socks while Christmas shopping and we left the suitcase at the church to collect them in. We can take 50 lbs.  And I'll even pack light and tight if I have to and we can take a second suitcase of socks if we need to.

What I often see is God's people want to "care for the orphan" as God calls us to do but they don't know how to do that.  Since God gave me a passion about these kids, I get blessed to know how neat and special mine are, to be their mom, but I also have NEVER forgotten the kids I saw at the orphanage, the ones left behind and in need. 

They are children of my heart. Not just the cute babies, but the older ones as well. Our children were spared but so many are NOT.  I wonder --are they cold? Are they hungry? Are they sick and dying? I pray for them, they are NOT forgotten children. Not at all. I want to do anything I can for them. I want them to have warm feet.  Even warm hands they can use the socks on if needed to stay warm.

So even as we focus on getting Phoebe home I am so thankful God gave us this super idea to use the trip to get to her to take the children of my heart something they desperately need.  Something we can easily provide. And taking them and sending them within China will assure they get to the children who need them:) 

Isn't that COOL?  Or should I say WARM?

What's the kids doing? School pictures are in for Camden, Kat and Paisley. Aren't they handsome, cute and pretty?  Great smiles:)

Chloe is beyond excited to know we will travel soon. She still wants a date, a confirmed date (as if I don't?) and I am watching to see if she can wait till we have the date to pack. I am guessing she will NOT be able to wait.  Ha ha.

I'm thankful she is going along. Dad doesn't wish to go this time, taking off that amount of work for him is not easy. As well, the kids staying home will be better off with him staying home.  I assure everyone (MOM) that I will not let Chloe convince me to do anything that leads to me being hauled off to the police station in China. OIY.

If you don't know that story. Go back and read the boys journey.  It wasn't fun.  SCARY.
I'm taking Chloe along for the purpose of having a Mandarin speaking family member along. 

Chloe is wonderful with kids and we know this will be a great comfort to Phoebe as she comes to us. I also will know what is being said to Phoebe. It's always hard to use the guides when you have no clue what they are telling your child, often it can be a negative thing without them meaning to. 

 It will also help Phoebe that Chloe grew up with a friend who also is a blondie boy.  He has been adopted now and has been so sweet to answer my questions about vision which is affected.

I found out today we have completed the NVC step. Now our paperwork goes on to the Consulate and then we get travel approval. Yup. I said it. We are at the next to last step.

 Ohhhhh.  So exciting:)

And I have to mention how thankful we are for the people  who are donating to help us get Phoebe home. God provided the means for us to pay all fees up till we had travel/ finalizing fees, and we know God has called many to donate for our final fees. We are joyful to share the blessing of bringing her home with others. Our pastor's wife tells us "Don't deny the blessing." It's hard to ask for help but God can't call others who want to help if we don't ask.

I did want to let you know--- when sending checks to the church please make it out to "Phoebe's Fund." Otherwise it could mistakenly go to the general fund, thus thrilling our pastor, but not getting where you intended-- to help Phoebe be one less orphan:)

We appreciate every single donation and more importantly the prayers for our trip, our girl, and her adjustment.  Not long now, not long..............

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Selling the Yard?

This week has been busy. Hubby's blazer broke down:(  Of course it did. Because we have had something big break every time we got close to travel for adoption. ( NOT stopping us rotten devil!)

It was the dryer when we were going to get the boys..... remember? For Chloe it was the van. I don't remember what broke when we were getting Kat but I think we realized with Chloe that something broke every time because something did with Kat and Chloe. Then the boys and now Phoebe. 

Don't worry (MOM) not one penny donated for Phoebe went to get it fixed, hubby worked extra and we skimmed the Christmas budget- which is very low to begin with, but that's how it is. Christmas is about CHRIST anyway and not about our kids gettin' stuff. We tried to tell them they were gettin' a sis and we would even put a bow in her hair, now don't think they were anything but typical kids. Because they said "Nuhh, uhh!"

But they were great when we asked they be totally reasonable when making those "lists." And they have been. I saw one request was a simple pack of gum:)  with a few other not-so-expensive items. We like to focus on SACKing people (Surprise Attacks of Christmas Kindness) anyway-- it's so much FUN and it's a way to make the season mean what it should be about, God. His love.

But since Thanksgiving isn't even here yet, let alone Christmas, I digress, because we spent today at a Yard Sale. It was actually indoors, it being a cold 40 degrees here in PA. But it was a wonderful fundraising idea a church friend wanted to do to help with the funds for Phoebe:)

So off we went. Our kids are so funny, they asked "We are selling the yard?"  No such thing in China so they had no understanding of yard sales. We had tons of baked goods as well. And lots of stuff. We had a great suggestion that we ask for donations for "pricing" no actual prices on the stuff.

We had people donate $5 and only took a brownie. And a family that got a used computer for $5. Our kids were upset about the computer at first, then I told them something they needed to understand. First, we would have gotten nothing if we had to haul it off unsold. And second, the family that got it truly were tickled, they looked like they really needed the computer. It was a blessing, all around.

Our total for our girl?  $305.11.  Not too shabby. We live in a small rural area so this was amazing. AMAZING:) We are so thankful.

And we got to share our story which we love to do. One woman asked "Is your hubby a pastor or something." And I told her "Nope, these kids are a blessing and we are blessed to have them." 

 We would love to see more people adopt children, to not think this is "out of their league."  It's not. With God it IS possible. You don't have to be a pastor (although some do and we love that) to follow His word or gain His blessing:)

It was so funny when the sale ended, the kids went shopping. Seriously. They had  a blast going around trying on a Sponge Bob apron and their joy was unmatched when they nabbed a "Guess Who?" game, guess what Paisley found--- a purse.

 Everything was headed to charity so the kids were allowed to take what they wanted  before that happened.

 They helped a ton with set up, signs, carrying things for people, and then to haul everything away when it was all over. 

I forgot my camera, I can't believe it:( But I did get a picture of something Chloe got this week------

What is it? That's the question of the week-- because we had Chloe's Field Hockey end of season banquet Tuesday evening. And we burst out laughing when it was all over for the awards Chloe got. First one- fastest shoe tie-er.

Yep, she can tie like a pro. And her other awards- best JV improved player, nothing funny there, and she lettered. It would seem nothing funny about that right? 

Well, obviously you all don't have a Chloe in your life. Because she waited till the whole thing was over then turned to us and said "Uh, I just have one question? What is this and what do you do with it?"  

It was her LETTER:) We laughed and laughed. It was just so funny. Although we were just glad she waited to ask till it was all over:) I could just hear her asking that when they handed it to her.

Chloe is  sad that Field Hockey is over but she is so less stressed with how hard she works on her homework. She is still making honor roll with minimal ESL help and insisting on being graded with the other 9th graders. No pass/fail for her. 

What are the other kids up to? Card towers. Playing rummy. The girls have had braiding hair wars, Chloe can braid like a champ, another talent of hers. She had Kat's hair braided in 5 tight braids to make her waves in the above picture.

Lately with Paisley's hair getting longer it's been known to throw these ol' parents of hers and we confuse her and Kat from the back when we quickly glance and see one or the other. I've had to look twice. 

They are so close in size it makes me glad that Phoebe's coloring will be totally different and they won't confuse me and daddy-o (as Kat calls him)  x 3.

Our puppy Tommy (even though he is 9  years old we call him puppy 'cause he's so darn cute) is BEGGING-- he wants to see the Chip In grow-- oh, okay MOM, he "thought" Camden had some goodie he could ask for so nicely, even though he is not fed one bit of table food, dog food only.  But really doesn't he beg well? He stood like that for a good 2 minutes solid. A goof who fits right in here:)

We are thankful for all who are making the Chip In go- go- go:) So thankful. Every dollar gets it higher.  And don't forget-- up until Thursday all donations of $5 or more get in the drawing for the cool book. You don't want to miss out on that, do ya?

Don't miss the blessing of seeing Phoebe here with us and knowing you helped, we are sharing God's wish for caring for the orphans by making her one less- orphan-no-more,  and one more DAUGHTER:)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another step

Oh my. SO thankful here for a few things. A government worker (you are reading this right)  who worked on SATURDAY and approved our paperwork for Phoebe's visa.

Next step NVC (National Visa Center) where it does something then goes on to the Consulate in China then once there to the Adoption Center to tell them "all clear"  her visa  to enter the USA is ready to go.

Then China gives us the APPROVAL to travel.  That's it, last APPROVAL--

These next steps are mere weeks to process. WEEKS. After months, and months, and months, of waiting, we are down to WEEKS to be at the END of this journey, on a plane to get our girl.

I feel happy, nervous, scared, excited. It feels unreal. Because I saw her face for the first time and HEARD God say "This one, she is your daughter."  And when I got done looking around to see who He was talking to and no one else was here, I knew this was meant to be.

Even though I never dreamed He had this last little blessing for us coming from China. Nope. But when I saw her I knew and believe it or not we are only 3 months short of that being 2 YEARS ago.

TWO LONG years. Yet, He has not once faltered in His promises to us to get us through. Don't confuse that with thinking it's been EASY. NOPE, has not been at ALL. But He didn't say EASY, He just said "Here she is."  And He has not left us once when we cried out "Lord, should we go on, we didn't expect this."
His answer has been "YES- this is MY WILL."

Our pastor preached this past Sunday how we love our "get it now" society. Fast food, fast service, fast everything.  You can not put FAST on any part of this adoption.  But as they say "Good things come to those who wait" we believe in Him and what He showed us.

The bumps have been the DEVIL


The devil trying to keep anyone he can from hearing the call of our Lord and answering.   Phoebe is a gift from GOD. A gem. She must be very important indeed, for the devil to try so hard to keep this from happening.  It IS going to happen and we will not honor the devil with his attempts to ruin it. God will WIN.

We know Phoebe needs to be here. I have not shared much about her condition.  She is a blond angel. Born with a genetic issue that causes lack of pigmentation to her skin, eyes and hair.  Thus the white hair. 

In China people do not understand her condition is caused by genes. They believe she is cursed. People there will run from her, will scream in terror at this innocent child. Refuse to touch her, sit near her, eat in the same restaurant with her.

Do not think I am joking. A family recently adopted a blond angel such as Phoebe and sent me emails to prepare us what we will face as they went through all of this unprepared for people to behave this way . And they adopted from a fairly urban community.

This is a CHILD-- A perfectly made child God created. Hard for us to understand such behavior, huh? When here her fair coloring will likely not draw more than envious glances at the white/blond shade of her hair.

This precious child NEEDS to be within this family, an orphan no longer and with siblings (the teens) who grew up with a best friend who had the same genetic condition. Siblings who, even the ones NOT familiar with her genetic issue are excited to have her become a family member, can't wait for her to be home, who are already planning what they will do when she is here.

She is wanted. She is loved. She is going to be ONE LESS ORPHAN.

160 MILLION + orphans needing homes. Oops, I mean 159,999,999. 'Cause this one God has given a family:)

We are so thankful to Him and we are thankful for the funds people have donated. For the grant we got---WHOOO HOOO.  For people donating to the church (see upper right for address) and we are very deeply appreciative of that. WHOOO HOOOO.   We would also LOVE to see that Chip In go up- this is NOT too big for God. Is He asking you?

Just think-- 

if 100 people gives $100 we would have $ 10,000

if 200 people gave $50 we would have $10,000

if 300 people gave $30 we would have $9,000

if 500 people gave $10 we would have $5,000

Every bit, every donation adds up. Your $5 with someone else's $25 and someone else's $5 and someone else's $45 is $100 less we need to get Phoebe home.

Don't think God doesn't care about your $5. He does. And we do. We appreciate it and will use it to get this girl home. How could any money be better spent?

Coffee? Take out lunch? Forego once and donate. It goes so much further than for just a lunch by adding it up to get this girl home. You will see pictures of her growing in her family, in her life, learning about God, and know that YOU helped that happen. 

Whatcha think? Let's get that Chip In rolling.  With God all things are possible. Even my children learning to rollerskate, yep, I kid you not, they prayed they would not fall.

And compared to last time, they have ALL gained huge strides in learning to skate.  I even (I DID IT MOM) let Paisley put on skates, although she only did 2 times around with 2 people holding on to her till she was done.

We had been to the rheumatologist on Tuesday and although I asked begged more like it her to say "no skating" she said the arthritis is well controlled and to "let her try anything she wants to."  As if jumping and dancing were not enough on my nerves.

Thankfully she did not fall and break her hip which was my nightmare and she really wasn't any more interested in skating than to stand on the side and "high five" everyone going around. Then she helped a younger church member who was in baby skates to go around a few times, till she decided she liked Chance better-- the baby, not Paisley. 

 She enjoyed the evening immensely and I thanked God for her ability to go with the flow when it comes to things she isn't able to do so well.  And Chloe almost won limbo!  She was second to the last!

All the kids had a blast, it was Christian music night so our church group was pretty much the whole group there:)  A great time was had. 

I stood and watched the kiddos, took pictures and wondered, will Phoebe's eyesight allow her to skate? Will the lights blind her? 

And I could almost see her there, with a sister and a brother on each side of her, guiding her along-- gently encouraging her and if needed, being her eyes for her.  

It's amazing. Orphan no longer, Father. We heard you. I can hardly wait to have her in my arms.